About My Library
I prefer literary fiction, poetry and nonfiction, and came to appreciate short stories and essays while my children were young.
I have not included books I truly disliked in my 'library', as I tend to donate these to make more room on my shelves for my favorites. I have not included my 'To Read' list, as it is depressingly long, and I am embarrassed to admit how many books I have bought but not yet read (I'm a sucker for a good deal and frequently stalk the sale sections in stores and online.
About Me
I'm a full-time hand therapist, and a mom/wife/sister/friend, who loves to garden, kayak, knit and read as much as time allows. I've belonged to book clubs in the past, but found them too frustrating (meetings quickly digressed into social chit-chat, too few members read the assigned books, and, perhaps most of all, it was painful to waste precious time reading books I didn't like when there are so very many out there that greatly interest me).
Currently Reading