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I love music. Great Big Sea will always be my constant. Even though I've listened to them tons, they still make me want to sing at the top of my lungs. My favorite word is "Heebie-jeebies," and I find myself randomly quoting Jay, "snoochie-boochies" and Monty Python, "It IS the rabbit!" I will never become a Kindle user -- something about breaking the spine of a book for the first time, smelling the print, and reading during a bubble bath. My video games give me an outlet for geekiness. Batman will be my ultimate superhero, but Remy LeBeau will have my heart. Things I like include: reading graphic novels, drawing and doodling all over class notes, anime, high heels and ridiculous platform heels, girly skulls, black and hot pink, rockabilly, drinking breves, pin ups, Betty Page, soft blankets, and cold sheets when I first get into bed.

I am annoyed when people walk into class late, women wearing incorrect bra sizes, pushy "wrong number" calls, shorthand internet slang (especially when it finds its way into polite society), the banned book list, gristle, and burnt coffee.

I am pierced and tattooed. I feel that my body is a canvas, and I love having living works of art on my body. I desperately want a labret piercing, but gum erosion is not worth it. I have 3 tattoos: Japanese kanji meaning "wolf" on my right forearm, Batgirl covering my right shoulder blade, and the Cheshire Cat on my chest with his famous line "We're All Mad Here." I don't see my desire for tattoos to be sated any time soon.

I live in Wyoming. I just received my BA in English with a minor in History.
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