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Andrea F. Jones
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My major collection areas are books related to the Middle Ages, English literature, Celtic literature and history, folklore, Appalachian and Southern literature, African-American literature, speculative and horror fiction, and children's books. I also have a collection of miniature books that I keep in a train-case library I made for them.
About Me
Welcome! Feel free to snoop around my bookshelves.

I give away books (and candy) at Halloween--and the kids love it! In addition to promoting reading, it's an awful lot of fun.

I would be grateful for any books fellow LibraryThing users wish to contribute. I'd be particularly happy to see books for preschoolers and other early readers, books for young adults, books about children of color or children from countries outside the U.S., and books about Halloween. Books about sports, dinosaurs, pirates, and animals are particularly popular with the kids, as are books that are scary and/or funny. Please write a comment below if you have items you'd like to send.

I'm a writer, editor, book collector, Ph.D. candidate, and educator, so I've accumulated quite a hoard over the years. This is my attempt to begin getting a catalog of my books together, so I can remember what I have and where it is. If I manage to connect with some other readers, that's good, too.
North Carolina

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