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Aug 6, 2022
Real Name
Gabrielle Watson
About My Library

Hello! We are the Watson's of North Texas, and we are a homeschool family of three! We love our homeschool library, and it is expanding each month and with each unit study. It practically has a life of its own.

Our library is equipped primarily with fiction and non-fiction books for children and teens. We also have an extensive Stephen King library as my husband is his #1 fan. I am constantly seeking a way to organize/reorganize our books so they make logical sense when we are pulling books for studies and re-shelving. I'm excited to finally organize our fiction books by Author (and audience) as well as our non-fictions books by Dewey Decimal Classification (well a more concise version).

About Me

Hello! I am Gabrielle Watson. I own Watson Family Press, your favorite, affordable homeschool printing company. As a homeschool mama of three (not including the Beagle), I keep busy between running our small business, homeschool planning, actual homeschooling, and CONSTANTLY re-shelving books! As homeschoolers, we've amassed quite the collection of books after finding it tough to find the ones we want/need for unit studies at our local libraries. I'm always on the hunt for a new (used) book to add to our library and expand our knowledge of the wonderful world around us! Follow our homeschool journey and real life on Instagram: @fromwatsonwithlove and @watsonfamilypress.

Denton, TX