Jul 27, 2006
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About My Library
"The room was full of books, shelves and shelves of them right up to the ceiling. Indeed there were far more in the house than that room alone could contain. They had long ago overflowed into the passages and found their way into most of the other rooms of the house. Some of them were his, others had come down to him from his father or his grandfather."

from Strangers in the House (page 10) by Georges Simenon.

"What Alzada remembered most was the number of books. There were books in piles in the hallway; books on the living room table, and not the heavy kind with abundant pictures of architectural monuments, no, real ones; books on the shelves against the walls; books in the kitchen, only some about cooking; books on the bathroom window ledge; books in the bedroom."

from Repentance (page 94) by Eloísa Díaz.

“and the built-in teak bookshelves with several hundred volumes representing the finest writing ever produced by humanity and a fair amount of junk.”

from Three to Kill (page 19) by J-P Manchette.

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