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Mar 5, 2009
About My Library
This micro-library contains over 240+ books on social, political, religious, and historical themes surrounding ethnobotanicals and their impact on humankind across time and space. Rare titles, pamphlets, and other media are not displayed at this time.

Anthropological - cultural, historical, sustainability
Shamanic - ethnobotanicals, plant allies, animal guides
Healing - cancer anxiety, end of life, ptsd
Somatic - deep tissue, dance/movement, massage
Psychological - exploration, individuation, integration
Public Policy - law, harm reduction, science base education
Recreational - tripping, festivals, bonding
Spiritual - ethics, entheogens, non-dualism, upaya

How Did ECfES Begin?

We are a crowd-sourced, grass-roots community endeavor. Simply put we seek to fill the following gaps in the ethnobotanically-oriented community.

1) An informational gap (in the form of a centralized physical library collection)

2) An experiential gap (in the form of a physical meeting space in perpetuity)

Our project had its roots in the attempt of Eugene community members to donate their books. Current libraries in operation in the area were willing to accept our books, but declined to keep the collection intact. In other words, they would take our books and scatter the collection far and wide between different institutions.

We envision not only keeping the book collection intact, but expertly curating the collection in addition to tripling or quadrupling the library collection and registering as a State Library Association and Non-Profit Organization.

The Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies does not endorse illegal or dangerous behavior. The Center does not endorse breaking the law. However, we do urge those interested to continue educating themselves.
About Me
A Grass-Roots Ethnobotanical Library

Though ethnobotany provides several approaches in plant research, our focus is on plants with a history of healing applications.

Visit us In Person @ The Second Annual Exploring Psychedelics Conference:
June 4th And 5th, 2015 At Southern Oregon University

What Services does the Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies Provide?

1) a comprehensive lending library focused on ethnobotanicals and human/plant relationships

2) an information center and community hub that can provide outreach to students, universities, local communities and organizations, and professionals with an aim of all-inclusive dialog around ethnobotanicals

3) harm reduction services provided through education encouraging health-positive choices for all

4) healthy and rationally-based drug education for all populations seeking well-being and abundant health as a primary natural lifestyle choice; accurate information for consumers of ethnobotanicals

5) workshops, classes, and certified ethnobotanical retreat referrals

6) wholistic addiction treatment referrals services for chemically dependent populations
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