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Jan 1, 2012
About My Library
Aside from great books on writing and about writers, I like to read the kind of books I write, namely humorous fiction, fantasy and science fiction. I don't care which age group it's for or what gender, just as long as a writer can make me laugh, care, think, feel, and discover new and amazing things about the universe and myself. I also love happy endings.
About Me
Shevi Arnold started telling stories when she was just a kid looking for a way to pass the time on the long, boring ride to school. Not long after that, she started telling herself her own stories--letting them play through her mind, like favorite TV shows--as she was about to fall asleep or whenever she was bored. One night when she was seventeen, she encountered Toren for the very first time. The magical storyteller left quite an impression. But Shevi didn't have the time to write Toren's story down. She had degrees to earn in college, and when she was through with that, she had her work in newspapers and magazines, her marriage, and her family to keep her busy. Then in 2001 Shevi returned to the USA in search of a better education for her autistic son, and she had to leave her job and her old life behind. She had only ever worked as a writer and an illustrator, and she couldn't work full-time for newspapers or magazines anymore. What was she going to? She sat down and began to write Toren the Teller's Tale. Since then Shevi has written six other novels for kids and young adults, but after thirty years simmering in her mind and countless edits, she considers this novel her greatest masterpiece.
Central New Jersey
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