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Very eclectic. In the classics section you will find of course, Jane Austen, Thackeray, Shakespeare, Dickens, Trollope, Scott, F. Scott Fitgerald, and J D Salinger. I am an ardent fan of poetry and so you will find masses of poetry volumes, including my beloved Sonnets from the Portugese, and due to my great grandfather's affection for him, Edgar A Guest, who despite not being 'highbrow' makes up for that lack by writing 'homey poetry' and giving a glimpse into a much more gentle and family-oriented America. As foodies have their comfort food, I have my 'comfort poetry'. There is the biographical section which because of my youthful infatuation with her is heavily populated with volumes dedicated to the late Princess Diana. All manner of fiction, and I am afraid to say somewhat besmirched with romantic novels as they are my Achilles heel.
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In short, I think I may have been born in the wrong era as Jane Austen is my Yoda! My passions are of course reading, music, politics, history and writing. If perchance I am not otherwise occupied with a book or some periodical, you can usually find me playing chess online, or taking walks or spoiling my cat!
Winter Springs, Fl
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