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My 'Collections' indicate both the type of the book and where it can be found in my library.
English | Hardcover | Paperback | Audiobooks | Digital | Vintage | Naval Fiction
French | Hardcover | Poche | Digital | San Antonio | Tout Simenon
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For history, biographies, historical novels and naval history I add the historical date under private comments. Books can be sorted that way.

A word about my ratings.

***** Stupendous read. Have read it and/or will re-read it (again) and strongly recommend it. Goes on my favourites shelf and author on favourite author status.

****' Loved it. Will re-read and recommend it, candidate for my favourites shelf.

**** Great read. Really enjoyed it. Will follow-up on author or series. Might reread.

***' Fun to read. Passed the time. Will probably not re-read, nor recommend.
*** Fair to read. May have some flaws but I can over look them. Will not reread, nor recommend.
** Has major flaws which cannot be overlooked.
* Did not finish it.

With my library overflowing a number of years ago I got in the habit of donating the * and ** to Oxfam where maybe someone else would better appreciate them.

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Books are unconvertible assets to be passed on only to those who possess them already (Anthony Powell)
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