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I've been a reader since I was very little- the oldest book in the collection is my copy of 'The Wind in the Willows', which was given to me when I was 4.

My tastes are all over the place at the moment. I read a fair bit of historical fiction and enjoy classics from the literary canon. Crime makes up a fair bit of my collection now, but it's a genre I've only really gotten into in recent years, and I prefer historical settings to contemporary. I also dabble a bit in fantasy and sci-fi. Non-fiction-wise, again I enjoy mostly history (Roman and medieval), religion, philosophy and travel narratives.

My interest in Japanese culture has led me to read some Japanese authors- I enjoy both novels and manga, albeit in translation as my Japanese isn't quite up to adult reading level.

I've also catalogued my academic texts here- these are books I read and used during my undergrad degree, and also ones I've bought with a view to using them as sources for postgraduate studies.
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Worked in bookselling for about six years and have a graduate diploma in library/information studies. Don't actually work in a library (yet!) but work in information management.

I also have hopes of earning a postgraduate degree in study of religion, and majored in that and classics/ancient history for my undergraduate degree.

Have dabbled in writing and blogged for the past ten years.
Brisbane, Australia
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