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Feb 27, 2023
Real Name
Jennifer Purdy-Johnson
About My Library

I am in the process of cataloging all physical books, e-books, audiobooks, etc. Beyond physical, I'm adding Amazon, Audible, Apple Books, and PDF books I've purchased. I have far fewer physical books than I used to: I've moved a lot and once my brother started growling at me, I decided it was time to start donating books and buying more e-books. I regret that and may start budgeting money for used books. Who needs furniture, right?

I love the possibilities of the romance genre and have turned heavily to romance in times of stress and grief, and my library reflects that. I know it's a genre that some cannot take seriously, but some of the most capable and intelligent people I've known are romance authors, and I will forever love stories that "celebrate the power of love and always end happily." I believe it was Jude Deveraux who said that, and I agree wholeheartedly.

About Me

I collect ginger cats and clutter. I'm an incurable word nerd and my learning method is best described as "what happens if I push this button?" I never know what to say in a bio. This will be amended.

Lansing, MI
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