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Jul 2, 2007
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Janis Watson
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Life is messy, so I prefer my reading to be neat. I like mysteries because there is always a resolution at the end. Justice prevails. The good guys usually win, and, if they don't, I don't read that author any more. (Hey! It's my dime!) My library is unconventional, to say the least. One 24 foot wall in our living room is lined with bookshelves. I try to leave space on the shelves for decorative objects, but, somehow, they usually have to find space elsewhere because the books need a place to be. In addition, my husband built 12 feet of bookshelves in the laundry (my least favorite chore) room for me. I also have a night table filled with paperbacks waiting for my attention. The office area has another wall of books. Cookbooks take up two shelves in the kitchen. There's even a magazine rack in the bathroom. I prefer hardback books to paperbacks, so it takes a lot of room to house them. I do try to weed out books each year. Last year I donated over 300 books to a small-town library where I knew they would be circulated, not sold. They put up a display unit labeled New To Us. The librarian sent me a nice note saying she'd received many positive comments on those books. Made my day! As you can see from Library Thing's statistics, I like mostly mysteries. I find new ones all the time by being a devoted reader of DorothyL, a listserv for mystery readers and writers. The End.
About Me
When I was in first grade (we didn't have kindergarten back then) I remember going to school every day for what seemed like months, not understanding a word of what Mrs. Stewart (fondly remembered as the one who taught me to read) said. Then, one day, I skipped into the classroom, sat at my desk, opened the Dick and Jane book, and could read every single word. It all just came together: one day I couldn't read; the next day I could. I've been an avid reader ever since. I usually have at least five books going at once: a mystery for the car, a mystery for the kitchen, (we all need coffee breaks now and then) a book of essays by my bed in case the mystery also stashed there is too exciting to allow me to sleep, a nonfiction book for the living room, and a mystery for my purse in case I have to wait somewhere for something. I also subscribe to about 10 magazines and buy that many more at the bookstore each month. Current favorites are 25 Beautiful Homes, a British publication that shows real houses and real residents and real lives, and Mental Floss, to indulge my love for trivia. I also like to cook, (when I'm in the mood, which is less and less often these days) to travel, and to garden. My favorite color is turquoise; my favorite number is 9; my astrological sign is Aquarius; and I do not watch TV. Who has time with all the reading waiting? The End.
Canton, Illinois

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