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angie slusser
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It has only been the last three years that I have deside to stop trading in my book and keep the ones I really enjoy. I have kept a lot of my text books from school if I think they will be any use to me. I am not sure why it is now that I have a new found love for reading book that give me something in return. I am no longer reading because I was told I had to for an assignment or because my best friend said it is on the best seller list and everyone is reading it. At my age it is more about what you take from the book because not all authors write for the cash.
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I am a full time student majoring in special education with a minor in social studies. I have 2 boys that I read to almost every night. I love reading although I am not very fast, but I do enjoy every book I can get my hands on. I like syfy, biography, travel, history, accually I will read anything that makes me think.
muskegon michigan for now
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