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Feb 2, 2008
Real Name
Don Kelly
About My Library
Collecting and reading interests include gay history and gay literature -- and historical and fictional books about the City of Houston (this latter collection of 630 books has been acquired by the Houston Metropolitan Research Center and has been removed from "My Library").

Collecting emphasis in FIRST EDITION SIGNED books (many inscribed with "gay associations" or an "illustration") by Gavin Geoffrey Dillard, William S. Burroughs, Edward Prime-Stevenson, Forman Brown, James Purdy, Coleman Dowell, James Robert Baker, Paul Bowles, Witter Bynner, Robin Maugham, Harold Brodkey, W. H. Auden, Carl Van Vechten, Daniel R. Brown (Daniel Curzon), Richard Howard, John Logan, Richard Harteis, Daryl Hine, James Broughton, Gavin Dillard, Andrew Harvey, Martin Duberman, Michael Rumaker, Larry Kramer, Bruce Benderson, John Ashbery, Mark Doty, J. D. McClatchy, James Baldwin, Edmund White, John Rechy, Arturo Islas, Jaime Manrique, Christopher Bram, Alfred Corn, Perry Brass, Robert Duncan, "Jess" Collins, Samuel Steward (Phil Andros), Gore Vidal, Tennessee Williams, Tony Kushner, Robert Chesley, Lanford Wilson, Doric Wilson, William Inge, Truman Capote, Felice Picano, Alan Hollinghurst, Michael Cunningham, Chris Adrian, Christopher Rice, Stephen McCauley, Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, Samuel R. Delany, Edward Albee, David Leavitt, James Merrill, Harold Norse, Dennis Cooper, Donald Windham, Adam Haslett, Eric Garber (Andrew Holleran), Gus Van Sant, Dustin Lance Black, Matthew Hittinger, Paul Cadmus, Cy Twombly, Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Lou Reed, Taylor Mead, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Merce Cunningham, Ned Rorem, Antony Sher, Arthur Evans, Derek Jarman, David Plante, Colm Toibin, Armistead Maupin, Joseph Hansen (James Colton, Rose Brock), Richard Fullmer (Dirk Vanden), Tom Wakefield, Patrick Gale, Paul Jones (Paul Mariah), Tim Dlugos, Gerard Malanga, Kenward Elmslie, Joe Brainard, Winston Leyland, Parker Tyler, Charles Henri Ford, Ian Young, Richard George-Murray, Krandall Kraus, Kirby Congdon, Hunce Voelcker, Herbert Huncke, Stan Persky, Robin Blaser, Royal Dixon, Chester Snowden, Bob Smith, and Allen Ginsberg.

There are also many signed editions of gay "small press" poets writing during the years 1960-2010 -- especially African American, Asian and Latino gay poets. There is a complete run of the GOOD GAY POETS publications, many of them signed.

There are signed copies of the first three issues of BASTARD ANGEL (Harold Norse) and five issues (3 signed) of GAY LITERATURE (Daniel Curzon).

There are many of the gay related books in the famed Hanuman miniature books series -- some signed and some unsigned.

There are many copies of programs and scores of the musicals of The Haresfoot Club of the University of Wisconsin.

Also unsigned editions of Magnus Hirschfeld, Yves Navarre, Juan Goytisolo, John Lauritsen, Ralph Blair, Jan Hogan (pseudonym of Nils Hallbeck), Jack Spicer, Frank O'Hara, Edward Mycue, Bill Bissett, Joe Brainard, George Drury Smith, Keith Vaughan, Tram Combs, Robert Klein Engler, Lucas Hilderbrand, Harry Fainlight, Maurice Kenny, Bill Kushner, Jeremy Reed, Toby Johnson, Noel Alumit, Colin Spencer, Michael Lassell, Paul Reed, Jean Genet, Andre Gide, Edward Carpenter, C.H.B. Kitchin, Francis King, Philip Hensher, Peter Robins, Peter Wells, Hal Porter, Gordon Merrick, Edmund Schiddel, David Rees, Wallace Hamilton, Owen Dodson, Jim Kepner, Harry Hervey, John Mitzel, Robert Friend, Sanford Aday, Aaron Shurin, Dale Jennings, Emanuel Xavier, Emlyn Williams, Ethan Mordden, Patrick Merla, Wesley Gibson, Denton Welch, John Horne Burns, Richard Vere Cripps (Esmond Quinterley, Aubrey Fowkes), Reginald Underwood, Carl Corley, Thom Racina (Teryl Andrews), Avery Willard (Bruce King), Victor J. Banis (Don Holliday, Victor Jay, J. X. Williams, Victor Dodson), Christian Davies (Chris Davidson), Thom Racina (Teryl Andrews), George Davies (Lance Lester, Ricardo Armory), Vincent Lardo (Julian Mark), Marcus Miller, George Haimsohn (Alexander Goodman), William Corington (John Coriolan), Jay Greene, William Maltese (William J. Lambert III, Chad Stuart, Alex Mann, Cort Forbes, Kyle Reich, Raymond Lange, Bryant Tyler, Lambert Wilhelm), Douglas Dean Goodman (Douglas Dean), John H. Kimbro (Kym Allyson), George Scithers (Felix Lance Falkon), Philip H. Lee (Carl Driver), Larry Townsend, Frederick Raborg, Christopher Ford, Bert Schrader, and Peter Tuesday Hughes.

There are many first editions of the classics of lesbian and transsexual literature, and there are signed and unsigned copies of the following lesbian poets and authors -- Ann Bannon; Iris Murdoch, Pat Parker, Dorothy Allison, Red Jordan Arobateau, and Leslie Feinberg. There are also representative issues of the following lesbian publications -- LESBIAN HERALD (Woman's College), (ALFA/ATALANTA (Atlanta); ALBATROSS (East Orange NJ); I KNOW YOU KNOW (Indianapolis); LAVENDER WOMAN (Chicago); SPINNING OFF (Los Angeles); EVERYWOMAN (Los Angeles); SISTERS (San Francisco); WOMANSPIRIT (Oregon); MOTHER (Stanford CA); CALYX (Oregon); CURVE; QUEST (Washington D.C.); COMMON LIVES-LESBIAN LIVES (Iowa City); WICCE (Philadelphia); NO MORE FUN AND GAMES (Boston); ECHO OF SAPPHO (Brooklyn); COWRIE (New York); TRIBAD (New York); BIG APPLE DYKE NEWS (New York); SPEAKOUT (Albany); LESBIAN HERSTORY ARCHIVES NEWSLETTER (New York); WE GOT IT! (Madison); SO'S YOUR OLD LADY Minneapolis); THE LADDER (San Francisco); LESBIAN TIDE (Los Angeles); LESBIAN CONNECTION (East Lansing); SPECTRE (Ann Arbor); THE LEAPING LESBIAN (Ann Arbor); FIREWEED (Toronto); COUNTRY WOMEN (Albion, CA); AMAZON QUARTERLY (Oakland); LESBIAN VOICES (San Jose); SINISTER WISDOM (Lincoln, NE); LESBIAN INSIDER INSIGHTER INCITER (Minneapolis); CURVE; PEDESTAL (Vancouver); HECATE (Australia); and, FEMINARY (Chapel Hill, NC).

There are a "near complete run" of issues of ONE magazine (including representative runs of ONE Newsletters, ONE Calendars, and ONE Confidentials); THE MATTACHINE REVIEW and other publications of the Mattachine Society (including some issues of INTERIM); samplings of Newsletters from the Mattachine Chapters in Chicago, New York, Detroit, San Francisco, Florida, Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Buffalo; publications of the Gay Academic Union; DORIAN BOOK QUARTERLY; VECTOR, a publication of the Society for Individual Rights; S.T.H. (Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts) chapbooks; a complete run of the early "art" covered QQ Magazine (Queen's Quarterly); MODERN WORDS:International Queer Magazine; THE JAMES WHITE REVIEW; GPU NEWS (Milwaukee); AFTER DARK; OUTLOOK (San Francisco) -- and representative issues of RITES; OUTWEEK; 10 PERCENT; M. (Gender); DRAGAZINE; BLACK AND WHITE MEN TOGETHER; WHITE CRANE (Spirituality); TWIN CITIES GAZE; BI-MONTHLY (Bisexual); BLK; BLACKFIRE; ALIVE! (Florida); DATA-BOY (Hollywood); EPICENE (Toronto); MORNING DUE (Seattle); THRUST (Vancouver); DIRECTIONS FOR GAY MEN (Toronto); DILETTANTE; SHINY (International); GOLD (UK); BLUE (Australia); MAN TO MAN QUORUM (UK); Q INTERNATIONAL (UK); GAY TIMES (UK); FRONTIERS; XY; CHRISTOPHER STREET; GENRE (New York); DRUMMER; GAY SUNSHINE (Winston Leyland); DAVID (Florida); CALIFORNIA SCENE; MANDATE; IN TOUCH; TANGENTS NEWSLETTER; SPREE (Pat Rocco); RAPPING PAPER (Toledo); PACIFIC COAST TIMES (San Diego); SOUTHERN EXPOSURE (Key West); CARIBBEAN HEAT (Puerto Rico); NEW GAY LIFE (Philadelphia); GAY WEB MONKEY; and, MANHATTAN GAZE. Finally, there are the "first issues" of OUT; PACE!; BLUEBOY; MANROOT; and, the GLQ Journal; the "first two issues" of NYQ; PARAGRAPH; MAGNUS; GAY YOUTH'S JOURNAL (Gay Liberation Front); NAMESletter (The Names Project); and, AYE! Newsletter of the National Gay Lobby.

There are the "first three issues" of the Los Angeles ACT UP Newsletter, CHICAGO GAY ALLIANCE Newsletter, HARRINGTON GAY MEN'S FICTION QUARTERLY, GAY REPORTER (London); B Magazine (XY), HABARI-DAFTARI (African American), HOMOSEXUAL COUNSELING JOURNAL; GAY WEB MONKEY; ESPRIT (Toronto) and, both issues of the GMHC Newsletter. There is a complete run of the first 16 issues of the ADVOCATE, as well as several early issues of the S.I.R. INSIDER (San Francisco); MAGPIE OF CALIFORNIA; DATA-BOY (Los Angeles); POZ (Sean Strub); THE EVERGREEN CHRONICLES (Minneapolis); THE COLUMNS NORTHWEST (Seattle); LAMBDA NEWS OF ALASKA; THE PHOENIX (Kansas City); TOWN TALK (Hal McCall); SAN FRANCISCO GAY LIFE; THE GAY ALTERNATIVE; GPU News (Gay People's Union--Stanford and Milwaukee); IGLA BULLETIN (International Gay and Lesbian Archives); WALTZING BUGLE (Los Angeles); CITIZENS NEWS (Guy Strait); CRUISE NEWS & WORLD REPORT (Guy Strait); RFD, a sampling of bulletins and magazines from MCC Churches (Troy Perry), GAY RIGHTS GUARDIAN, NEW YORK MATTACHINE TIMES; CONCERN (Jim Kepner); HOMOPHILE ACTION LEAGUE NEWSLETTER (Philadelphia); DIGNITY Newsletter; IN & OUT (Travel); CRUISE (Detroit); DRUMMER; THE GAY JOURNAL (London); PERVERSIONS (London); and BLACK/OUT (African American).

There are representative issues of the earliest gay newspapers: PHILADEPHIA GAY NEWS; OUTlines (Chicago); GAY CHICAGO NEWS; OUTlines (Indiana); TROIS (Fort Wayne); OUT FRONT (Denver); POSITIVELY GAY (Minneapolis); METRO TIMES (Dallas); PATLAR GAZETTE (Sacramento); ENTERTAINMRNT WEST (Los Angeles); NEWSWEST (Los Angeles); BODY POLITIC (Toronto); RITES (Toronto); CASTRO STREET OTHER (San Francisco); GAY CRUSADER (Chicago); MOJA=GAY & BLACK (New York); CASTRO TIMES (San Francisco); THE RAINBOW PRESS (San Francisco); TENPERCENT (UCLA); GAY (Washington, D.C.); THE BLADE (Washington, D.C.); BAY WINDOWS (Boston); FAG RAG (Boston); NEW YORK CITY NEWS; BAY AREA EXPRESS (St. Petersburg); GAY CITY NEWS (New York); GAY POWER (New York); GAY TIMES (Los Angeles); CHUCK AVERY's MAGAZINE (Indianapolis); GOOD TIMES! (Columbus); XTRA (Tulsa); NEW YORK NATIVE; LADDIE (New York); COME OUT! (New York); THE CALENDAR (San Antonio); NEWS-TELEGRAPH (St. Louis); GAY LIBERATOR (Detroit); FOUNTAIN (Portland); LAVENDER NETWORK (Eugene OR); PITTSBURGH GAY NEWS; PITTSBURGH'S OUT; PLANET QUEER (Pittsburgh); NEW YORK CITY NEWS; SAN FRANCISCO GAY CRUSADER; SAN FRANCISCO GAYZETTE; RHINOCEROS (Denver); HIGH GEAR (Cleveland); THE YELLOW PAGE (Cincinnati); THE EMPTY CLOSET (Rochester); ARIZONA GAY NEWS (Tucson); WESTERN EXPRESS (Phoenix); THE PROVINCIAL PRESS (San Jose); PEOPLE'S GAY SUNSHINE (San Francisco); THE OPEN DOOR (Salt Lake City); ALABAMA FORUM (Birmingham); GAYSWEEK (New York); NO BAD NEWS (St. Louis); THE BARB (Atlanta); NW FOUNTAIN (Northwest); GAY WORLD (New York); GAY BLADE (Brooklyn); and, GO GO JELLY ROLL (New York).

Also included are some early issues of foreign gay periodicals: AMFI (Greece); LAMPIAO DA ESQUINA (Brazil); MANN-O-MANN (Berlin); GLO (New Zealand); SYDNEY STAR OBSERVER (Australia); NATIONAL STAR OBSERVER (Australia); MELBOURNE'S STAR OBSERVER (Australia); CAMPAIGN (Australia); GAY INFORMATION (Australia); GAY SCOTLAND; BABILONIA (Milan); SODOMA (Italy); PINK TIME (Israel); AMIGO:THE HOMOPHILE MAGAZINE; (German and English); THE SPIRIT LAMP (Oxford University); VENNEN/DER FREUND (Danish); EOS (Danish); VRIENDSCHAP (Dutch); ARCADIE (French); REPORTAGE (French); DU & ICH (Germany); DOKUMENTE (German); DER RING (Dutch/German); DER NEUE RING (German); DER KREIS (Swiss/German); MASQUES (French); LA FENICE (Italian); FLASH (Montreal); JEREMY (1st UK Magazine); JEFFREY (2nd UK Magazine); LUNCH (UK); GAY NEWS (London); GAY LONDON (UK); QUORUM (UK); OUT (Dublin); OUT! (New Zealand); and, ICSE Newsletters (International Committee on Sexual Equality) -- and finally very rare copies of 3 of the first 4 issues of Adolf Brand's EXTRAPOST DES EIGENE (German) "the first gay magazine" published while he was in prison. There is also a near complete run of DIE INSEL and DER WEG published in Germany (1952-1955) and DER WEG (1966-1968).

There are early issues of the first gay publications of the post-USSR countries, including: SWITCH (Romania); FLAMINGO (Bulgaria); REVOLVER (Slovenia); KEKEC (Slovenia); LOGS (Latvia); NASH MIR (Ukraine); RISK (Russia); MIRROR (Russia); and, TEMA (Russia).

There is a complete run of the following gay magazines and journals: ONE INSTITUTE QUARTERLY; TANGENTS (ONE); FRONTIERS (Los Angeles); ASSARACUS; GAY BOOKS BULLETIN of the Gay Academic Union; STEAM (Scott O'Hara); MANROOT; DRUM, a publication of the Janus Society; LITTLE CAESAR; CITY LIGHTS JOURNAL; GANYMEDE; GAY LITERATURE:A New Journal; SEBASTIAN QUILL; MOUTH OF THE DRAGON; THE EUROPEAN GAY REVIEW; TRIBE: An American Gay Journal; BLACKHEART (African American); AU CONTRAIRE; IN STYLE; THE FORUM OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA; and, PROVOCATEUR. There are the first two issues of HIM (Pat Rocco's Homosexual Independence Movement) and the journal INQUEERIES.

The collection contains a near complete series of the classic gay pulps of the 60's and early 70's, including those published by the French Line (PEC), Parisian Press, Grand Prix, Barclay House, Brandon House, Eiffel Classic, Hamilton House, Greenleaf Classics, Guild Press, 101 Enterprises, Classic Publications, Golden Boy, Lavender Publications, Frenchy's Gay Line, Continental Classics, Centaur, SVEA (published in Denmark), Pleasure Reader; and Phenix. There is also a near complete set of the famed online "Gay on the Range" collection.

There are representative runs of some of the 1950-60's famed "beefcake" magazines; including, THE VIKINGS, YOUNG GUYS!, MUSCLE TEENS, GO GUYS, MR. SUN, AROUND THE WORLD (Kenneth Marlowe), QUEST, DEMI-GODS, THE CONTINENTALS, 101 BOYS, 101 BOYS ART QUARTERLY, FACE & PHYSIQUE (Quebec), ZING, JR., TERRIFIQUE, SALUTE, GRECIAN GUILD PICTORIAL (H. Lynn Womack), FORMOSUS (British-John S. Barrington), YOUNG BRITONS (British), MODERN ADONIS (British), QUORUM (British), SIR GEE (British), MANege (Danish), ADONIS (Dutch), YOUNG ADONIS (Bob Mizer), HE-MAN, YOUTH IN PHYSIQUE ART, FIZEEK ART QUARTERLY, ADONIS (Joe Weider), FIZEEK (H. Lynn Womack), MALE FIGURE (Bruce of LA), MARS (Chuck Renslow), MUSCLE BOY, GOLDEN BOYS, THE YOUNG PHYSIQUE, MUSCLES A GO-GO, VIM, OLYMPUS (Jim French), HOMBRE (Guy Strait), CHICO (Guy Strait), BOYS IN LEATHER, BIG -plus the early BIG Annuals (Walter Kundzicz), YOUTH IN THE SUN (British), CONNOISSEUR (Lon of NY), MEN AND ART (Lon of NY), MUSCULAR MARVELS, TITAN, and MANHATTAN MAN. There is a complete run of the KENSINGTON ROAD CATALOGUES (Bruce of LA).

There are most of the early issues of Directory Services (DSI) beefcake publications (Lloyd Spinar & Conrad Germain), which were in the vanguard of freedom of sexual expression legal challenges: GREYHUFF REVIEW, HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH THE MALE FIGURE, VAGABOND catalogs, MACK, SPORT, PHOTORAMA, WILD ONE, PREMIERE, STALLION, BUTCH (complete run of 13 issues), GALERIE, TIGER, PREMIERE, UNIQUE, MANNLICH, and RUGGED. Also there are many early DSI gay catalogs which were the first catalogs to market gay products.

There are first copy issues of the early gay comics, including: Gay Hearthrobs; Watch Out Comix-Gay Satire From San Francisco; Joe Boy; Wendel; Gay Comix; Rage Gay Crusader; Chicos Modernos; and, The Uncensored Adventures of Harry Chess. There is also the first seven issues of Tales of the Closet published by the Hetrick-Martin Institute serving gay youth.

There are some early issues of the following gay zines: THEY SHOOT HOMOS DON'T THEY? (Australia) GSM:SKINZINE (San Francisco); OUTPUNK (San Francisco); HOMOTURE (ACT-UP); GAWK (San Francisco); HOMOCORE (San Francisco); HOLY TITCLAMPS (Minneapolis and San Francisco) TRAVELLING SHOES (New Haven); BRAINS (San Francisco); BLIND DATE (Toronto); KAISERIN (France); SU MADRE (Los Angeles); FULL METAL FAGGOT (Kansas City); MY COMRADE/SISTER (East Village); PINK MINCE (London/New York); and GOODIE (Brooklyn). There is a representative assortment of early slash fiction STAR TREK FANZINES (K/S).

There is a near complete twenty year run of Christopher Street West (Los Angeles) Official Gay Pride Programs which mirror the struggling gay rights movement from 1975-1995.

The collection includes many homophobic publications, not only political and religious items, but many of the lurid gossip and men's magazines of the '50's and '60's, such as Confidential, Uncensored, On the QT, Vice Squad and Hush Hush.

And finally, there are the number one issues of the following: OUT ON THE FARM (Stanford University); THE GAY ANARCHIST; NOW East (New York); SPARTACUS; LITTLE JOE (UK); THE GAY JOURNAL (UK); HIM INTERNATIONAL (London); GAYME; OUTLOOK (Long Island); BLUE (Sydney); ATTITUDE (UK); GAY DEALER (Philadelphia); GAYVOTE (San Francisco); LEWD CONDUCT (Los Angeles); NORTHWEST OASIS: A Forum For Gay Culture; the short-lived BACHELOR magazine (published by Lucius Beebe); HARVEY MILK ARCHIVES NEWSLETTER; THE GREAT LAWN: ART AND LITERARY JOURNAL FOR GAY MEN (St. Louis); AMETHYST:A JOURNAL FOR LESBIANS AND GAY MEN; SOUP (Steve Abbott); DIRECTIONS (Canadian); the short-lived THE FORUM OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA; GAY ACTIVIST; HONCHO; ROMANS (West Hollywood); OUR WORLD (Travel); and, DRAGONFLY of Sidney Smith (New York).


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