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Apr 24, 2007
Real Name
Sarah Hayman
About My Library
I'm experimenting with adding a "library" of books I have read, working backwards from now. I have always obsessively kept a notebook listing books as I read them so have a ready source of data to add! I own many of them but not all, some are friends' and family members' books and some (fewer and fewer these days) are library books. I also have a giant pile of books next to the bed, threatening to tumble and crush me, that I have not yet read. I may add them as the next set. I read almost exclusively fiction, mixture of crime, modern novels, a very little fantasy (I like comic like Jasper Fforde), and generally prefer books (of whatever genre) that I find well-written and where I care about the characters. My most recently loved book (this is June 4, 2007) was The Mission song - very moving and, as usual with Le Carre, basically a love story.
About Me
I'm a librarian though not working in straight library work - have worked in research libraries, information management and web-based services for some time now. Currently I work for a publicly funded health information project at a university in Adelaide. I became interested in Librarything through work (investigating social tagging and web 2.0) but now I am totally hooked on a personal basis! I read as much as I can which is mainly at night in bed - manage between 1 and 2 books a week or so, much less than I'd like. I'm married with 2 boys, 29 and 25 - both have moved out of home so we are empty nesters.
Adelaide, South Australia

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