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nonfiction (340), fiction (152), psychology (97), sociology (91), women's studies (79), philosophy (73), mental illness (57), psychiatry (50), medicine (50), memoir (44), depression (42), classic (40), gender studies (31), sexuality (31), cookbook (30), LGBTQ (23), poetry (21), textbook (21), poetic (20), history (18), anthology (17), neurology (16), duras (16), worldlit (15), the body (15), connections (14), religion (12), winterson (12), LT-ER (11), culture (10), love (9), latino studies (8), america (8), adoption (8), mania (8), coming of age (8), physics (7), seal press (7), baby (7), parenting (7), biology (7), writing (6), tech (6), woolf (6), foucault (6), illness (6), drug use (6), essays (6), trauma (6), science (6), men (5), play (5), political (5), feminism (5), work (5), suicide (4), postmodern (4), chile (4), art (4), pregnancy (4), amy tan (4), mothers (4), social work (4), language (4), favorite (3), urban studies (3), (3), allende (3), greg bottoms (3), genet (3), homeless (3), oral history (3), morrison (3), zen (3), gifts (2), women's history (2), music (2), osacks (2), YA (2), food (2), teenage (1), not a fan (1), cognitive sci (1), orphan life (1), maker life (1), men in lit (1), literature (1), ny (1), community guides (1), the future is now (1), death (1), non-fiction (1), travel (1), business (1), historical (1), anatomy (1), sustainability (1), academia (1), evolution (1), personality (1), alcohol (1), bipolar (1), disability studies (1), GLBTQ (1), virgins (1), technology (1), civic engagement (1), francophone (1), abuse (1), stream (1), nonfictions (1), vampires (1), economics (1), child development (1), nonfction (1), non fiction (1), women's travel (1)
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Sep 19, 2008
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This is a complicated question.
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My library encompasses my love of literature, memoir, gender studies, biology, microbiology, oral history, theoretical physics, philosophy, psychology, psychiatry, poetry, neurology, medicine and genuine interest in lived first person experience.

LT-ER Tag = Book featured on/or obtained through the Early Reviewer program.

May add other ARC's in future. Undecided.

About Me
"It's an odd thing, but anyone who disappears is said to be seen in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city and possess all the attractions of the next world.” ― Oscar Wilde

"When I think of heaven (Deliver me in a black-winged bird)
I think of flying down into a sea of pens and feathers and
All other instruments of faith and sex and God in the belly of a black winged bird."-Counting Crows

"She had an avidity for the forbidden wordsymbols; an insatiable appetite for the sound of them on his tongue and her own. She revealed the terrible and impersonal curiosity of a child about forbidden subjects and objects; that rapt and tireless and detached interest of a surgeon in the physical bodies and its possibilities."- William Faulkner
I've found a new quote from browsing LibraryThing that I feel applies:

“My library is not a single beast but a composite of many others, a fantastic animal made up of the several libraries built and then abandoned, over and over again, throughout my life. I can’t remember a time in which I didn’t have a library of some sort. The present one is a sort of multilayered autobiography, each book holding the moment in which I opened it for the first time. The scribbles on the margins, the occasional date on the flyleaf, the faded bus ticket marking a page for a reason today mysterious, all try to remind me of who I was then. For the most part, they fail. My memory is less interested in me than in my books, and I find it easier to remember the story read once than the young man who then read it.”
-Alberto Manguel
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