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Mar 17, 2008
About My Library
My library contains books I own (both read and unread) as well as books I do not own but am sure I have read. The physically unowned books are in My Library, on the theory that if they have passed over my eyes and into my head, I "own" them on some level. This makes me feel good - that I have ownership of the ideas, even if I do not have a physical copy. I have not listed my professional books. There are also many books I have not entered, even though I have read them, because I don't remember them very well. My Wishlist is the only collection not included in My Library. I would use Wishlist more if I could exclude it from Collections, but "so it goes," to quote one of my favorite authors.

P.S. Please feel free to let me know if I have misspelled an author or title, or in some way incorrectly combined or separated my books on the main work pages. Thanks.

About Me

The profile photo is our dear Puss. We just lost Puss last week, so we only have 3 cats with us now - Boots (Puss's sister), Nikki and Koro-chan: all rescues from the great outdoors.

UPDATE: Sadly we also lost Boots this year, so now we have Nikki and Koro-chan. Fortunately they get along well and I love them both, but I miss Boots. She was my most faithful lap cat.

I am a scientist looking to enrich my life by reading new and interesting books. When I was little, I wanted to be either an astronaut or a librarian -- can't remember which came first. Fear of flying (among other things) kept me from being an astronaut. LibraryThing is wonderful for the mildly compulsive, cataloging aspect of my nature. I joined LibraryThing when I purchased a Kindle. I wanted a way to view my library as a single unit, not hard copy vs. electronic. I also like seeing the covers. I purchase almost 100% electronic now as a defense against my "significant other" who is rapidly filling all the horizontal spaces and closets with hardcopy books. There is barely room for the 2 of us (and 2 cats) in a 4-bedroom house!

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