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Nov 25, 2007
Real Name
Geoffrey Greer
About My Library
I actually only own about half the books I've listed. I do most of my reading through borrowed library books these days, and I gave away more than half my collection because I am Buddhist and I was trying to reduce my wordly possessions. Those that are listed are either books I still own or books I consider "5-star" material (on a scale of five stars).
About Me
I am the illusion of an individual in homo sapiens sapiens form, and my wife and I live in Southern California with our two cats, Peanut and Pooty, and our dog, Dexter. Our son, Collin, was recently born on December 6, the day after my own birthday. He is a hilarious little guy, and we are already having so much fun with him.

In addition to being with my family, I write fiction. Most of what I have written, I consider literary drama. However, I believe I am in danger of becoming a Science Fiction Author. My first published work, PAX ATHENICA, is my first venture in the SF genre, and now I am beginning the early stages of a new SF piece, tentatively entitled TRANQUILITY. The former of these two titles is available for purchase at or Barnes & The first two chapters can be found on my blogs at

I love games of strategy in general, CHESS in particular, and I have recently been exposed to HANJIE, a Japanese puzzle game that is far more interesting than Sudoku. I try to live according to the principles of WU-WEI and THE EIGHTFOLD PATH. I practice Buddhism generally according to the Western understanding of the Theravada tradition.
Rancho Cucamonga, California
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