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Jul 13, 2009
Real Name
About My Library
Woman Into Wolf
Daughter of the Bright Moon
The Black Flame
The Hitchhicker's Guide to the Galaxy
A Man called Milo Morai
A Woman of the Horse Clans
Bili The Axe
Cat of Silvery Hue
Champion of Last Battle
Coming of the Horse Clans
Death of a Legend
Friends of the Horse Clans
Horse Clan Odyssey
Horses of the North
Madman's Army
Memories of Milo Morai
Revenge of the Horse Clans
Savage Mountains
Swords of the Horse Clans
THe Clan of the Cats
The Patrimony
Trumpets of War
Witch Goddess
Survivalist-the Reprisal
Tuesdays with Morrie
Dracula Unbound
Evil Earths
The Prydain Chronicles
The Ring Of Charon
Doc Sidhe
Wrath of the Princes (1997) by Aaron Allston, Holly Lisle
Star Wars-Champions of the Force #3
Star Wars-Dark Apprentice #2
Star Wars-Jedi Search #1
A Knight of Ghosts and Shadows
Alight in the Void
Boat of A Million Years
Devil's Game
Earth book of Stormgate
Ensign Flandry(in 3/1 The Imperial Stars)
Fire Time
Game of Empire
Going for Infinity
Maurai & kith
Oeration Chaos
Operation Otherworld
Orion shall Rise
People of the Wind
Shield of Time
The Armies of Elfland
The Broken Sword
The ByWorlder
The Fleet Of Stars
The Sound & the Furry w. G.Dickson
The Time Patrol
There Will Be Time
Cold Allies
Blue Adept
Castle Roogna
Centaur Aisle
Crewel Lye
Double Exposure
Dragon on a Pedestal
Executive (bio of a space tyrant#4)
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold w. Mercedes Lackey
Magic of Xanath
Mercenary (Bio of a Space Tyrant #2)
Mouvars Magic
Night Mare
Ogre, Ogre
Orc's Opal
Politician (bio of a space tyrant#3)
Refugee (bio of a space tyrant#1)
Split Infinity
Statesman (bio of a space tyrant#5)
The Source of Magic
Interstellar Patrol
Pandora's Legions
Tom Swift Atomic Earth Blaster
Tom Swift Deep Sea Hydrodome
Tom Swift Flying Plane
Tom Swift Jetmarine
Tom Swift Phanthom Satellite
Tom Swift Rocketship
Tom Swift Sea Copter
Tom Swift Ultrasonic Cycloplane
Tom Swift Visitor From Planet X
Tom SwiftGiant Robot
Tom Swivt & Outpost in Space
A Twist in Tale
Firts among Equals
Kane & Able
Matter of Honor
Prodigal Daughter
To the Resurraction Station
Primary Inversion
Sunrise Alley
Unwillingly to Earth
Foundation and Empire
Foundation's Edge
I, Robot
Prelude to Foundation
Robots and Empire
Second Foundation
The Caves of Steel
The Complete Adventures of Lucky Starr
The Naked Sun
The Norby Chronicles
The Robot Novels
The Robots of Dawn
Forward the Foundation
Myth Conceptions
The Bug Wars
The Cold Cash War
A Phule & His Money
Another Fine M.Y.T.H.
Little Myth Marker
M.Y.T.H. Inc. in Action
M.Y.T.H. Inc. Link
Cross - Currents
Myth Adventures
Phule Me Twice
Phule's Company
Phule's Paradise
Ripping Time (2000)
Sanctuary-Thieves World
Shattered Sphere
Sweet Myth-Tery of Life
The House that Jack Built (2000)
Time Scout (1995)
Wages of Sin
Death Lands Road Wars
Death Lands Twight Children
Daemons, Inc.
Absolute Power
Hour Game
Last Man Standing
Saving Faith
Simple Genius
Split Second
Stone Cold
The Camel Club
The Christmas Train
The Collectors
The Simple Truth
The Whole Truth
The Winner
Total Control
Canby's Legion
Galatic Convoy
The Defenders
The Defiance
The Helmsman
The Siege
The Trophy
Acorna, the Unicorn Girl (w.Anne McCaffrey)
Acorna's Questl (w.Anne McCaffrey)
Knight's Cross
Chronicles of Raven (includes Dawnthief & MoonShade)
Earth Made of Glass
The Timeline Wars
Achilles' Choice
Barsoom Project
Beowulf's Children (with Pournelle & Niven)
Blood Brothers
Caesar's Bicycle
California Voodo
Dream Park
Gorgon Child
Iron Shadows
Legacy of Heorot (with Pournelle & Niven)
Lion's Blood
Street Lethal
The Kundalini Equation
Jade & Fire
The Lost Years of Merlin
Dave Barry Turns 40
Dave Barry Only Travel Guide
Dave Barry Slept Here
Cat Magic
Anvil of Stars
Queen of Angels
The Forge of God, Prequel to Anvil of Stars
Return to Honor
Beyond the Fall of Night
In The Ocean of the Night
Stars in Shroud
Dragon & the Phoenix
The Last Dragon Lord
Circle of Friends
Day of the Dragon Star
The Last Coin
Out on the cutting Edge
When The Sacred Ginmill closes
Combat 1 with Dale Brown
Day of Wrath
Red Phoenix
Night of the Wolf
Silver Wolf
The Dragon Queen
The Raven Warrior
The Wolf King
As on A Darkling Plain
Orion in the Dying Time
The Sam Gunn Omnibus(complete collection)
To Save the Sun
WInds of Altair
Golblin Market
The Thrall and The Dragon's Heart
Book of Skaith
Just Rewards
Black Trillium
Brass Dragon
Children of Hastur
Fire Brand
Forbidden Tower
Heitage Of Hastur
Lady of the Trillium
Sharras Excile
Shattered Chain
Spell Sword
Star of Danger
SWord and Sorceress
Sword of Aldones
The Bloody Sun
The Fall of Atlantis
The Mists of Avalon
The Planet Savers
The Survivors
Tiger Burning Brightly w. Norton & Lackey
World Wreckers
Horses of Heaven
Corporate Bodies
Preying for Mercy(Moon Called 1) Blood Bound 2) Iron Kissed 3)
Date with a Dead Doctor
Brightness Reef #1
Glory Season
Heart of the Comet
Heavens Reach
Infinity's Shore
Practice Effect
Startide Rising
The Postman
The Practice Effect
The Uplift War
The Last Ship
Lost Souls
Mage Quest
Body Guard
The Black Grail
A Knight of the Word
Angel Fire East
Armageddon's Children (2006)
First King of Shannara (Prelude to Shannara)
Jarka Ruus (2003)
Magic Kingdom for Sale/Sold
Running with the Demon
Straken (2005)
Sword of Shannara (1 Shannara)
Tanequil (2004)
The Black Unicorn
The Druid of Shannara(2)
The Elf Queen of Shannara(3)
The Elfstones of Shannara (2 Shannara)
The Elves of Cintra (2007)
The Gypsy Morph (2008)
The Phantom Menance (StarWars Episode 1)
The Scions of Shannara(1Heritage)
The Talisman of Shannara (4th)
The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara(Ilse Witch,Antrax & Morgawr)
The Wishsong of Shannara (3 Shannara)
Wizard at Large
Act of War
Battle Born
Chains of Command
Combat 1 with Larry Bond
Day of the Cheetah
Fatal Terrain
Flight of the Old Dog
Night Hawk
Night of the Hawk
Shadows of Steel
Silver Tower
Sky Master
Storming Heaven
The Tin Man
Warrior Class
Angels & Demons
Deception Point
Digital Fortress
Divinci Code
Pigs Don't Fly
Fat Tuesday
Where there's Smoke
Crucible of Time
Dragon & Assola (includes Dragon & Assola-2books)
Five Hundred Years After
Sethra Lavode
The Book of Athyra (includes Athyra & Orca)
The Book of Jhereg(Includes Jhereg, Yendi & Teckla)
The Book of Taltos (Includes Taltos & Phoneix)
The Lord of Castle Black
The Paths of the Dead (aka The Paths of Deceit)
The Phoenix Guards
Beguilement (2006)
Brothers in Arms
Civil Campaign
Diplomatic Immunity
Ethan of Athos
Falling Free
Horizon (2009)
Legacy (2007)
Mirror Dance
Paladin of Souls
Passage (2008)
Shards of Honor (in Test of Honor)
Test of Honor
The Borders of Infinity
The Curse of Chalion
The Hallowed Hunt
The Mountains of Mourning
The Spirit Ring
The Vor Game
Warriors Apprentice (in Test of Honor)
Kingdoms of the Night (co-author Cole)
Dragon Master Omnibus(Storm of Wings, Knighthood of Dragon, Last Battle)
Shadow Warrior(includes Wind After Time, Hunt the Heavens, Darkness of God)
Star Risk, Ltd. (2002)
Storm Force
The Demon King
The Dog from Hell (2005)
The Doublecross Program (2004)
The Gangster Conspiracy (2007) (with Dal Perry and Steve Perry)
The Last Legion
The Scoundrel Worlds (2003)
The Seer King
The Warrior King
Solar Flare
Gods Of Mars, Warlodrd of Mars
LLLana of Gathol & John Carter of Mars
Princess Of Mars
Swords of Mars, Synthetic Men of Mars
Thuvia, Maid of Mars, Chessman of Mars
Academ's Fury (2005)
Captain's Fury (2007)
Cursor's Fury (2006)
Furies of Calderon (2004)
Princeps' Fury (2008)
Wizard by Trade (Summer Knight and Death Masks)
Wizard for Hire(Storm Front,Fool Moon & Grave Peril)
Wizard Under Fire (Proven Guilty and White Night)
Coffin Underground
Mind of My Mind
Parable of the Sower
The Messiah Stone
Bright flows the river
Let Love Come Last
The Devil's Workshop
The Tin Collector
The Viking Funeral
A Planet Called Treason
Changed Man
Cruel Miracles
Ender's War
Homecoming 3 The Ships of Earth
Homecoming Earth
Homecoming Harmony
Prentice Alvin
Red Prophet
Seventh Son
Speaker for the Dead
The Folk of the Fringe
Conan of the Red Brotherhood
Conan the Gladiator
Conan the Renegade
Conan The Warlord
The Steel Albatross
Great King's War
A Dog's Life
Top Dog
Journeys In Wonderland
Dragons in the Stars
Dragons in the Stars
Star Rigger's Way
The Infinity Link
The Rapture Effect
Black Sand
The Last Man on the Moon
Windows of the Soul
The Run to Chaos Keep#2QuintaraMarathon
The Demon Rainbow Bridge,#1Qintara Marathon
The Messiah Choice
The Ninety Trillion Fausts#3QuintaraMarathon
A War of Shadows
Dancing Gods Demons of Dancing Gods
Dancing Gods River of Dancing Gods
Dancing Gods Songs of Dancing Gods
Dancing Gods Vengenance of Dancing Gods
Devils Voyage
Exciles at Well of Souls
Four Lords of the Diamonds
Labyrinth of Dreams
Midnight at Well of Souls
Quest for Well of Souls
Redtape War
Return of Nathan Brazil to Well of Souls
Riders of the Winds
Twilight at Well of Souls
War of the Maelstrom Winds Trilogy
Web of Chozen
When Change Winds Blow
John Grimes:Reserve Commodore:Last Amazon,Wild Ones,Catch Star Winds
John Grimes:RimRunner;The Alternate Univ,Contraband from Otherspace, Rim Gods, Commodore at Sea
John Grimes:Road to Rim,Prime the Pump,Hard Way Up,Spartan Planet,The Inheritors
John Grimes:Survey Captain-Broken Cycle,BigBlkMark,Far Traveler,Star Courier
John Grimes:Tramp Captain,To Keep the Ship,Matilda's Stepchildren,Star Loot,Anarch Lords
A King Beneath the Mountain
A Knight Among Knaves
A Prince Among Men
Eye of the Serpent #2 Chronicle of Aelwyn
Heir to The Dragon
Just Compensation
Shadow Run-Choose your Enemies Carefully
Shadow Run-Find your own Truth
Shadow Run-Never deal with a Dragon
Shadow Run-Never Trust an Elf
Timespell #1 Chronicle of Aelwyn
Wiard of Bones # Chronicle of Aelwyn
Angel with the Sword
Arafel's Saga
Book of Morgaine
Chanur Kif Strike Back
Chanur's Homecoming
Chanur's Legacy
Chanurs Venture
Cloud's Ride (sequel to Rider at the Gate)
Cuckoos Eggs
Cyteen The Betrayal 1
Cyteen The Rebirth 2
Cyteen The Vindication 3
Down Below Station
Exciles Gate
Faded Sun Chonijir
Faded Sun Koserith
Faded Sun Kutath
Fortress in the Eye of Time
Fortress of Owls (sequel to Eagles)
Fortress of Dragons (sequel to owls)
Fortress of Eagles (sequel to Eye of Time)
Fourtythousand in Gehenna
Heavy Time
Hunter of Worlds
Merchanters Luck
Merchanter's Luck
Port Eternity
Pride of Chandur
Rider at the Gate
Rim Runners
Serpents Reach
The Dreaming Tree
The Goblin Mirror
The Goblin War
The Sword of K(Wizard Spawn,Reap Whirlwind)
The Sword of Knowledge(3 in 1 Dirge for Sabis,Wizard Spawn & Reap the Whirlwind
Dirge for Sabis, A (1989) by C. J. Cherryh, Leslie Fish
Realm of Light (1997)
Reign of Shadows (1996)
Shadow War (1996)
The Chalice #3 in The Sword,the Ring & the Chalice
The Crimson Claw (1998)
The Crystal Eye (1999)
The Golden One (1997)
The King Betrayed (2003)
The King Imperiled (2005)
The Queen's Gambit (2002)
The Queen's Knight (2004)
The Ring #2 in The Sword,the Ring & the Chalice
The Sword #1 in The Sword,the Ring & the Chalice
Brimstone ( with Douglas Preston)
Deep Storm
Mount Dragon ( with Douglas Preston)
Relic (with Douglas Preston)
Riptide ( with Douglas Preston)
The Ice Limit ( with Douglas Preston)
Thunderhead ( with Douglas Preston)
No Blade of Grass
the Long Winter
Clear & Present Danger
Debt of Honor
Op Center
Op Center Mirror Image
Patriot Game
Red October
Red Rabbit
Red Storm Rising
Shadow Watch (w.Martin Greenburg
State of War
Sum of All Fears
The Bear and The Dragon
Without Remorse
First Flight
All Around the Town
Daddy's Little Girl
No Place Like Home
On The Street where you live
You Belong to Me
Beyond the Fall of Night
Rama II
Rendezvous with Rama
Songs of Distant Earth
A Bait of Dreams
Crystal Heat
Crystal Heat #3 Shadowsong
Dance Down the Stars #3 Dancer Trilogy
Dancer's Rise #1 Dancer Trilogy
Diadem from the Stars
Fire in the Sky #1 Shadowsong
Magic Wars(Wild Magic #3 or Honeychild 3)
Quester's Endgame
Serpent Waltz #2 Dancer Trilogy
Shadow Player(Shadiths' Quest #1)
Shadowkill (Shadiths' Quest #3)
ShadowSpeer (Shadiths' Quest #2)
Star Hunters
The Burning Ground #2 Shadowsong
The Nowhere Hunt
The Snares of Iabex
The Soul Drinker
Wild Magic(Wild Magic #1 or Honeychild 1)
Wildfire (Wild Magic #2 or Honeychild 2)
Back Spin (1997)
Darkest Fear (2000)
Deal Breaker
Drop Shot (1996)
Fade Away (1996)
Just One Look
No Second Chance
One False Move (1998)
Promise Me
Tell No One
The Final Detail (1999)
The Innocent
The Woods
The Broken Sword co-author Warren Murphy
The Forever King co-author Warren Murphy
The Third Magic co-author Warren Murphy
World Without End co-author Warren Murphy
Court of 1000 Suns (co-author Bunch) #3
Empire's End (co-author Bunch) #8
Fleet of the Damned (co-author Bunch) #4
Kingdoms of the Night (co-author Bunch)
Return of the Emperor (co-author Bunch) #6
Revenge of the Damned (co-author Bunch) #5
Sten (co-author Bunch) #1
The Far Kingdoms (co-author Bunch)
The Warriors Tale (co-author Bunch)
The Wolf Worlds (co-author Bunch) #2
Vortex (co-author Bunch) #7
Legends II
Flashing Swords
Galatice Empires I & II
HugoWinners I & II
Black Eagles
Fall From Grace
Fifth Horseman
Tough Tender
These Lawless Worlds #1
Fang the Gnome
King of the Scepter'd Isle
9 Dragons (2009)
A Darkness More than Night
Blood Work
Chasing the Dime
City of Bones
Crime Beat
Echo Park
Lost Light
The Black Echo
The Black Ice The Harry Bosch Novels
The Brass Verdict
The Closers
The Concrete Blond in The Harry Bosch Novels
The Harry Bosch Novels(Blk Echo,Blk Ice & Concrete Blond)
The Last Coyote
The Lincoln Lawyer
The Narrows
The Overlook
Trunk Music
Eye of The Sun
Bad Men
Beach Music
The Great Santini
The Lords of Discipline
The Prince of Tides
A Shadow of All Night Falling #2 Dread Empire
All Darkness Met #3 Dread Empire Series
An Ill FAte Marshalling
Angry Lead (in 2 in 1 Garret on the Case)
Bitter Gold Heart
Black Company
Bleak Seasons (#1 Glittering Stone)
Ceremoney (Dark War Triliogy 3)
Cold Copper Tears
Deadly Quicksilver Lies
Doom Stalker (Dark War Triliogy 1)
Dragon Never Sleeps
Dread Brass Shadows
Dreams of Steel
Faded Steel Heat
Garrett Files
Garrett on the case(angry lead skies&whispering Nickel)
Old Tin Sorrow
Passage at Arms
Petty Pewter Gods
Red Iron Nights
Shadow Games
Shadow Lingers
Shadowline (Starfisher Trilogy 1)
She is the Darkness (#2 Glittering Stone)
Silver Spike
Starfishers (Starfisher Trilogy 2)
Stars End (Starfisher Trilogy 3)
Sweet Silver Blues
The Sword Bearer
The Tower of Fear
The Tyranny of the Night
The White Rose
Warlock (Dark War Triliogy 2)
Water Sleeps (#3 Glittering Stone)
Whispering Nickel Idols (in 2 in 1 Garret on the Case)
With Mercy Toward None
The Wizardry Consulted
The Wizardry Cursed (Wiz Biz 2 = #3 & #4)
The Wizardry Quested
Wizard Bane (Wiz Biz contains #1)
Wizardry Compiled
Acceptable Risk
Chromosone 6
Harmful Intent
Mortal Fear
Deep Black
Deep Black Biowar
Deep Black Jihad
Final Flight
Flight of the Intruder
Fortunes of War
Hong Kong
Saucer the Conquest
The Intruders
The Red Horseman
Under Siege
At Risk
Blow Fly
From Potters Field
Hornet's Nest
Point of Origin
Portrait of a Killer
The Body Farm
Unnatural Exposure
Unnatural Exposure
Another Day Another Dungeon
By The Sword (magic of plains vol#1)
First Contract
Outward Bound
Tomorrow's Heritage
Blow Out
Born to be Wild
Double Take
Eleventh Hour
False Pretense
Hemlock Bay
Point Blank
The Countess
The Cove
The Edge
The Maze
The Valentine Legacy
Bright Star
Code of Honor
Dead Hand
Sword Point
Team Yankee
The are soldiers
The Ten Thousand
Trial By Fire
Trial By Fire
Kingdom's Swords w.David Sherman
The Black Death
A Case of Need
Eaters of the Dead (formerly the 13th Warrior)
Jurrassic Park
Lost World (Jurrassic park revisited)
Rising Son
State of Fear
Serpent's Gift 4
Shadow World 3
Silent Dances 2
Silent Songs 5
Starbridge 1
Atlantis Found
Black Wind
Dark Watch
Deep Six
Fire Ice
Flood Tide
Golden Buddha
Inca Gold
Lost City
Mediterraen Caper
Night Probe
Pacific Vortex
Polar Shift
Raise the Titantic
Sacred Stone
Shock Wave
The Chase
Treasure of Kahn
Trojan Odyssey
Valhalla Rising
White Death
A tapestry of Magic
Jinx on A Terran Inheritance
The Doomfarers of Coramonde
Lantern of God
The Helverti Invasion : John Dalmas
The Lion of Farside
The Bavarian Gate (1997)
The Lion Returns (1999)
The Lizard War
The Puppet Masters
The Reality Matrix
The Regiment
The Regiment's War
The Three Cornered War
The White Regiment
The Kalif's War
Return to Fanglith
Mind Catcher
Land of Unreason
Lest Darkness Fall (with To Bring the Light by Drake)
Swords Of Zinjaban
The Best of L.Sprague DeCamp
The Complete Compleat Enchanter
The Glory that Was
The Honorable Barbarian
The Incorporated Knight
The Reluctant King
Garden of Beasts
Mistress of Justice
Speaking in Tongues
The Cold Moon
The Devil's Teardrop
The Empty Chair
The Stone Monkey
The Vanished Man
Bride of the Castle
Castle for Rent
Castle Kidnapped
Castle Murders
Castle Perilous
Castle Spellbound
Paradox Alley
Odyssey Project
By the Rivers of Babylon
Night Fall
Plum Island
The General's Daughter
The Gold Coast
The Lions Game
The Talbot Odyssey
Wild Fire
Word of Honor
Official Privilege
Scorpion in the Sea
Spider Mountain
The Cat Dancers
The Edge of Honor
Train Man
Zero Option
Divine Invasion
Blood of the Eagle
Walking Dead
Alien Art
Beyond the Dar Al-Harb
Chantry Guild
Dragon & The George
Dragon & The Gnarly King
Dragon and the Djinn
Dragon and the Fair Maid of Kent
Dragon At War
Dragon Earl and Troll
Dragon Knight
Dragon on the Border
Forever Man
Home from the Shore
Hour of the Horde
In Iron Years
Jamie The Red
Lost Dorsai
Love not Human
Masters of Everon
None But Man
On the Run
Planet Run
Sleepwalkers World
Soldier, Ask Not
Space Paw
Space Winners
Spacial Delivery
Tactics of Mistake
The Alien Way
The Dragon in Lyonesse
The Far Call
The Final Encyclopedia
The Harriers, Bk 1 of War & Honor
The Harries (created by Dickson)
The Human Edge
The Magnificent Wilf
The Pritcher Mass
The Right to Arm Bears
The Sound & the Furry w. Poul Anderson
The Space Swimmers
The Spirit of Dorsai
The Stranger
Three To Dorsai
Time Storm
Way of the Pilgrim
Wolf and Iron
Show of Evil
Show of Evil
Getting Back
Ice Reich
Blood Thirst
Starstrike Operation Orion w. Douglas Niles
Area 51
Area 51 the Reply
The Mirror of her Dream's (Mordant's Dream)
Wounded Land
A Dark and Hungry God Arises
Chaos And Order
Daughter of Regals
Forbidden Knowledge
Illearth War
Lord Fouls Bane
Powers that Presever
The Mirror of her Dream's (Mordant's Dream)
The One Tree
The Real Story
This Day All Gods Die
White Gold Wielder
Torpedo Alley
Persona Non Grata
By Honor Betray'd (1994)
Starpilot's Grave (1993)
The Gathering Flame w. James D. Macdonald
The Long Hunt (1996)
The Price of the Stars (1992)
The Stars Asunder (see James D. McDonald)
Years Best SciFi 11th issue
All the way to the gallows
An Oblique Approach w. Eric Flint
Arc Riders the fourth Rome
At Any Price
Birds of Prey
Bridge Head
Car Warriors #1
Caught in the The Crossfire
Counter Attack--The Fleet #2
Counting The Cost
Crisis the fleet book 6
Cross the Stars
Destiny's Shield
Enemy of my Enemy (with Ben Ohlander)
Fireships (in 3 in 1 Reaches)
Fortress of Glass (Crown of the Isles Trilogy)
Fortune's Stroke
Goddess of the Ice Realm
Grimmer than Hell
Hammer's Slammers
Igniting the Reaches (in 3 in 1 Reaches)
In the Heart of Darkness
In the Stormy Red Sky 2009
John the balladeer
Kill Ratio
Lacey And His Friends
Lord of the Isles #1
Lt. Leary Commanding
Master of the Cauldron
Mirror of the Worlds (Crown of the Isles Trilogy)
Mistress of the Catacombs (Lord of the Isles #4)
Northworld Justice
Northworld Vengence
Old Nathan
Paying the Piper
Queen of Demons (Lord of the Isles #2)
Ranks of Bronze
Rolling Hot
Sea Hag
Seas of Venus
Servant of the Dragon (Lord of the Isles #3)
Some Golden Harbor
Surface Action
The Anvil (included in the Conqueror)
The Chosen with S.M. Stirling
The Conqueror w.Stirling (Includes the Anvil, the Steel & The Sword
The Dance of Time
The Dragon Lord
The Far Side of the Stars
The Fleet #1
The Forge #1 General Series (included in the Warlord Omnibus dwnld)
The Forlorn Hope
The General
The Gods Return
The Hammer (included in the Warlord download)
The Reaches 3 in 1 (Igniting, Through and Fireships)
The Reformer
The Sharp End
The Steel (included in the Conqueror)
The Sword (included in the Conqueror)
The Tank Lords
The Tide of Victory w. Eric Flint
The Tyrant
The Voyage
The Warmasters
The Warrior
The Way to Glory
Through The Breach
Through The Breach (in 3 in 1 Reaches)
To Bring the Light (with Lest Darkness Fall by DeCamp)
Vettius & his Friends
Warlord w. S. M. Stirling (includes the Forge & the Hammer)
When the Tide Rises 2008
With The Lightnings
Dragon Slayer
The Memoirs of Alcheringia
A Wizard Abroad
A Wizard Alone
A Wizard of Mars 2009
A Wizard's Dilema
Deep Wizardry
High Wizardry
So You Want to be a Wizard
Spock's World
Spock's World
Support Your Local Wizard
The Book of Night with Moon (1)
The Door into Shadow
The Wizard's Holiday
To Visit The Queen (cats2)
Wizards at War
The Medusa Stone
Impossible Odds
Paragon Lost
Belgariad Part I
Belgariad Part II
Belgraid Castle of Wizardry (in Part II)
Belgraid Enchanters' End Game (in part II)
Belgraid Magician's Gambit (in part 1)
Belgraid Pawn of Prophecy (in part 1)
Belgraid Queen of Sorcery (in part 1)
Belgrath The Sorcerer (prequel to Belgriad)
Demon Lord of Karanda
Domes of Fire
Guardians of the West
King of The Murgos
Polgara The Sorceress
Seeress of Kell
Sorceress of Darshiva
The Crystal Gorge (2005)
The Diamond Throne
The Elder Gods (2003)
The Hidden City
The Redemption of Althalus
The Ruby Knight
The Sapphire Rose
The Shining Ones
The Treasured One (2004)
The Younger Gods (2006
Beyond World's End
The Cloak of Night&Daggers inThe Empty Crown
The Cup of Morning Shadows in The Empty Crown
The Empty Crown(3 novel book)
The Sword of Maiden Tears in The Empty Crown
The War Slayer
The Crystal Palace
Child of Flame Vol.#4 of Crown of Stars
King's Dragon Vol.#1 of Crown of Stars
Prince of Dogs Vol.#2 of Crown of Stars
The Burning Stone Vol.#3 of Crown of Stars
The Gathering Storm Vol.#5of Crown of Stars
The Golden Key (w. Melanie Rawn & Jen Roberson)
A Chill in the Blood
Art in the Blood (Vampire Files)
Blood on the Water (Vampire Files
Bloodcircle (The Vampire Files
Death and the Maiden
Fire in the Blood (Vampire Files
I, Strahd
Lady Crymsyn
Life Blood
Red Death ~ Usually ships in 24 hours
The Dark Sleep
The Land Beyond the Gate
The Hunter on Arena
Far Edge of Darknes
Harshini #3
Medalon #1
Treason Keep #2
Brotherhood of the Wolf
Lair of Bones
Sons of the Oak
The Runelords
The Wrymling Horde
Wizard Born
World Binder
Tin Soldiers
Dark Designs
Day World
Fabulous Riverboat
Gods of Riverworld
The Magic Labyrinth
To Your Scattered Bodies Go
World of Tiers Vol. 1
World of Tiers Vol. 2
Red Orc's Rage
Thunder Rift
Phaid the Gambler
The Feelies
The Dinner Party
Children of Hope
Patriarch's Hope
Seafort's Hope(Midshipman's Hope/Challenger's Hope)
Seafort's Hope(Prisoner'sHope/Fisherman's Hope)
The King
The Still
Voices of Hope
Darkness at Sethanon
Daughter of the Empire
Exciles Return, #3 Conclave of Shadows
Faerie Tale
Flight of the Nighthawks
Honored Enemy
Into a Dark Realm
Jimmy the Hand
King of Foxes, #2 Conclave of Shadows
Krondor Tear of the Gods (#3 Riftwar Legacy)
Krondor the Assassins (Riftwar Legacy)
Krondor the Betrayal (Riftwar Legacy)
Mistress of the Empire
Murder in Lamut
Prince of the Blood
Rage of a Demon King--Serpent War
Rise of a Merchant Prince-- Serpent War
Servant of the Empire
Shadow of a Dark Queen--Serpent War
Shards of a Broken Crown -- Serpent War
Talon of the Silver Hawk, #1 Conclave of Shadows
The King's Buccaneer
Wrath of a Mad God
Double Nocturne
Luck in the Shadows (#1 Nightrunner series)
Stalking Darkeness (#1 Nightrunner series)
1812:The Rivers of War
Crown of Slaves w. David Weber
Fortune's Stroke
Forward the Mage
Grandtville Gazette Vol 1
In the Heart of Darkness
Legions of Space
Mother of Demons
Pyramid Scheme
Rats,Bats and Vats
Ring of Fire
Telzey Amberdon
The Course of Empire
The Oblique Approach
The Philosophic Strangler
The Tyrant
Champions of the Sidhe
Master of the Sidhe
THe Riders of the Sidhe
Fallen Angels
Act of Treason
Consent to Kill
Executive Power
Memorial Day
Protect and Defend
Separation of Power
Term Limits
The Third Option
Transfer of Power
A Dangerous Fortune
Night over Water
The Pillars of the Earth
The Day after Tomorrow
Dragon Waiting
End Run (1993) by William R. Forstchen, Christopher Stasheff
False Colors (1999) by William R. Forstchen, Andrew Keith
Fleet Action (1994) by William R. Forstchen
Heart of the Tiger (1995) by William R. Forstchen, Andrew Keith
Star Voyager Academy
The Forth Protocol
The Negotiator
Dragon's Egg
Martian Rainbow
A Call To Arms (bk1 of the Damned)
A Triumph of Souls (2000)(in Journeys of the Catechist)
Blood Hype
Carnivores of Light and Darkness (1998)(in Journeys of the Catechist)
Cyber Way
Dinotopia Lost
Flinx in Flux
For Love of Mother-Not
Hour of the Gate
Into the Out Of
Into the Thinking Kingdoms (1998)(in Journeys of the Catechist)
Journeys of the Catechist(Omnibus Trilogy)
Mission to Moulkin
Season of the Spellsong
Sliding Scales a Pip & Flinx adventure
Son of Spellsinger
Spellsinger's Scherzo(Moment Magician,Paths Perambulator,TimeTransference)
The Day of the Dissonance
The False Mirror (bk2 of the Damned)
The Man Who Used the Universe
The Mocking Program
The Moment of the Magician
The Paths of the Perambulator
The Spoils of War (bk 3 ont the Damned)
The Taken Trilogy(Lost&Found,Light-Years Beneath My Feet,Candle of Distant Earth.
Who Needs Enemies
With Friends Like this
Second Wind
Genie out of the bottle
The Forlorn
The Rats, The Bats and the Ugly
The Rats, The Bats and Vats
Black Sun Rising(bk#1 Coldfire Trilogy)
Crown of Shadows(Bk#3 Colfire Trilogy)
In Conquest Born
The Madness Season
This Alien Shore
When True Night Falls(Bk#2 Colfire Trilogy)
Chicks in ChainMail
Did You Say Chicks?
Dragonfly in Amber #2
Outlander #1
Seafire(James Bond)
Demon Blade
Hottest Blood(Gelb & Garrett Editors)
Lord Darcy
The Changeling War, Bk1 of Changling Saga
The Magic Dead, Bk3 of Changling Saga
The Sorcerer's Gun, Bk2 of Changling Saga
Forbidden Borders #1 Requiem for Conqueror
Forbidden Borders #2 Relic of Empire
Forbidden Borders #3 Counter Measures
The Artifact
The Warriors of Spider #1
The Way of the Spider #2
Web of Spider #3
Hottest Blood(Gelb & Garrett Editors)
Sword in the Storm
Ancient Light
Golden Witchbreed
Body Double
A Day for Damnation(in the War Against)
A Matter for Men (in The War Against)
The Middle of Nowhere
The War Against the Chtorr:Invasion
Genellan:First Victory
Robin Hood
Hawaiian Aliens
Ther Pirates of Rosinate
The Alien Condition
Strange Devices of the Sun and Moon
Blood of the Fold (Bk 3 Sword of Truth)
Soul of the Fire (Bk 5 Sword of Truth)
Stone of Tears (Bk 2 Sword of Truth)
Temple of the Winds (Bk 4 Sword of Truth)
Wizard's First Rule (Bk 1 Sword of Truth)
Death Penalty
A Judgement of Dragons
The Kingdom of the Cats
River of Darkness
B is for Burglar
D is for Deadbeat
F is for Fugitive
G is for Gumshoe
G is for Jump Suit
H is for Homicide
I is for Innocent
K is for Killer
L is for Lawless
Q is for Quarry
A is for Alibi
J is for Judgement
O Is for Outlaw
R is for Richochet
Conan The Restless
Great Kings War
Peace Company
Star Cruiser Shenandoah, Squadron Alert
The Division of the Spoils (1990)
The Painful Field (1993)
The Sum of Things (1991)
Vain Command (1992)
Warriors for the Working Day (1994)
Deathstalker Legacy
Deathstalker #1
Deathstalker Destiny #5
Deathstalker Honor #4
Deathstalker Rebellion #2
DeathStalker Returns #2 of 3
Deathstalker War #3
Twilight of the Empire Omnibus (Mistworld, Ghost World & Hell World)
GuardsHaven(Wolf n Fold,Gd Agnst Dshnr,Bones)
SwordsHaven(Hwk&Fishr,Winr Takes All,Gd Kilr
The Man with The Golden Torc
The Fourth Perimeter
Seasons of Plenty
Elminster in Hell
Elminster in Myth Drannor
Elminster The Making of a Mage
Elminster's Daughter
The Temptation of Elminster
B5-The Berets (Brotherhood of War)
Battleground #4 The Corps
Behind the Lines #7 The Corps
Blood & Honor #2 espionage
Call to Arms #2 The Corps
Close Combat #6 The Corps
Counterattack #3 The Corps
Death and Honor (2008) (with William E Butterworth IV)
Final Justice
Honor Bound #1 espionage
In Danger's Path #8 The Corps
Line of Fire #4 The Corps
Men In Blue #1 Badge of Honor
Retreat, Hell! (2003
Secret Honor (1999)
Semper FI #1 The Corps
Special Operations #2 Badge of Honor
The Assassin #5 Badge of Hono
The Captains (Brotherhood of War)
The Colonels (Brotherhood of War)
The Fighting Agents (1986)
The Honor of Spies (2009)
The Investigators (Badge of Honor#7)
The Last Heroes (1985)
The Lieutenants (Brotherhood of War)
The Majors (Brotherhood of War)
The Murders #6 Badge of Honor
The Secret Warriors(written under Alex Baldwin pseudonym )
The Soldier Spies (1986)
The Traffickers (2009)
The Victim #3 Badge of Honor
Under Fire (2002)
Witness #4 Badge of Honor
Grimm's Fairy Tales
Pelican Brief
The Street Lawyer
The Broker
The Chamber
The Client
The Firm
The King of Tort
The Partner
The Rainmaker
The Runaway Jury
The Summons
The Testament
Time to Kill
Marley & Me
The Expert
Bedlam Boyz
Dangerous Jouneys The Samarkand Solution
Blackwater Sound
Body Language
Bones of Coral
Buzz Cut
Forests of the Night
Gone Wild
Hard Aground
Mean High Tide
Off The Chart
Red Sky at Night
Squall Line aka Tropical Freeze
Under Cover of Daylight
A Free Man Of Color
Armies of Daylight (Darwath Trilogy 3)
Bride of the Rat God
Circle of the Moon
Dog Wizzard
Dragon Shadow (two in one with Dragonsbane) Dragon serie
Dragonsbane(two in one withDragonShadow) Dragon Series
Dragonstar (#4 Dragon Series)
Dragonstar (4th in Dragon Series)
Fever Season
Ghost Walker
Graveyard Dust
Ice Falcon's Quest
Knight of the Demon Queen(3rd in Dragon Series)
Magicians of Night
Mother of Winter
Rainbow Abyss
Silent Tower
Sisters of the Raven
Stranger at the Wedding
The Dark Hand of Magic
The Ladies of Mandrigyn
The Silent Tower
The Silicon Mage
The Unschooled Wizard
THe Witches of Wenshar
Those Who Hunt the Night
Time of the Dark (Darwath Trilogy 1)
Traveling with the Dead
Traveling with the Dead
Walls of Air (Darwath Trilogy 2)
The Threateners
A Caress Of Twilight :
A Kiss of Shadows : Laurell K. Hamilton
Black Moon Inn(Burnt Offerings, Blue Moon)
Cerulean Sins
Club Vampyre(Guilty Pleasures,Club Vampyre,Circus of Damned)
Incubus Dreams
Narcissus in Chains
Obsidiean Butterfly
Seduced by Moonlight
The Midnight Café(Lunatic Café,BloodyBones,Killing Dance)
Master of 5 Magics
Master of 6 Magics
Master of 7th Magic
Riddle of the Seven Realms
Cat Scratch Fever
Gray Heart
Shadow Leader
Storm Runner
Wolf Walker
Wolf's Bane
A Stainless Steel Rat is Born
Adventures of the Stainless Steel Rat
Bill the Galatic Hero
Bill The Galatic Hero on the planet of 10,000 bars
Bill The Galatic Hero Planet of 10,000 Bars
Bill The Galatic Hero Planet of Robot Slaves
Bill The Galatic Hero the final incoherent adventure
Deathworld Trilogy
Galactic Dreams (Bill Galatic Hero series)
H Hammer & Cross
H King and Emperor #3 Hammer & Cross
H Warrior of Way w. One King's Way,#2Ham/Cross
Home World
Return To Eden
Stainless Steel Rat for President
Stainless Steel Rat Wants You
Star World
Technicolor Time Machine
The Jupiter Plague
The Stainless Steel Rat Goes to Hell
The Turing Point(w.Marvin Minsky)
To the Stars
West of Eden
Wheel World Book 2
Winter in Eden
Every Which Way But Dead
For a Few Demons More
Thunder of Erebus
Requiem for the Sun
The Corisican
Citizen of the Galaxy
Door into Summer
Double Star
Expanded Universe
Farnham's Freehold
JOB:A Comedy of Justice
Past through Tomorrow
Puppet Masters
Revolt in 2010
Stanger in a Srange Land
Starship Troopers
The Cat Who Walks Through Walls
The Number of the Beast
Time Enough for Love
Silent Warriors
Dune- The Butlerian Jihad
Dune-House Atreides
Dune-House Harkonnen
Children of Dune
Dune Messiah
The Santargoa Barrier
Valorian's Children
Fire Break
Strip Tease
Darksword Trilogy Doom of the Darksword
Darksword Trilogy Forging the Darksword
Darksword Trilogy Triumph of the Darksword
Dragon Lance Chronicles 1
Dragon Lance Chronicles 2
Dragon Lance Chronicles 3
Dragon Lance Legends 1
Dragon Lance Legends 2
Dragon Lance Legends 3
Dragon Lance Tales Kender, Gully Dwarves
Dragon Lance Tales Love & War
Dragon Lance Tales Magic of Kryn
Dragon Wing-Death Gate Nove.
Elven Star-Death Gate Novel
Fire Sea-Death Gate Nove.
Into The Labyritnth-DeathGate Novel
Serpent Mage-Death Gate Novel
The Hand of Chaos-DeathGate Novel
The Seventh Gate-DeathGate Novel
Night Strike
The Dark Side of the Island
The Wailing Wind
Liege Killer
Guilty as Sin
Still Waters
Alien Earth
Assassin's Apprentice
Assassin's Quest
Fool's Errand #1 Tawny Man Series
Fool's Fate #3 Tawny Man Series
Forest Mage (2006)
Golden Fool' #2 Tawny Man Series
Mad Ship
Renegade's Magic (2007)
Royal Assassin
See Megan Lindholm same author
Shaman's Crossing (2005)
Ship of Destiny
Ship of Magic
God Stalk
Inherit the Stars
The Muliplex Man
The two faces of tomorrow
Code of the Life Maker
Minervan Experiment
Proteus Operation
The Legend that was Earth
The Mirror Maze
Voyage from Yesteryerar
Who's Afraid of Bewolf
A Familiar Dragon(Fanuilh,Wizard's Heir&Beggars Banquet)
King's Cure
Scales of Justice
Red Nails
The Hour of The Dragon
The People of the Black Circle
The Sowers of the Thunder
The Wanderer
Absolute Truths
Glamorous Powers
The Wheel of fortune
Crawling between Heaven and Earth
Alien Invaders
An Alien Affair 4
Black Gensis 2
Enemy Withing 3
Fortune of Fears 5
The Invaders Plan 1
Of Darkness, Light, and Fire includes Gate of Darkness Circle of Light & The Fire's Stone
Wizard of the Grove includes Child of the Grove & The Last Wizard)
Masters of the Fist
Prophet of Lamath
Wizzard in Waiting
The Invention of Everything Else
Hot Springs
The Day before Midnight
Pulling Throught
Ransom of Blackstar One
Single Combat
The Nemsis Mission
High Stand
Werewolf's Tale
Mariel of Redwall
Mattimeo a Redwall Tale
Mossflower a Redwall Tale
The Lone Patrol a Redwall Tale
I, Barbarian
Mention My Name in Antlantis
Hand of Evil
Web of Evil
The Rapture
Blade Runner Replicant Night
Body of Lies
Fatal Tide
Final Target
Reap the Wind
The Killing Game
The Ugly Duckling
Ghosts in the Snow
Threads of Malice
A Crown of Swords #7 Wheel of Time
Conan the Truimphant
Conan the Unconqered
Crossroads of Twilight #10 Wheel of Time
Dragon Reborn #3 Wheel of Time
Lord of Chaos #6 Wheel of Time
The Eye of the World # 1 Wheel of Time
The Fires of Heaven #5 Wheel of Time
The Great Hunt #2 The Wheel of Time
The Path of Daggers #8 Wheel of Time
The Shadow Rising #4 Wheel of Time
Winter's Heart #9 Wheel of Time
Warstrider (Netlink series)
The Forgotten
A Cold Heart
Bad Love
Devil's Waltz
Dr. Death
Flesh and Blood
Private Eyes
Self Defense
Silent Partner
Survival of the Fittest
The Clinic
The Conspiracy Club
The Murder Book
The Web
When the Bough Breaks
Copper Crown-Tales of Aeron
Hawks of Grayfeather #1 tales of Arthur
Silver Branch-Tales of Aeron
The Oak above the Kings,#2 tales of Arthur
Throne of Scone-Tales of Aeron
A Tradition of Victory
Honor this Day
With All Dispatch
Rogue Clone
The Clone Alliance
The Clone Elite
The Clone Republic
Night Play
Unleash the Night
The Bristling Wood
The Dragon Revenant
A Time of Exile
A Time of Omens
Days of Air and Darkness
Days of Blood and Fire
Song in the Silence
The Charnel Prince
Differnt Seasons
Dolores Claiborne
Eye of the Dragon
Fire Starter
Night Shift
Pet Sematary
Skelton Crew
The Dark Half
Tommy Knockers
The Steerswoman
Drawing In The Dust
Dragon Tome
Black Miracles (2002)
Stigmata (2003)
Cold Fire
Face of Fear
False Memory
Fear Nothing
House of Thunder
Night Chills
Servants of Twilight
Shadow Fires
Sole Survivor
The Bad Place
The Eyes of Darkness
The Mask
The Vision
Twilight Eyes
Voice of the Night
Princess Daisy
Smoke in Mirrors
Falling off the Ivory Tower
Bishop Heir
Camber of Cudi
Camber The Heretic
Dagger Magic
Dagger Magic
Death of an Adept
Deryni Checkmate
Deryni Rising
High Deryni
King Javan's Year (#2 Heirs of Camber)
Kings Justice (History of King Kelson#2)
Knights of the Blood
Knights of the Blood At Swords Point
Lammas Night
Legacy of Lehr
Quest for St. Camber
Saint Camber
St. Patrick's Gargoyle
Tales of the Knights Templar (1995)
The Adept
The Bastard Prince (#3 Heirs of Camber)
The Harrowing of Gwyndd(#1 Heirs of Camber)
The lodge of the Lynx
The Templar Treasure
The Temple and the Crown (2001) (with Deborah Turner Harris)
The Temple and the Stone (1998) (with Deborah Turner Harris)
Sowrds of Riverside
A Cast of Corbies
A Knight of Ghost & Shadow
Aerie (book 4 of the dragon jousters)
Alta (book 2 of the dragon jousters, Joust is 1)
Arrow's Fall,Heralds of Valdemar
Arrow's Flight,Heralds of Valdemar
Arrows of the Queen,Heralds of Valdemar
Bedlam Boyz
Bedlam's Bard
Beyond Worlds End
Born to Run also in Downloade Chrome Borne(Chrome Circle)
Brightly Burning
Burning Water
Castle of Deception w. Josepha Sherman
Children of the Night
Chrome Circle in Chrome Borne
Elvenbane, Mercedes Lackey& Andre Norton #1
Elvenbborn, Mercedes Lackey& Andre Norton #3
Elvenblood, Mercedes Lackey& Andre Norton #2
Exile's Honor
Exile's Valor
Fiddler Fair
Fire Rose
Fortress of Frost and Fire
Fortune's Fool (2007)
Four & Twenty Blackbirds (#4 of Bardic Voices)
Freedom Flight(Wing Commander)
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold w. Piers Anthony
ill Met by Moonlight sequel to this Scepter'd Isle
Jinx High
Joust (book 1 of the dragon jousters)
Kerowyn's tale, By The Sword
Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (1990) by Ellen Guon, Mercedes Lackey
Mad Maudlin
Magic's Pawn,Last Herald-Mage
Magic's Price, Last Herald-Mage
Magic's Promise,Last Herald-Mage
Music to My Sorrow
Oathblood (Vows and Honor#3)
Oathbound (Vows and Honor#1)
Oathbreakers (Vows and Honor#2)
One Good Knight
Owl Knight, Owl Series
Owlflight, Owl Series
Owlsight, Owl Series
Phoenix and Ashes
Prison of Souls
Queen's Own
Reap the Whirlwind
Reserved for the Cat
Sacred Ground
Sanctuary (book 3 of the dragon jousters, Joust is 1,Alta 2)
Shadow of the Lion paperback
Spirits White as Lightning
Stoned Souls
Storm Breaking,Mage Storms
Storm Rising, Mage Storms
Storm Warning,Mage Storms
Summoned to Tourney
Sun in Glory
Sword of Ice
Take a Thief
The Black Gryphon, The Mage Wars
The Chrome Borne
The Eagle & the Nightingales (#3 of Bardic Voices)
The Fairy Godmother
The Gates of Sleep
The Lark and the Wren (#1 of Bardic Voices)
The Otherworld
The Outstretched Shadow (Obsidian, Bk 1)
The Robin & The Kestrel (#2 of Bardic Voices)
The Serpent's Shadow
The Shadow of the Lion
The Silver Gryphon , The Mage Wars
The Snow Queen (2008)
The White Gryphon, The Mage Wars
The Wizard of London
This Rough Magic w. Eric Flint
This Scepter'd Isle
Tiger Burning Bright w. Bradley & Norton
To Light a Candle
Wheels of Fire
When Darkness Falls
When the Bough Breaks
Winds of Change(#2 Mage Winds Trilogy)
Winds of Fate(#1 Mage Winds Trilogy)
Winds of Fury(#3 Mage Winds Trilogy)
Wizard of London
I Ain't Much Baby but I am all I've got.
The Omicron Legion
Hiero Desteen
Hiero's Journey
A Plague of Demons
A Trace of Memory
Complete Bolo
Dinosaur Beach
Earth Blood
Earth Blood
Future Imperfect
Once there was a Giant
Retief and the Paglalatic Pageant Pulchritude
Retief In the Ruins
Retief to the Rescue
Reward for Retief
Reward for Retief
Rogue Bolo
The Lighter Side
The Stars Must Wait
Arthur-Pendragon Cycle
In the Hall of the Dragon King (1985)
Merlin-Pendragon Cycle
Taliesin-Pendragon Cycle
The Endless knot--Albion trilogy
The Paradise War-Albion trilogy
The Silver Hand--Albion trilogy
The Sword and the Flame (1984)
The Warlords of Nin (1983)
Book of Damned/Bk of Beast Scrt.Bk I&II
The Secret Books of Paradys I & II
The Eye of the Herron
Three Hanish Novels
A logic named Joe
Med Ship
Planets of Adventure
This Perfect Day
Knight & Knave Of Swords
Sword & Deviltry
Swords against Death
Swords in the Mist
Alien Earth
See Robin Hobb author
Requiem for a Glass Heart
A Gathering of Saints
Bones of the Past (1993)
Fire in the Mist
Hell on High (1997) (with Ted Nolan)
Mind of the Magic (1995)
Sympathy for the Devil
The Devil and Dan Cooley (1996) (with Walter Spence)
Crerature Fantastic
Anti-Grav Unlimited
Circus World
Infinity Hold
Manifest Destiny
Sea of Glass
Bourne Identity
Bourne Ultimatum
Chancellor Manuscript
Gemni Contenders
Holcroft Covenant
Icarus Agenda
Matarese Countdown
Matlock Paper
Osterman Weekend
Parsifical Mosaic
Rhineman Exchange
Road To Gandolfo
Scarlatti Inheritance
Scorpio Illusion
The Aquitaine Progression
The Sigma Protocol
The Tristan Betrayal
Spawn of the Winds
Black Blade
Dragon's Treasure
Dragon's Winter
The Sardonyx Net
The Third Eagle
The Gathering Flame w. Debra Doyle
One More Sunday
Pale Gray for Guilt
Indiana Jones & the Interior World
Kill Flash
A Shoe for All Seasons
On with the Shoe
Shoe Goes To Wrigley Field
Ancient Evenings
Thunder Alley
The Bridge
Wild Cards #1
A Clash of Kings #2 Song of Ice & Fire
A Game of Thrones #1 Song of Ice & Fire
A Storm of Swords #3 Song of Ice & Fire
Tuf Voyaging
A Feast for Crows (supposedly 7 to eventually be published)
Turn of the Cards Wild Card 12
Compelling Evidence
Mercenary from Tomorrow
The Sun Rises
Magnificat (1996)
Blood Trillium
Diamond Mask (1994)
Jack the Bodiless (1991)
Sky Trillium
The Adversary
The Golden Torc
The Many-Colored Land
The UnBorn King
Acorna, the Unicorn Girl #1
Acorna's People #3
Acorna's Questl #2
Acorna's Rebels #6
Acorna's Search #5
Acorna's Triumph #7
Acorna's World #4
All the Weyrs of Pern
Crisis on Doona
Crystal LIne
Crystal Singer
Damia (see The Rowan)
Damia's Children (see The Rowan)
Death of Sleep (Eliz.Moon author)
Decision at Doona
Dinosaur Planet
Dinosaur Planet Survivors
Dolphins' Bell
Doona is a dbl bk Crisis on Doona & Treaty at Doona; Don't need!
Dragon Drums
Dragon Eye
Dragon Flight
Dragon Quest
Dragon Singer
Dragon Songs
Dragons Dawn
Dragon's Kin
Freedom's Challenge #3
Freedom's Choice #2
Freedom's Landing #1
Freedom's Ransom
Generation Warriors
Get off the Unicorn
Girl who Heard Dragons
Lyon's Pride (see The Rowan)
Masterharper of Pern
Moreta:Dragonlady of Pern
Nerilka's Story
Nimisha's Ship
Pegasus in Flight
Pegasus in Space
Power Lines
Power Play
Powers That Be
Rescue Run
Sassinak (Eliz. Moon author)
The Chronicles of Pern: First Fall
The City who Fought (see Stirling-for sequel)
The Coelura #1
The Dolphins of Pern
The Dragonriders of Pern
The Ireta Adventure
The Renegades of Pern
The Rowan (see Damia,Damia's Children,Lyon's Pride)
The Ship Avenged (with S. M. Stirling)
The Ship who Sang
The Ship who Searched
The Ship Who Won
The Skies of Pern
The Tower & The Hive (see the Rowan)
The White Dragon
To Ride Pegasus
Treaty at Doona
Bethany's Sin
Blue World
Mystery Walk
Night Boat
The Wolf's Hour
Procyon's Promise
A Talent for War
Fletch's Moxie
The Stars Asunder (see Debra Doyle)
A Purple Place for Dying
Dreadful Lemon Sky
Empty Cooper Sea
Free Fall in Crimson
Green Ripper
Lonely Silver Rain
Nightmare in Pink
Scarlet Ruse
Tan & Sandy Silence
Turquiose Lament
Mission Child
Into the Forge
Iron Tower(Dark Tide,Shadows of Doom,Darkest Day
Once Upon a Winter's Night
Silver Wolf, Black Falcon
Forgotten Beasts of Eld
Riddle of Stars
Rose Daughter
The Blue Sword
The Hero and the Crown
The Outlaws of Sherwood
Kaduna Memories
Toolmaker Koan
Centurion's Empire
Eyes of the Calculor (2001)
Glass Dragons
Souls in the Great Machine (1998)
The Miocene Arrow : Sean McMullen
The Time Engine (2008
Voidfarer (2006)
Voyage of the Shadow Moon
The Eye of the Hunter
Shadow's Daughter
Shadow's Son
To You Own Self Be True
Strength and Honor (2008)
The Myriad- Tour of the merrimack #1
The Sagittarius Command (2007)
Wolfstar (2006)
The Fall of Worlds
Alector's Choice (2005)
Archform: Beauty
Cadmian's Choice (2006)
Dark Song Rising #3rdBk of SpellSong Cycle
Darknesses (2003)
Dawn for a Distant Earth
Empire & Ecolitan(Contains Ecolitan Operation & Ecologic Secession)
Fall of Angels (Recluse#6)
Fires of Paratime
Forever Hero(Includes Dawn for a Distant Earth, Silent Warrior & Endless Twilight
Ghost of the Revelator
Ghost of the White Nights
Gravity Dreams
Hammer of Darkness
In Endless Twilight
Legacies (2002)
Mage-Guard of Hamor
Magic of Recluse(Recluse#1)
Magi'I of Cyador (Recluse 10)
Natural OrderMage
Octagonal Raven
Of Tangible Ghosts
Ordermaster sequel to Wellspring of Chaos (recluse#13)
Scepters (2004)
Scion of Cyador (Recluse 11)
ShadowSinger (#5 Spellsong Cycle)
Soarer's Choice (2006)
The Chaos Balance (Recluse #7)
The Colors of Chaos(Recluse 9)
The Death of Chaos (Recluse#5)
The Ecolitan Enigma
The Ecolitan Operation
The Ecologic Envoy
The Elysium Commission
The Eternity Artifact
The Ethos Effect
The Lord-Protector's Daughter (2008
The Magic Engeineer (Recluse#3)
The Order War (Recluse#4)
The Parafaith War
The Shadow Sorceress(#4 Spellsong Cycle)
The Silent Warrior
The Soprano Sorceress (#1 The Spellsong Cycle)
The Spellsong War(#2 Spellsong Cycle)
The Towers of The Sunset(Recluse#2)
The White Order (Recluse#8)
Time Divers Dawn; 3 in one Time God's World Omnibus
WellSpring of Chaos (Recluse 12)
Last Light Over Carolina
The Wonderful Electric Elephant
Against the Odds (sequel to Change of Command)
Change of Command (sequel to Rules of Engage)
Command Decision (2007)
Engaging the Enemy (2006)
Heris Serrano (3-1,Hunting Party, Sporting Chance & Winning Colors)
Hunting Party
Hunting Party (part of 3-1 Heris Serrano)
Liars Oath
Marque and Reprisal (2004)
Once a Hero
Remnant Population
Rules of Engagement (sequel to once a hero)
Sporting Chance (part of 3-1 Heris Serrano)
Surrender None
The Deed Of Paksenarrion(sheepfarmer,divided allegiance,oath of gold)
Trading in Danger (2003)
Victory Conditions (2008)
Winning Colors (part of 3-1 Heris Serrano)
Alien Heat
Bull and Spear
Bull and Spear
Elric Saga I
Elric Saga II
Elric: Tales of the White Wolf
End of all Songs
Fortress of the Pearl
Hollow Lands
Swords Triology
The Empire Of Ice
Beyond Sanctuary
Beyond the Veil
Beyond Wizardwall
Dream Dancer
Heroes In Hell
Out Passage
The Forty-Minute War
See Patricia Kennealy
The City, Not long After
The Forever King co-author Molly Cochran
World Without End co-author Molly Cochran
The Creatures of Man
The Last Hostage
Sixth Precinct
Ties That Bind
A Breach in the Watershed bk 1 of the wathershed trilogy
Black Wizzards
Circle at Center--Bk 1of 7 circles trilogy
Dark Well
Darkenheight bk 2 of the watershed trilogy
Darkwalker on Moonshae
Feathered Dragon
Iron Helm
Starstrike Operation Orion w. Kevin Dockery
Starstrike Task Force Mars
The Kinslayer Wars bk2 of Elven Nations Trilogy
The War of Three Waters bk 3 of the watershed trilogy
Viper Hand
A World Out of Time
Achilles Choice
Barsoom Project
Beowulf's Children (with Pournelle & Barnes)
California Voodo
Dream Park
Fallen Angel
Footfall (with Pournelle)
Legacy of Heorot (with Pournelle & Barnes)
Magic Goes Away
Man-Kzin Wars
Man-Kzin Wars II
Man-Kzin Wars IV
Man-Kzin WarsIII
Man-Kzin WarsV
Man-Kzin WarsVI
Man-Kzin WarsVII
Oath of Fealty (w. Jerry Pournelle)
Playgrounds of the Mind
Ring World
The Burning City (with Pournelle)
The Gripping Hand
The Magic Goes Away Omnibus : The Magic Goes Away, The Magic May Return, and More Magic
The Mote in God's Eye
The Ring World Engineers
Between Darkness and Light #7 Sholan Allianc
Dark Nadir #5 in Sholan Alliance
Fire Margins #3 in Sholan Alliance
Fortune's Wheel #2 in Sholan Alliance
Razor's Edge #4 in Sholan Alliance
Stronghold Rising #6 in Sholan Alliance
Turning Point #1 in Sholan Alliance
Atlantis Endgame
Beast Master dbl novel with Star Hunter
Beast Master 's Ark in Beast Master Team Double Book
Beast Master's Quest w. Lyn McConchie
Black Trillium
Catfantastic 4
Catfantastic 5
Dare to go a Hunting
Defiant Agents
Echoes In Time
Elvenbane (#1 Halfblood Chronicles) w. Mercedes Lackey
Elvenblood (#2 Halfblood Chronicles) w. Mercedes Lackey
Elvenborn (#3 Halfblood Chronicles) w. Mercedes Lackey
Fire Hand
Forerunner:2nd Venture
Forerunner's Foray
Four from Witch World
Galatic Derelict
Ghosts in Time
Golden Trillium
Gryphon in Glory
Gryphon's Eyrie
High Sorcery
Horn Crown
Ice Crown
Iron Cages
Key out of Time
Knave of Dreams
Lord of Thunder
Moon Called
Ordeal in Other Where
Sargasso of Space
Sorceress of Witch World
Star Gate
Star Hunter dbl novel with Beast Master
Star Soldiers
Storm over Warlock
The Mark of The Cat
The Time Traders
The Warding Of Witch World
Tiger Burning Bright w. Bradley & Lackey
Ware Hawk
Warlock from Witch World
Web of the Witch World
Wheel of Stars
Wind in th Stone
Witch World
Wraiths of Time
Yurth Burden
Zarsthors Bane
Shudder Child
Azure Bonds
Crisis on Doona
The Death of Sleep
The Ship Errant(sequel to the Ship who Won)
Shadow Spawn
Agent on the Other Side
Critical Judgement
Flash Back
Miracle Cure
Silent Treatment
The Patient
Brisingr (2008)
Eldest (2005)
Eragon (2001)
Suspicion of Betrayal
Suspicion of Vengeance
A Catskill Eagle
A Savage Place
All Our Yesterdays
Back Story
Bad Business
Cold Service
Crimson Joy
Death in Paradise
Double Deuce
Double Play
Early Autumn
Family Honor
God Save the child
Godwulf Manuscript
Gunman's Rhapsody
Hugger Mugger
Hush Money
Judas Goat
Looking for Rachel Wallace
Melancholy Baby
Mortal Stakes
Night Passage
Pale Kings & Princes
Paper Doll
Perish Twice
Pot Shot
School Days
Small Vices
Stone Cold
Sudden Mischief
Taming a Seahorse
Thin Air
Trouble in Paradise
Walking Shadow
Widening Gyre
Widow's Walk
2nd Chance
3rd Degree
5th Horseman
Beach Road
Black Market (Also known as Black Friday)
Cat & Mouse
Cradle and All
Double Cross
Four Blind Mice
Hide and Seek
Jack & Jill
Judge and Jury
Kiss the Girls
Mary, Mary
Maximum Ride
Midnight Club
Pop Goes the Weasel
Rose are Red
See How They Run
The Beach House
The Lake House
Violets are Blue
When The Wind Blows
The Stone Prince
Master of Earth and Water
The First Victim
The Brutal Telling
Black Steel
Chris Bunch's Gangster Conspiracy, A star risk ltd. Novel
Conan the Formidable
Matadora (#2 Matadora Trilogy)
Stellar Ranger
Stellar Ranger Lone Star
The 97th Step (Prequel to Matadora Trilogy)
The Albino Knife
The Forever Drug
The Machiavelli Interface (#3Matadora Trilogy)
The Man who never missed(#1 Matadora Trilogy)
The Omega Cage
The Trinity Vector
Vanishing Act
Dance for the Dead
War in 2020
The Devlin Diary
Fuzzies & Other People
Fuzzy Bones
Fuzzy Papers
Beyond The Blue Event Horizon
Black Star Rising
Mars Plus
Merchants War
Saga of Cuckoo
Starchild Trilogy
The Chosen
Beowulf's Children (with Barnes & Niven)
Blood Feuds, A War World Book
Children's Hour
Go Tell the Spartans with S.M. Stirling
High Justice
Janissaries I
Janissaries II
Janissaries III
King Davids Spaceship
Legacy of Heorot (with Barnes & Niven)
Lucifers Hammer
Oath of Fealty (w. Larry Niven)
Prince of Mercenaries
Prince of Sparta w. Stirling
Red Heroin
Revolt on War World
The Burning City (with Nven)
The Mercenary
The Mote in God's Eye
War World I Burning Eye
War World II Death's Head Rebellion
War World III Sauron Dominations
War World IV Invasion
West of Honor (Falkenburg novel)
Fault Lines
Relic (with Lincoln Child)
Reliquary (with Lincoln Child)
Brimston ( with Lincoln Child)
Mount Dragon ( with Lincoln Child)
Riptide ( with Lincoln Child)
Still Life With Crows
The Book of the Dead ( with Lincoln Child)
The Codex
The Ice Limit ( with Lincoln Child)
Thunderhead ( with Lincoln Child)
Amber Spy Glass (Dark Materials #3)
The Golden Compass(Dark Materials #1)
The Subtle Knife(Dark Materials #2)
In the Name of the Father
Man on Fire
Guradian of the Balance, Merlin's Descendants #1
Guradian of the Trust, Merlin's Descendants #2
Guradian of the Vision,, Merlin's Descendants #3
The Thief of Light
A City in the North
The Sword of Winter
The Jesus Incident
Dragon Prince
Skybowl #3Dragon Star
Star Scroll
Stronghold #1 Dragon Star Trilogy
Sun Runners Fire
The Captal's Tower 2009
The Dragon Token #2 Dragon Star
The Golden Key (w.Jen Roberson & Kate Elliott)
The Mage Born Traitor
The Ruins of Ambrai(Exiles Vol.1)
The Burning Realm
The Shattered World
Badge of Glory
The Runner
Dragon Rank
Shadow Climber
Cross Bones
In Legend Born
Widow Maker (all three Widow Makers one book)
Widow Maker Reborn
Widow Maker Unleashed
The Five Fingers
A Deeper Blue (2007)
A Hymn before battle
Against the Tide
Cally's War
Choosers of the Slain (2006) and downloaded
Claws that Catch
East of the Sun, West of the moon
Emerald Sea
Ghost (2005)
Gust Front
Hell's Faire
Honor of the Clan 2009
Into The Looking Glass
Kildar (2006) & downloaded
Manxome Foe
Princess of Wands 2006 downloaded too
Sister Time
The Hero
The Last Centurion
The Road to Damascus
There will be dragons
Unto the Breach (2006)
Von Neumann's War downloaded too
Vorpal Blade
Watch on the Rhine
When the Devil Dances
Yellow Eyes
Born in Death
Creation in Death
Divided in Death
Haunted in Death
Innocent in Death
Interlude in Death
Memory in Death
Midnight in Death
Portrait in Death (Nora Roberts pen name)
Purity in Death
Reunion in Death
Strangers in Death
Three in Death Includes Interlude, Midnight and Haunted
Descent from Xanadu
Dreams Die First
Goodbye Janette
The Golden Key (w.Melanie Rawn & Kate Elliott)
Conan The Rogue
Hot Ice
Key of Knowledge
Key of Light
Key of Valor
Once Upon A Kiss
Remember When
Summer Pleasures
Truly Madly Manhattan
The Dark Beyond the Stars
Sword Singer
Kilo Class
Shark Mutiny
U.S.S. Seawolf
Tom Corbett on Trail of Space Pirates
War God
Hour of the Octopus
Knight Moves
Not Exactly the Three Musketeers
Not for Glory
The Crimson Sky Keeper of the hidden ways 3
The Fire Duke Keepers of the hidden ways 1
The Heir Apparent--Guardian of the Flame Heros
The Road Home
The Road to Ehvenor
The Silver Crown--Guard Flame Warrior
The Sleeping Dragon--Guard Flame Warrior
The Sword and the Chain--Guard Flame Warrior
The Warrior Lives--Guardian of the Flame Heros
A Dragon at World's End
A Sword for A Dragon
Bazil Broketail
Black Ship
Doom's Break, The Third Book of Arna
Dragon of War
Dragon Ultimate
Dragons of Argonath
Golden Sunlands
Starhammer (1986)
The Ancient Enemy: The First Book of Arna
The Battlemaster (1990)
The Founder
The Military Form (1988)
The Shasht War: The Second Book of Arna
The Wizard and the Floating City
To A Highland Nation
War for Eternity
The Disappeared
Destoying Angel
Perpetual Light
A Question of Time
Berserker Base
Berserker Man
Berserker Planet
Berserker Throne
Earth Descended
Empire of the East
Machines that Kill
Merlin's Bones
The Complete Book of Swords
The Golden People
The Lost Swords-Endgame
THe Lost Swords-The first Triad
The Lost Swords-The Second Triad
The Masking of the Sun
The Water of Thought
White Bull
Berserker Throne
Crystal Shard-Forgotten Realms
Dark Elf Trilogy--Drizzet
Hafling's Gem-Forgotten Realms
Siege of Darkness---Forgotten Realms
Streams of Silver---Forgotten Realms
Stolen Blessings
The Devil's Code
The Empress File
Agent of Vega
Telzey Amberdon
The Hub: Dangerous Territory
Trigger and Friends
The Witches of Karres
Burning Bright
Rough Justice
The Vendetta Defense
Cloud City
The Black Sea
Black Beauty
Honor Bound
Pillars of Fire
Buttrfly & Hellflower
Destiny of Death
Beggarman Thief
Meusa's Children
Between The Strokes of Night
Brother to Dragons
Cold as Ice
Convergence #4 Heritage Universe
Divergence #2 Heritage Universe
Heritage Universe, contains Summertide,Divergence & Transcendence
How to Save the World
My Brother's Keeper
Proteus in the Underworld
Summertide #1 Heritage Universe In Heritage Universe
The Complete McAndrews
The Cyborg From Earth
The Heritage Universe
The Mind Pool
Transcendence #3 Heritage Universe
The Oath and the Sword
Escape From Roksamur (1997) by Mark Shepherd
A World Of Hurt Starfist
Blood Contact (1999)
Firestorm (2007)
First to Fight w. Dan Cragg
Flashfire (2006)
Hangfire (2001)
Kingdom's Fury w. Dan Cragg
Kingdom's Swords w. Dan Cragg
Lazarus Rising (2003)
School of Fire (1998)
Steel Gauntlet (1998)
Technokill (2000)
Wings of Hell (2008)
A Strange And Ancient Name
Castle of Deception w. Mercedes Lackey
The Chaos Gate
On the Beach
A Death in Vienna (2004)
Moscow Rules (2008)
Prince of Fire (2005)
The Confessor (2003)
The Defector (2009)
The English Assassin (2002)
The Kill Artist (2000)
The Marching Season (1999)
The Mark of the Assassin (1998)
The Messenger (2006)
The Secret Servant (2007)
The Unlikely Spy
At Winters End
Kingdoms of the Wall
Lord Valentine's Castle
Majipoor Chronicles
Recalled To Life
The Silent Invaders
Thebes of 100 Gates
Time Gate 2
Valentine Pontifex
World Inside
A Heritage of Stars
Enchanted Pilgrimage
Fellowship of the Talisman
Goblin Reservation
Highway of Eternity
Project Pope
Ring Around the Sun
Shakespeares Planet
Special Deliverance
Way Station
Where the Evil Dwells
Why Call Them Back From Heaven?
Children of the Night
Fires of Eden
Small Business Management
I shudder at your touch
The Seventh Scroll
Favorite Son
The RiverRun Trilogy
I ,Jury
Kiss me Deadly
My gun is Quick
The Big Kill
The Killing Man
Vengance Is Mine
Russian Spring
Diamonds are Forever
Digital Knight
The Book of Vale
The White Hart
Wings of Flame
Sisters of Glass
Journey to the Center
Wild Card Run
In Harm's Way
Escape Velocity--To the Magic Born
Her Majesty's Wizzard
King Kobold Revived--Warlock Enlarged
My Son, The Wizard
The Warlock Enraged--Warlock Enraged
The Warlock Heretical
The Warlock Heretical--Odd Warlock Out
The Warlock in Spite of Himself--To Magic Born
The Warlock Insane--Odd Warlock Out
The Warlock is Missing--Warlocks Night Out
The Warlock Rock
The Warlock Unlocked--Warlock Enlarged
The Warlock Wandering--Warlock Wandering
The Warlock's Companion
Warlock and Son
Lone Eagle
Once in a lifetime
The House on Hope Street
Coyote Frontier (2005)
Coyote Horizon (2009)
Coyote Rising (2004)
Lunar Descent
Orbital Decay
Spindrift (2007)
Forest of the Night
Daniel Boone
Trasure Island
Star Child
Crystal Cave
The Hollow Hills
The Last Enchantment
The Wicked Day
Far Cry
A Meeting at Corvallis
Against the Tide of Years #2 Islands
Dies the Fire
Domination 3n1(Marching Through Georgia,Under the Yoke,The Stone Dogs)
In the Court of the Crimson King
Islands in the Sea of Time #1
On the Oceans of Eternity #3 Islands
Prince of Sparta w. Pournelle
Saber and Shadow aka The Sharpest Edge
Shadow's Son
The Cage with Shirley Meier
The City who Fought(with Anne McCaffrey)
The Peshawar Lancers
The Protectors War
The Rose Sea
The Scourge of God
The Ship Avenged (sequel to The City who Fought)
The Stone Dogs
The Sunrise Lands
The Sword of the Lady
The Conqueror w.David Drake
Warlord w. David Drake
Manhatan Transfer
Redshift Rendezvous
Damascus Gate
Cat Magic
More than Human
Aris Magica
One Day on Mars
The Quantum Connection
The Tau Ceti Agenda
Warp Speed
After a Long Silence
Dervish Daughter-End of the Game
Jinian Footseer--End of the Game
Jinian Star-Eye--End of the Game
King's Blood Four--True Game
Necromancer Nine--True Game
The Awakeners
Wizard's Eleven--True Game
The Last Raven
Fellowship of the Ring
Return of the King
The Silmarillion
Two Towers
Panzer Spirit
The Wings of the Morning
The Lincoln Hunters
Fuzzy Bones
The Ways of Magic
Burden Of Proof
Personal Injuries
Pleading Guilty
Presumed Innocent
Reversible Errors
The Laws of our Fathers
Aftershocks (2001)
Agent of Byzantium
American Front,The Great War 1
Between The Rivers
Blood & Iron
Breakthroughs, The Great War 3
Colonization: Second Contact
Darkness Descending (2000)
Down to Earth (2000)
Hammer and Anvil Time of Troubles 2
Household Gods (w. Judith Tarr)
How Few Remain,prequel to American Front
In the Balance, World War:
Into the Darkness (1998)
Jaws of Darkness (2003)
Krispos of Videssos book 2
Krispos Rising book 1
Krispos the Emperor bk 3
Out of the Darkness (2004
About Me
I often wonder who am I. Am I a retired computer guy with 30 years of experience in microcomputers, a retired school teacher and counselor with 10 years of experience in the schools, an innovative baloney slicer who had the first video vending machine in Pennsylvania? Am I a father or grandfather? The role you chose to play is the one you are at the time of the show. Some roles overlap and are played simultaneously. Some roles are never to be repeated. I am someone who cares about the people around me, who wants to improve the society we all live in, who hopes on a daily basis to leave the planet a little better than it was the previous day and who is cognizant that the impact I have on the world is minimal. Tilting at windmills is a part of my character as is a deep love for all those who need to be loved. In my own mind I am a complex, multi-layered, unique character in the kaleidoscoping drama of life.
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