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I created a new LibraryThing account when I turned my daughter's old room into a library after she moved out, with the goal of cataloguing every book I own. This list does not include books I've read that I don't own, and there are A LOT of those books. I had an old librarything account that was active years ago (rachelellen); at some point I moved to Goodreads, and *that* is where I track every book I read, review books, and maintain a TBR list that includes books I don't yet own. Maybe someday I'll consolidate, but I wanted to have an at-a-glance catalogue that I could pull up when I was in a book-buying situation -- the duplicates were somewhat out of control.

On 29 July 2023, I added all my Kindle and Audible books as well. I should make a special tag for the books that I have in all three formats. (Usually it means that I didn't want to wait to finish the Audible book so I bought the Kindle edition, and then liked it well enough to want the paper copy for my library. :) )

About Me

I'm a Gen-X empty-nester registered nurse hurtling really fast toward 50. I've been obsessed with reading since my older brother taught me how when I was three years old. I now have A Library in my home, with shelves I helped build, which I realize is a life goal for many, and I know how lucky I am.

I also love: dorking around on my Trek road bike, especially with my favorite riding partner (my husband since I was probably really too young to get married, but it has worked out really well, actually); traveling the US now and then, especially with my favorite traveling partner (see above); creeks; good food; knitting and crocheting; photography; animals, even "ugly" ones; interesting things to look at or think about; wound care; kindness; justice; my work friends; my parents; my grown-up kids; and geeking out about pathophysiology.

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