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Oct 20, 2009
Real Name
Miti Aiello
About My Library
This is what I have in my shelves, I have not read all. Similarly, I have read many more books that are not currently on my shelves. There was a time where I would buy books that I would want to have in my small but comprehensive and/or eclectic library, and I figure there would be a time when I could read all my books. Now I when I want to read something new I just shop my shelves.
About Me
I am an artist, an architect/designer and poet....and I love music so much I deejay sometimes. I am a book hoarder. My favorite literary time period is the Romantic Movement in Europe. My formative education was that of a linguistic lycaeum, and comparisons between Novalis, Schiller, Goethe,Percy Bysse Shelley, Keats, Lord Byron, LaMartine filled the most idealistic, lyrical days of my life.
I love Pablo Neruda, and evenings in the city- rain outside, fragrance of Djarum in a cafe'. I have been with a book by my side since I was 11. But I am not faithful: I will have four or five books going at one time, unless I am reading a superb story, and then the whole world can fall away. I enjoy magical realism. My favorite book is Gabriel Garcia Marquez' 'A Hundred Years of Solitude'.Typical readings would be: lit classics (The Great Gatsby, Hemingway, Russian lit), pure stories (Michael Ende), spirituality (Paulo Coelho),philosophy (The Republic),biographies (Che Guevara: Una vida revolucionaria), poetry and books on poets (Lives of the Poets, Letters to a Young Poet), historical fiction (The Agony and the Ecstacy), inspiring books (This Time I Dance, Wherever you go there you are), knowledge/ humour journalism (The world is flat, Luigi Barzini 'The Europeans). I also am a huge fa of Spiro Kostof, and enjoy Architecture Theory books. I am learning arabic and have been reading a few books on Arab culture;I also love travel fiction (A year in Provence). I am definitely an omnivore, on the idealist side. I love paper and will *never* switch to Kindle ( although I have bought current popular novels for my kindle app on my android phone when I travel). I tried reading Death in Venice online and the whole experience left me empty. I believe digital ink is good for reading the New York Times, and longform pieces and editorials...not a timeless work of fiction. I am also an subscriber and love audiobooks.
San Diego, Italy
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