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Publisher Series: First Love from Silhouette

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (223)

New Boy in Town by Dorothy Brenner Francis1
Girl in the Rough by Josephine Wunsch2
Please Let Me In by Patti Beckman3
Serenade by Adrienne Marceau4
Flowers For Lisa by Veronica Ladd5
Kate Herself by Helen Erskine6
Songbird by Carrie Enfield7
Special Girl by Dorothy Francis8
Love at First Sight by Elaine Harper9
Please Love Me....Somebody by Maud Johnson10
It's My Turn by Eleni Carr11
In My Sister's Shadow by Genell Dellin12
Sometime My Love by Oneta Ryan13
Promised Kiss (First Love from Silhouette) by Veronica Ladd14
Summer Romance by Rebecca Diamond15
Someone to Love by Ann Bryan16
Golden Girl by Helen Erskine17
We Belong Together (First Love From Silhouette, #18) by Elaine Harper18
Tomorrow's Wish by Oneta Ryan19
Say Please by Dorothy Brenner Francis20
Teach Me to Love by Wendi Davis21
That Special Summer by Deborah Kent22
When September Returns by McClure Jones23
Dream Lover by Constance Treadwell24
The Personal Touch: First Love No. 25 by Caroline B. Cooney25
A Time for Us (First Love from Silhouette, #26) by Oneta Ryan26
Secret Place by Dorothy Francis27
Lesson in Love by Tracey West28
For the Love of Lori by Veronica Ladd29
A BOY TO DREAM ABOUT by Lisa Quinn30
First Act (First Love from Silhouette Series, No. 31) by Anne London31
Dare To Love by Nancy Bush32
You and Me by Maud Johnson33
The Perfect Figure by Josie March34
People Like Us: First Love from Silhouette Number Thirty-Five by Barbara Haynes35
One on One by Pam Ketter36
Love Note (First love from Silhouette) by Jessica Howell37
All-American Girl by Vanessa Payton38
Be My Valentine by Elaine Harper39
My Lucky Star by Becka Cassiday40
Just Friends: First Love from Silhoutte by Dorothy Francis41
Promises to Come: First Love from Silhouette by Genell Dellin42
A Knight to Remember: First Love from Silhouette by Pam Marti43
Someone Like Jeremy Vaughn (First Love No. 44) by Bea Alexander44
A Touch of Love by Winifred Madison45
Sealed With a Kiss by Wendi Davis46
Three Weeks of Love by Patricia Aks47
Summer Illusion by Marilyn Manning48
One of a Kind by Brett Brady49
Stay Sweet Love by Fran Fisher50
Prairie Girl by Barbara Coy51
A Summer to Remember by Carol Robertson52
Light of My Life by Elaine Harper53
Picture Perfect by Carrie Enfield54
Love on the Run (First Love From Silhouette, #55) by Leslie Graham55
Romance in Store by Elaine Arthur56
Some Day My Prince (First Love From Silhouette, #57) by Veronica Ladd57
Rainbow for Alison: First Love Number 59 by Maud Johnson59
Alabama Moon by Brenda Cole60
Here Comes Kary by Mary Jo Dunne61
Secret Admirer by Carrie Enfield62
New Beginning by Oneta Ryan63
Mix and Match by Winifred Madison64
The Mystery Kiss (First Love From Silhouette, #65) by Elaine Harper65
Up to Date by Beverly Sommers66
Puppy Love by Janice Harrell67
Change partners (First love from Silhouette) by Sharon Wagner68
Advice and Consent (First Love from Silhouette #69) by Bea Alexander69
More Than Friends by Becky Stuart70
That Certain Boy by Doreen Owens Malek71
Love And Honors by Oneta Ryan72
Short Stop Romance by Elaine Harper73
Passing Game by Beverly Sommers74
Under the Mistletoe (First Love, No 75) by Michelle Mathews75
Send in the Clowns by Marilyn Youngblood76
Free As a Bird by Josephine Wunsch77
Bittersweet Sixteen (First Love from Silhouette #78) by Nancy Bush78
LARGER THAN LIFE by Brenda Cole79
Endless Summer by Rose Bayner80
Mockingbird by Becky Stuart81
Kiss Me Kit by Dorothy Brenner Francis82
Where the Boys Are (First Love No 83) by Doreen Owens Malek83
Sunny Side Up by Frances Hurley Grimes84
In the Long Run (First Love from Silhouette) by Bea Alexander85
Boy Next Door by Marilyn Youngblood86
A Change of Heart (First Love from Silhouette #88) by RoseAnne McKenna88
Bunny Hug by Elaine Harper89
Surf's Up for Laney by Claire Caldwell90
Rx for Love by Leslie Graham91
Just Right Age by Louise Chatterton92
South of the Border by Dawn Kingsbury93
Lead on Love by Nicole Hart94
Heavens To Bitsy by Janice Harrell95
Research for Romance by Erin Phillips96
Land's end: First Love from Silhouette #97 by Becky Stuart97
One of the Guys (First Love No 98) by Kathryn Makris98
Written in the Stars by Andrea Marshall99
Head in the Clouds (1st Love, No 100) by Carrie Lewis100
Fireworks by Elaine Harper101
AFTER MIDNIGHT by Marilyn Youngblood103
Frog Princess (First Love, 104) by Cheryl Zach104
One for the Road (First Love) by Caryl Hansen105
The French Summer by Tessa Kay106
Handle with Care by Andrea Marshall107
The Look of Love by Veronica Ladd108
Snap Judgment (First Love from Silhouette; 109) by Marilyn Youngblood109
Call of the Wild by Carrie Lewis110
The Girl Inside by Judy Baer111
Once in California by Becky Stuart112
Season of Mist by Doreen Owens Malek113
Courting Trouble (First Love from Silhouette, No 114) by Nicole Hart114
Secrets by Judith Enderle115
Wishful Thinking by Barbara Haynes116
Turkey Trot by Elaine Harper117
See You In July by Barbara Steiner118
Don't Fence Me in by Brenda Cole119
Magic Circle by Dorothy Francis120
Christmas Date by Elaine Harper121
Lovetalk by Joyce McGill122
Give And Take First Love from Silhouette by Ellen Leroe123
Sugarbush Spring by Virginia Smiley124
Summer of My Independence by Rose Bayner125
Between the Lines by Dorothy Fischer126
A Patch of Black Satin by Jeanne Cheyney127
Secrets in the Garden by Janice Harrell128
Ghost Of Gamma Rho by Elaine Harper129
Nightshade by Jesse Osburn130
Waiting for Amanda by Cheryl Zach131
Candy Papers by Helen Cavanagh132
Manhattan Melody by Marilyn Youngblood133
Killebrew'S Daughter by Janice Harrell134
Bid for Romance by Dorothy Francis135
Shadow Knows (First Love, No 136) by Becky Stuart136
Lovers' Lake by Elaine Harper137
In The Money by Beverly Sommers138
Breaking Away by Josephine Winsch139
What I Know About Boys by McClure Jones140
I Love You More Than Chocolate by Francis Hurley Grimes141
The Wilder Special by Rose Bayner142
FLS Hungarian Rhapsody by Marilyn Youngblood143
Country Boy by Joyce McGill144
Janine (Blossom Valley Book) by Elaine Harper145
Call Back Yesterday (First Love from Silhouette) by Doreen Owens Malek146
Why Me? (First Love from Silhouette) by Beverly Sommers147
Meadow Wind (First Love from Silhouette, No 148) by Katrina West148
Off The Hook (First Love from Silhouette) by Rose Bayner149
Heartbreak Of Haltom High by Dawn Kingsbury150
Against The Odds (First Love from Silhouette, No 151) by Andrea Marshall151
On The Road Again (First Love from Silhouette, No 152) by Miriam Morton152
The Phantom Skateboard by Elaine Harper153
One in a Million by Kathryn Makris154
A Civil War by Beverly Sommers155
Fortune'S Child (First Love from Silhouette, No 156) by Cheryl Zach156
Journey'S End (First Love 157) by Becky Stuart157
Other Langley Girl (First Love 160) by Joyce McGill160
Chance Hero (First Love from Silhouette) by Ann Gabhart161
Blue Skies & Lollipops (First Love from Silhouette, No 165) by Janice Harrell165
And Miles To Go by Beverly Sommers166
Blossom Into Love by Norma Jean Lutz167
Birds Of Passage (First Love from Silhouette, No 168) by Miriam Morton168
Orinoco Adventure (First Love from Silhouette, No 169) by Elaine Harper169
Video Fever by Kathleen Garvey170
Write On! (First Love from Silhouette) by Dorothy Francis171
New Man (First Love from Silhouette) by Carrie Lewis172
Someone Else (First Love from Silhouette/a Kellogg and Carey Story, No 173) by Becky Stuart173
Adrienne And The Blob (First Love from Silhouette, No 174) by Judith Enderle174
Blackbird Keep (First Love from Silhouette, No 175) by Jesse Osburn175
Daughter Of The Moon (First Love from Silhouette, No 176) by Lynn Carlock176
Day In September (First Love from Silhouette) by Joyce Davies177
A Broken Bow (First Love from Silhouette, No 178) by Martha Humphreys178
Wild One (First Love from Silhouette #179) by Tessa Kay179
Homecoming (First Love from Silhouette, No 181) by Elaine Harper181
Perfect 10 by Josephine Wunsch182
Marigold Beach (First Love from Silhouette, No 183) by Jesse Osburn183
Here We Go Again (First Love from Silhouette) by Joyce McGill184
Stop Thief! (First Love from Silhouette) by Dorothy Francis185
Small Wonder by Caryl Hansen186
Birds Of A Feather by Janice Harrell187
Tomorrow & Tomorrow (First Love from Silhouette, No 188) by Brenda Cole188
Ghost Ship (First Love from Silhouette, No. 189) by Becky Stuart189
Gathering Storm (First Love from Silhouette) by Serita Stevens190
Wheels (First Love from Silhouette, No. 191) by Rebecca Nunn191
First Impressions (First Love from Silhouette, No. 192) by Kalindi Clare192
Road to Romance by Nicole Hart193
Promises (First Love from Silhouette) by Tracey West194
Roar Of The Crowd (First Love from Silhouette) by Alan Thomas195
None But The Brave (First Love from Silhouette) by Hazel Krantz196
Coral Island by Elaine Harper197
Touch Of Genius by Jeffie Ross Gordon198
Famous Last Words by Becky Stuart199
Only Make Believe by Dawn Kingsbury200
Mayhem and Magic by Nicole Hart201
Soap Opera (First Love from Silhouette) by Joyce McGill202
Playing House (First Love from Silhouette, No 203) by Jean Simon203
Hunter's Moon (First Love from Silhouette, No 204) by Brenda Cole204
With Love From Rome (First Love from Silhouette) by Janice Harrell205
A Wish Too Soon (First Love from Silhouette) by Lainey Campbell206
Shadows On The Mountain (First Love from Silhouette) by Miriam Morton207
Double Dare (First Love from Silhouette) by Laurien Berenson208
Rachel'S Resistance (First Love from Silhouette) by Nicole Hart209
Parrots and Monkeys by Beverly Sommers210
Dash Of Pepper (First Love from Silhouette) by Katrina West211
Follow Your Heart (First Love, No 213) by Dorothy Francis213
Walk With Danger (First Love, No 214) by Susan Rubin214
Journal Of Emily Rose (First Love, No 216) by Jeffie Ross Gordon216
Look of Eagles by Ann Gabhart217
Days Of Loving (First Love from Silhouette, No 218) by Jean F. Capron218
Behind The Mask by Glen Ebisch219
Mind Over Matter (First Love from Silhouette) by Miriam Morton220
A Touch of Magic by Jeffie Ross Gordon221
Take A Walk (First Love from Silhouette, No 222) by Beverly Sommers222
Diamond in the Rough by Joyce McGill223
Castles In Spain (First Love from Silhouette) by Janice Harrell224
Cat's Cradle (First Love from Silhouette, 225) by Candice Ransom225
Spoiled Rotten (First Love from Silhouette, No 226) by Brenda Cole226
Kiss Of The Cobra (First Love from Silhouette, 228) by Miriam Morton228
Risky Business (First Love from Silhouette, No 229) by Janice Harrell229
Alley Cat (First Love from Silhouette) by Lee Wardlaw230
Something To Treasure (First Love from Silhouette, No 231) by Judi Cross231
Le Garçon En Blanc (Harlequin) by Tessa Kay232
Future Tense (First Love from Silhouette, N0 233) by Joan Hess233
Treasure Of The Hill (First Love from Silhouette, No 234) by Mary Virginia Fox234
King For Queen by Judy Mayer236

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