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Maggie Reed
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What can I say? It's eclectic and doesn't include everything I've read and owned over the years. At some point, if you add all my former libraries together, I think I used to have something like 5,000 books at my disposal. Now, I have only 700 - 657 in my current Kindle. I'm going to have to get another one before long.
About Me
I am a retired editor, both content and line editing. It won't quite leave me alone, and so when I read, how a book has been edited will either frustrate or delight. Indie authors can take the lead here, if they just pay attention to what they're doing and build a network of trustworthy people around them. I've seen some traditionally published books lately that would curl the hair of anyone who knows a thing about editing. They're getting away with murder, and I hate that.

I read just about anything as long as it keeps my attention. I dislike romance to the point I have graciously told one or two indie authors that I can't read their work. Some women's fiction strikes me as far too man-hating or man-bashing, and I really can't abide that. It's a personal choice, I realise, but it's my choice, and I hope authors out there aren't offended that I made that choice.

I go through phases of reading nothing but nonfiction followed by phases of reading nothing but fiction. Early 2013 finds me reading nothing but fiction, and a mix of classics and current. My blog will contain all my book reviews, and I intend this year to write reviews for every book I read.
Davenport, IA
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