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Anastasia Finch
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My favorite genre is fantasy, and I especially love well-written children's/YA fantasy books. I tend to keep and/or look for books I had when I was younger because I am frequently overcome with the urge to reread books years later, even when I thought I wouldn't back when I first read whatever the book was. This is a problem when the book is out of print.

My LT library consists of books I actually own, but I also keep track of the ones I once had (and read) but no longer do. I'm also thinking about adding in my ebooks, but that's such a large job I can't really work up the energy to do it.
About Me
Hiya! I'm Anastasia, and I love books. I loved books so much that I majored in English in college! Huzzah.

I've got a book blog, which is linked below.

I am not affiliated with the South Carolina bookstore. (Though it does look like a fabulous place!)
Anaheim, CA
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