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Jan 18, 2007
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S. J. Sprouse
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My collection on LibaryThing is woefully unrepresentative of my real library. I began to post books on here about a year and a half ago for my entertainment between papers, but then completely forgot about the site after uploading my most embarrassing books (Star Wars, much?).

My library has a lot of variation because I tend to keep all of my books from the courses I take. Some are textbooks for this same reason.

A few of my books are rare special editions and some are over a hundred years old, but I love them all!
About Me
I am a 24 year old grad student living with my boyfriend of eight years, two cats (Basil and Pippin), and my roommate Sam in the Korean capital of the United States. As an export of Richmond, I still hold that city dearly in mind and visit when I can. At George Mason University I study Literature with an emphasis on Welsh mythology and Celtic folklore. My job (non-career) is receptionist in what has to be the most conservative law firm in Fairfax. I love them, but they drive me nuts.
Annandale, VA
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Libraries: Fenwick Library at George Mason University, George Mason Regional Public Library (Fairfax County system)

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