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Nov 22, 2009
Real Name
the bastard
About My Library
Books that are in stores now.
About Me
The author was born in Manchester, United Kingdom in June, 1983 but spent most of his childhood in Africa. He now resides in London, United Kingdom.

All his titles are inspired by true stories and focus on the struggles of everyday life, as well as the meanings and purposes of human existence, if any and the questions nobody wants to ask.

His books can be found under categories such as:

Mind, body and spirit
Autobiography name a few.

Other titles by the author include:

The Rebellion
The root of evil
Money makes the world go round
A journey into the unknown: the full collection
While you are asleep at night
While you were asleep at night
The last session
Waiting to inhale
Read my minds name a few.
london, UK