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Aug 9, 2009
Real Name
Kevin T. Keith
About My Library
About 4,000 volumes. Vast amounts of non-fiction: largely philosophy, ethics, and health-related stuff; lots of popular and semi-technical science; politics; outdoors; art, photography, architecture . . . . Fiction of various kinds, with soft spots for literary spy/mystery/thrillers (Le Carre, Donna Leon, Andrea Camilleri, S.J. Rozan, etc.), techno-historical-period pieces and sci-fi (Neal Stephenson, Patrick Obrian, Ray Bradbury, William Gibson, Margaret Atwood, etc.), and the not-so-occasional escapism.

Re: tags. The "ZZZ" and "YYY" tags are housekeeping tags I am using as I enter my collection; "ZZZ" identifies books that have already been spine-labeled and are ready for shelving, and "YYY" identifies books that have been given blank labels because I cannot locate an LC Classification Number for them. (Putting the blank label on is a visual indicator that they have been cataloged, unlike the thousands of others that are sitting around waiting to be entered. The "YYY" tag reminds me to search for them and re-label them after the call numbers are later found and located.) Books cataloged in LT but with no "ZZZ" or "YYY" tag still need to be spine-labeled.
About Me
MA in philosophy, with interests in bioethics, ethics of technology, and ethical theory. Politically liberal, feminist, nerd before nerdy was cool (way, way before . . .). More "heather lochen" than green precisely, but working on it. Mid-50s, and trying to stay calm about it. Living in Queens, NY, looking for intelligent and like-minded contacts for literary and other distractions.
Queens, NY
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