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Books range from those kept from when I was a young child, some from when my children were small, historical fiction, 'light-n-fun' reading, such as cosy mysteries, personal/familiar essays, through literature survey texts, some history, a lot of art history. Reference books are my favorite "genre."

When working editing newsletters (and individuals' papers, etc.) I got to know Chicago Manual of Style, and later the Modern Language Association's manual. The new MLA manual came out recently--what a treat! there are now much better ways to deal with all the modern reference sources.

Recently my collection has developed a major writing section because of my new attempts to try fiction instead of more academic style nonfiction.

About Me
I am organizer for Round Rock Writers and its two Workshop groups on meetup.com. I have just begun my first attempts at fiction after eons of writing academic(-style) nonfiction.
Round Rock, TX
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