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Jun 14, 2008
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This is not an accurate representation of my reading preferences, what is listed so far are some old books that didn't have ISBN. 500 or so of my other books are listed somewhere else until I decide that I can spare the money to upgrade to a paid account.
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Bookstores: Asahiya Bookstore New York, Bertrams and Williams Books and Fine Art, BOOKOFF New York, Books Japan, Books Kinokuniya - Los Angeles, Books Kinokuniya - New York, Books Kinokuniya - Palisades Center, Cemetery Dance Publications, Courtyard Books/Courtyard Redux, Dawn Treader Book Shop, Legends Games & Comics, Sanseido, Taiga Books, The Book Thing of Baltimore, Inc., Trilogy Comics Shop #1, Vault of Midnight, Washington Street Books & Music

Other: Small Press Expo (SPX) 2009, KC's Comics, Ollie's Bargain Outlet, Otakon 2008