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Sep 27, 2006
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for the past few years i haven't bought many books and instead i just get them out of the library, so this collection doesn't exactly reflect all my interests - if i could, i'd have bought many many more...
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we up and moved to bolivia in april 2010, so my access to english books is confined to what i could bring with me (about two dozen books, gasp), what e-books i can access through my old library website (grrr, annoying how many audiobooks there are but how FEW actual e-books there are), and whatever i can find/afford online otherwise. it's frustrating at times, there's so many new books coming out all the time, but it just means two things ultimately: a) now's the chance to read a ton of 'classics' that are in the public domain, and b) i need to practice reading in spanish more!

otherwise, i'm into the same stuff as below and pretty happy with life in general. ;)

(updated 2/16/11)


i'm a new children's librarian and i can't wait to start. i had a much longer 'about me' set up here but it disappeared. i'm just excited about the job so for now, that will do.

other things to add: bolivia, cancer, los angeles, russian & italian, cats, fiber and diy stuff, fantasy & scifi, aaaaand, that's it i think.

(jan. 2009)
la paz, bolivia (formerly of limbo land)
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