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Jun 9, 2018
Real Name
Karen Hulseman
About My Library
It's all about ROMANCE!!

We are not the sum of what we choose to be entertained by. I'm educated enough to separate fact from fiction.
About Me
When you look at my reviews consider this: I don't read books, I devour them. I am a quick reader. I'll read anything; try an author once. If I like/love it, I'll buy everything. Even if a story is so-so, I will be compelled to finish the series.

Also know I only purchase for reading what I will know I will like. So you will find very few dislikes on my shelves. I've learned to read a summary or have trusted friends before I read. Otherwise it's a waste of time. I do rating by how I feel. Most books will garner 5-4 from me. I read it, I liked it. But if I love it, depending on the level of how many times I think will re-read it, earns the stars. Also, it depends on the depth. A fun read may get a 5 star and a serious but won't re-read many times may get a 4 star. And, I only write reviews on books that I feel I need to speak to.

Also I'm a contemporary fluffy-bunny-hearts&flowers-unicorns-rainbows romance reader. You'll see be the authors and sub-genre I pick on a day to day to read. Real Life is too hard somedays I avoid the angst like the plague. I will jump out of the box to read dark, taboo, pnr, and YA/NA but only when recommended by a trusted friend.

North Carolina
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