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Publisher Series: Harlequin/Silhouette Nocturne

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (299)

Sneak Preview of Silhouette Nocturne by Caridad PineiroIntro to New Publisher's Series
Knights of White Bundle [4-in-1] by Lisa Renee JonesOmnibus
Unforgiven by Lindsay McKenna1
Dangerous Temptation by Kathleen Korbel2
From the Dark by Michele Hauf3
Eternally by Maureen Child4
Death Calls by Caridad Pineiro5
Haunted by Lisa Childs6
Cry of the Wolf by Karen Whiddon7
Devotion Calls by Caridad Pineiro8
Blood Son by Erica Orloff9
Nevermore by Maureen Child10
Blood Secrets by Vivi Anna11
Touch of the Wolf by Karen Whiddon12
The Dark Gate by Pamela Palmer13
Persecuted by Lisa Childs14
Raintree: Inferno by Linda Howard15
Blood Calls by Caridad Pineiro16
Raintree: Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones17
Unbound by Lori Devoti18
Raintree: Sanctuary by Beverly Barton19
Dark Truth by Lindsay McKenna20
Familiar Stranger by Michele Hauf21
Damned by Lisa Childs22
Rising Darkness (Silhouette Nocturne) by Cynthia Cooke23
Kiss Me Deadly by Michele Hauf24
Night Mischief by Nina Bruhns25
Dark Lies by Vivi Anna26
Saving Destiny by Pat White27
The Beast Within by Lisa Renee Jones28
Holiday With a Vampire (Christmas Cravings / Fate Calls) by Maureen Child29
The Empath by Bonnie Vanak30
Resurrection by Patrice Michelle31
Guardian's Keep by Lori Devoti32
The Quest by Lindsay McKenna33
Dark Seduction by Kathleen Korbel34
Last Wolf Standing by Rhyannon Byrd35
Beast of Desire by Lisa Renee Jones36
Mind Games by Merline Lovelace37
Last Wolf Hunting by Rhyannon Byrd38
Last Wolf Watching by Rhyannon Byrd39
Insurrection by Patrice Michelle40
Dark Deceiver by Pamela Palmer41
Wild Hunt by Lori Devoti42
Beast of Darkness by Lisa Renee Jones43
His Forgotten Forever by Michele Hauf44
Dance of the Wolf by Karen Whiddon45
Son of the Shadows by Nancy Holder46
Deadly Redemption by Kathleen Korbel47
The Night Serpent by Anna Leonard48
Aftershock (Pennance + After the Lightning + Seeing Red) by Sharon Sala49
Veiled Truth by Vivi Anna50
Enemy Lover by Bonnie Vanak51
Winter Kissed (A Kiss of Frost / Ice Bound) by Michele Hauf52
Holiday With a Vampire II by Merline Lovelace53
Revelation by Patrice Michelle54
The Devil To Pay by Michele Hauf55
Alpha Wolf by Linda O. Johnston56
Dragon's Lair by Denise Lynn57
Vanished by Maureen Child58
Immortal Bride by Lisa Childs59
Fury Calls by Caridad Pineiro60
The Vampire's Quest by Vivi Anna61
Dark Crusade by Lori Devoti62
Captive of the Beast by Lisa Renee Jones63
Jaguar Night by Doranna Durgin64
From the Mists of Wolf Creek by Rebecca Brandewyne65
Back to Life by Linda O. Johnston66
Wild Wolf by Karen Whiddon67
The Highwayman by Michele Hauf68
The Seeker by Lindsay McKenna69
Lion Heart by Doranna Durgin70
The Slayer by Cindy Dees71
Moon Kissed by Michele Hauf72
The Avenger by P. C. Cast73
Immortal Wolf by Bonnie Vanak74
The Protector by Merline Lovelace75
The Vampire Affair by Livia Reasoner76
Holiday With a Vampire III [Anthology 3-in-1] by Linda Winstead Jones77
Dream Stalker by Jenna Kernan78
Last of the Ravens by Linda Winstead Jones79
Wolf Hunt by Doranna Durgin80
Red Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom81
The Hellhound King by Lori Devoti82
Wolf Trap [with bonus story 'Wolf Bait'] by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom83
Mistress of the Underground by Lisa Childs84
Reunion by Lindsay McKenna85
The Hunted by Anna Leonard86
The Adversary by Lindsay McKenna87
Vampire Vendetta by Alexis Morgan88
Guardian by Lindsay McKenna89
Angel Slayer by Michele Hauf90
Zombie Moon by Lori Devoti91
The Vampire's Kiss by Vivi Anna92
Lord of the Desert by Nina Bruhns93
Heiress to a Curse by Zandria Munson94
Renegade Angel by Kendra Leigh Castle95
Black Magic Lover by Cynthia Cooke96
The Keepers by Heather Graham97
Poisoned Kisses by Stephanie Draven98
The Shifters by Alexandra Sokoloff99
Shadow of the Sheikh by Nina Bruhns100
The Wolven by Deborah LeBlanc101
Alaskan Wolf by Linda O. Johnston102
Lone Wolf by Karen Whiddon103
Incubus by Janet Elizabeth Jones104
Vampire Sheikh by Nina Bruhns105
Taken by Lilith Saintcrow106
The Truth about Vampires by Theresa Meyers107
The Guardian by Connie Hall108
Fallen by Michele Hauf109
Golden Vampire by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom110
Ghost Stalker by Jenna Kernan111
The Beholder by Connie Hall112
The Vampire Who Loved Me by Theresa Meyers113
Déjà Vu by Lisa Childs114
Vacation With a Vampire... and Other Immortals (Vampires in Paradise / Immortal) by Maggie Shayne115
Nightwalker by Connie Hall116
Ashes of Angels [with bonus story: 'The Ninja Vampire's Girl'] by Michele Hauf117
Guardian Wolf by Linda O. Johnston118
Lord of the Vampires by Gena Showalter119
The Shadow Wolf [with bonus book: 'Darkness of the Wolf'] by Bonnie Vanak120
Lord of Rage by Jill Monroe121
The Vampire's Seduction [and] His Magic Touch by Cynthia Cooke122
Lord of the Wolfyn by Jessica Andersen123
Dark Sins and Desert Sands by Stephanie Draven124
Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh125
Soul Whisperer by Jenna Kernan126
Claim the Night by Rachel Lee127
Wolf Whisperer by Karen Whiddon128
Claimed by a Vampire by Rachel Lee129
A Warrior's Desire by Pamela Palmer130
Forever Claimed by Rachel Lee131
The Half-Breed Vampire by Theresa Meyers132
The Werewolf's Wife by Michele Hauf133
Warrior Rising by Pamela Palmer134
A Wolf's Heart by Vivi Anna135
The Witch Thief by Lori Devoti136
Guardian of the Night by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom137
The Enemy's Kiss by Zandria Munson138
Vacation With a Vampire (Stay / Vivi and the Vampire / Island Vacation) by Michele Hauf139
Dragon's Curse by Denise Lynn140
The Covert Wolf by Bonnie Vanak141
Tiger Bound by Doranna Durgin142
Savage Redemption by Alexis Morgan143
Shifter's Destiny by Anna Leonard144
Forever Werewolf + Moon Kissed by Michele Hauf145
The Wolf Princess [and] One Eye Open by Karen Whiddon146
The Witch's Initiation by Elle James147
Kissed by a Vampire by Caridad Pineiro148
Holiday with a Vampire 4: Halfway to Dawn / Bright Star / The Gift by Susan Krinard149
Kodiak Chained by Doranna Durgin150
Keeper of the Night by Heather Graham151
Dark Wolf Rising by Rhyannon Byrd152
This Wicked Magic by Michele Hauf153
Undercover Wolf by Linda O. Johnston154
Keeper of the Moon by Harley Jane Kozak155
The Wolf's Surrender by Kendra Leigh Castle156
The Wolf Prince by Karen Whiddon157
Beauty's Beast by Jenna Kernan158
Keeper of the Shadows by Alexandra Sokoloff159
Taming the Demon by Doranna Durgin160
Darkest Desire of the Vampire: Wicked in Moonlight / Vampire Island by Rhyannon Byrd161
Phantom Wolf by Bonnie Vanak162
Keeper of the Dawn by Heather Graham163
Beautiful Danger by Michele Hauf164
Daysider by Susan Krinard165
Claimed by the Immortal by Rachel Lee166
The Lost Wolf's Destiny by Karen Whiddon167
Releasing the Hunter by Vivi Anna168
Claimed by the Demon by Doranna Durgin169
Out of the Night by Trish Milburn170
The Keepers: Christmas in Salem (Anthology 4-in-1) by Heather Graham171
Siren's Secret by Debbie Herbert172
Dark Wolf Running by Rhyannon Byrd173
Nightmaster by Susan Krinard174
The Vampire Hunter by Michele Hauf175
Moon Rising by Lori Devoti176
Lynx Destiny by Doranna Durgin177
One Night with the Shifter by Theresa Meyers178
Shadowmaster by Susan Krinard179
Running with Wolves by Cynthia Cooke180
The Wolf Siren by Karen Whiddon181
Immortal Cowboy by Alexis Morgan182
Untamed Wolf by Linda O. Johnston183
Possessed by a Warrior by Sharon Ashwood184
Demon Wolf by Bonnie Vanak185
Possessed by an Immortal by Sharon Ashwood186
The Vampire's Wolf by Jenna Kernan187
The Resurrectionist by Sierra Woods188
Dark Wolf Returning by Rhyannon Byrd189
Loyal Wolf by Linda O. Johnston190
Beyond the Moon by Michele Hauf191
Immortal Obsession by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom192
Ghost Wolf by Michele Hauf193
Lying with Wolves [and] Seducing the Hunter by Cynthia Cooke194
Jingle Spells (Anthology 4-in-1) by Vicki Lewis Thompson195
Siren's Treasure by Debbie Herbert196
The Shifter's Choice by Jenna Kernan197
Seducing the Hunter by Vivi Anna198
Blood Wolf Dawning by Rhyannon Byrd199
Shades of the Wolf [and] Wolf Born by Karen Whiddon200
Alpha Rising by Doranna Durgin201
Wolf Born by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom202
Raintree: Oracle by Linda Winstead Jones203
Cursed by Lisa Childs204
Moonlight and Diamonds by Michele Hauf205
Possessing the Witch by Elle James206
Wolf Hunter by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom207
Possessed by a Wolf by Sharon Ashwood208
The Vampire's Fall by Michele Hauf209
Siren's Call by Debbie Herbert210
Goddess of Fate by Alexandra Sokoloff211
Possessed by the Fallen by Sharon Ashwood212
Leopard Enchanted by Doranna Durgin213
Seduced by the Moon (Mills & Boon Nocturne) by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom214
Canadian Wolf by Linda O. Johnston215
Dragon's Promise by Denise Lynn216
Enchanted By the Wolf by Michele Hauf217
The Immortal's Redemption by Kelli Ireland218
Billionaire Wolf by Karen Whiddon219
Taming the Shifter by Lisa Childs220
Wild Wolf Claiming by Rhyannon Byrd221
Otherworld Protector by Jane Godman222
Captivating the Witch by Michele Hauf223
House of Shadows by Jen Christie224
Night Quest by Susan Krinard225
Enchanted Warrior by Sharon Ashwood226
Bound by the Night: Dark Heat/Dark Dreams/Dark Fantasy (Harlequin Nocturne) by Megan Hart227
Bayou Shadow Hunter by Debbie Herbert228
Her Werewolf Hero by Michele Hauf229
Immortal Redeemed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom230
Dark Journey by Susan Krinard231
Otherworld Renegade by Jane Godman232
The Vampire's Protector (Harlequin Nocturne 233) by Michele Hauf233
Awakened by the Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne) by Kristal Hollis234
Tempting the Dragon by Karen Whiddon235
Half Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom236
Enchanted Guardian by Sharon Ashwood237
Lycan Unleashed by Shannon Curtis238
Otherworld Challenger by Jane Godman239
Bayou Shadow Protector by Debbie Herbert240
The Immortal's Hunger by Kelli Ireland241
Brimstone Seduction by Barbara J. Hancock242
A Hunter Under the Mistletoe (Anthology 2-in-1) by Addison Fox243
Immortal Billionaire by Jane Godman244
Warrior Untamed by Shannon Curtis245
Waking the Serpent by Jane Kindred246
A Venetian Vampire by Michele Hauf247
Bayou Wolf by Debbie Herbert248
Twilight Crossing by Susan Krinard249
Brimstone Bride by Barbara J. Hancock250
The Unforgettable Wolf by Jane Godman251
Rescued by the Wolf by Kristal Hollis252
Angel Unleashed by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom253
The Immortal's Unrequited Bride by Kelli Ireland254
Taming the Hunter by Michele Hauf255
Bewitching the Dragon by Jane Kindred256
Protector Wolf by Linda O. Johnston257
Strangers of the Night: Touched by Passion / Passion in Disguise / Unexpected Passion by Megan Hart258
Her Guardian Shifter by Karen Whiddon259
Royal Enchantment by Sharon Ashwood260
Desert Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom261
Witch's Hunger by Deborah LeBlanc262
Charmed by the Wolf by Kristal Hollis263
One Night with the Valkyrie by Jane Godman264
The Witch's Quest by Michele Hauf265
Brimstone Prince by Barbara J. Hancock266
The Witch and the Werewolf by Michele Hauf267
Vampire Undone by Shannon Curtis268
The Witch's Thirst by Deborah LeBlanc269
The Dragon's Hunt by Jane Kindred270
The Texas Shifter's Mate by Karen Whiddon271
Wolf Slayer by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom272
Enchanter Redeemed by Sharon Ashwood273
Captivated by the She-Wolf by Kristal Hollis274
An American Witch in Paris by Michele Hauf275
Awakening the Shifter by Jane Godman276
Legendary Shifter (Harlequin Nocturne) by Barbara J. Hancock277
Seducing the Dark Prince by Jane Kindred278
Wolf Undaunted by Shannon Curtis279
Witch's Fury by Deborah LeBlanc280
The Billionaire Werewolf's Princess (Harlequin Nocturne) by Michele Hauf281
Finding the Texas Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne) by Karen Whiddon282
The Black Wolf (Harlequin Nocturne) by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom283
Enticing the Dragon (Harlequin Nocturne) by Jane Godman284
Witch Hunter by Shannon Curtis285
Kindling the Darkness by Jane Kindred286
Tempting the Dark by Michele Hauf287
Legendary Wolf (Legendary Warriors) by Barbara J. Hancock288
Legendary Beast (Legendary Warriors) by Barbara J. Hancock289
Captivating the bear by Jane Godman290
Visionary Wolf (Alpha Force) by Linda O. Johnston291
Code Wolf by Linda Thomas-Sundstrom292
This Strange Witchery by Michele Hauf293
Tamed by the She-Wolf by Kristal HollisPublisher Series End - 294
Harlequin Nocturne September 2014 Bundle (2-in-1) by Michele HaufSep 2014
Enchanted Guardian [and] Bayou Shadow Protector by Sharon AshwoodAug 2016
Desert Wolf [and] Protector Wolf by Linda Thomas-SundstromOct 2017

Series description

Series no longer being published after December, 2018. The last number is 294.


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