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Robbie McClintock
About Me
After 50 years at Columbia as a student and faculty member, I "graduated" in 2011. Since, well-prepared and energetic, I am concentrating on reflection and criticism, work that goes to the root of education, public affairs, and culture. Early in 2012, I published a Utopian critique of schooling and historical life -- Enough: A Pedagogic
. Currently, I am finishing a short book -- Formative Justice: To Make of Oneself What One Can and Should Become. Its message: let’s dump efforts at educational reform and foment an educational reformation, each person following her inner light. Let’s drown out the fear mongers, the pundits of public parsimony, and the peddlers of self-serving prudence. We can aspire to more positive possibilities -- constructing historical realities in which humanity achieves elegant, fair, and meaningful solutions to the great uncertainties of our time.
Princeton, NJ
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