Membereshoug(She, her)

Real Name
Susan Houg
About My Library

My home library was intended to be a trial run, in prep for enrolling our church library in Library Thing/Tiny Cat. I thought I would learn the ropes after a few entries and then go on to my "real" purpose, creating a searchable library for our local church. But I got hooked from the start and realized how helpful creating my complete home collection would be to my offspring in the future (hopefully distant!). I own maybe 300-400 volumes (we'll see!) with a pretty nice collection of Native American materials, both fiction and non, and same for spiritual/theology/Christian. I know my family will be grateful to me for investing this time in a very pleasant task.

About Me

The world of education has been my professional home for about sixty years, with brief forays into journalism, office management, and an ongoing subtext of music. In fact, music was my academic major in both undergraduate (Queens University, Charlotte, NC) and graduate (Indiana U. School of Music) programs. Doing music with some child psychiatrists opened a segue into education of children with developmental anomalies. In retirement, I've gone back to songwriting and added recording with friends two CD's, which reflect my Christian take on recovery and wrestling with God - Jacob style. One of my last job-jobs was working as a Title VI support person with students from Native American tribes in my county. God has used this doorway to greatly broaden and deepen my views of culture, history, religion, sociology, you name it.

Siskiyou County, California