About My Library
My diverse collection, which I refer to as my “gardens of gold,” includes 19th and early 20th century American fiction and non-fiction, largely focusing on nature, history, and Christian religious themes. I continue to add to an extensive collection of decorative publishers’ edition covers of artist/designers (especially Margaret Armstrong and Sarah Wyman Whitman); of many Indiana (Hoosier) authors; of devotionals and hymnals; and of titles reflecting my varied interests: birds, gardens, colonial revival era, education and schools, John Burroughs and other naturalists of the era, New England, pioneer/frontier America, African-American history, Abraham Lincoln, holidays, and female authors and poets.
About Me
I am a retired educator who has a passion for decorative publishers' editions from the late 1880s through 1912. As a native Hoosier with Indiana pioneer ancestors on both sides, I also enjoy collecting and reading Hoosier authors, i.e., James Whitcomb Riley, Gene Stratton Porter, Charles Major, Edward Eggleston, etc. In addition, I enjoy collecting, reading, and giving as gifts antique devotionals.
Favorite Authors