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Jerry Gray
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I'm an enthusiastic convert to LibraryThing mostly in an attempt to catalog my own reading history, but especially for the social networking about books in particular.

It amuses me discussing or comparing books I've read with others who have opinions about them through reviews, group chats, comments, etc. and I always enjoy the exchange of ideas. Truly FB for bibliophiles...

And Who DOESN'T love Penguin Classics?
About Me
"Don't let school get in the way of your education..."

Books kinda took the place of formal education for me. Despite eventually going on for a "higher education" degree, books and a healthy independent set of interests were always more valuable.
In grade school I was never a very good student but always a voracious reader. It started with comic books but pretty quickly grew from science fiction, fantasy, literature and poetry to almost exclusively non-fiction.
Now, visiting a bookstore is still one of my favourite activities, and as the brick and mortar book world has diminished my book collection has grown. Maybe in an attempt to recreate that feeling of being in the stacks; the familiar musty smell of old paper and the excitement of finding a good read only a book nerd would understand.
Tucson, Arizona
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Bookstores: Acres of Books (Long Beach, CA), Book Barn (CLOSED summer 2015), Book Stop, Bookmans - Midtown, BookPeople of Moscow, Brused Books, Caveat Emptor, Duttenhofer's Books, Ohio Book Store, Oracle Junction Bookshop, Powell's City of Books (Portland), The Book Corner

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