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Publisher Series: Harlequin Romance Subscription

Publisher Series by cover

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Works (409)

Promise Me by Mons Daveson1
The Marriage Game by Margaret Mayo2
House of Discord by Jane Arbor3
The Malvern Man by Miriam Macgregor4
Heart of Glass by Dana James5
Honeymoon Island by Marjorie Lewty6
Bond Of Fate by Jane Corrie7
Untamed Sanctuary by Annabel Murray8
The Olive Grove by Jean S. MacLeod9
This One Night by Yvonne Whittal10
Dark Charade by Diana Hamilton11
Look At My Heart by Daphne Hope12
Tomorrow's Lover by Samantha Harvey13
Bitter Inheritance by Kate Kingston14
Bittersweet Passion by Lynne Graham15
A Flaunting Cactus by Wynne May16
After the Hurricane by Jean S. MacLeod17
Blissful Reality by Eve Myers18
Rain on a Summer Afternoon by Andrie Manley-Tucker20
Bring Back Yesterday by Rachel Ford21
Another Eden by Nicola West22
Windarra Stud by Elizabeth Duke23
Takeover Bid by Cook25
Raindance by Kate Proctor26
Eagle's Revenge (Mills & Boon #2809) by Liza Goodman28
Design For Love by Jean Evans29
Flight from Love (Harlequin Romance 34) by Shirley Kemp34
The Power of Love by Rosemary Hammond34
So Tempting An Offer by Hilda Nickson35
A Taming Hand by Jenny Arden37
Heirs To Loving by Rachel Ford38
Muldoon Territory by Jane Corrie39
Question Of Trust by Shirley Kemp40
Welcome The Sunrise by Liza Hadley41
Innocent Pretences by Lucy Keane42
When Winter Ends by Carol Gregor43
Something Of Value by Jennifer Williams44
Pacific Paradise by Gloria Bevan45
Independent Lady by Kristy McCallum46
Call Back The Past by Jean S. MacLeod47
Tomorrow'S Sun by Wynne May48
Hazardous Assignment by Lee Stafford49
Unexpected Challenge by Jennifer Taylor50
A Secret Truth by Alison York52
No Gentle Encounters by Mons Daveson53
Legacy of Doubt by Jean S. MacLeod54
Melting Ice by Rosalie Ash55
Love's Desitiny (Harlequin Romance Ser., No. 57) by Eleanor Rees57
Yesterday's Fires by Kate Kingston58
Paradise Island by Mons Daveson59
A Kiss is Still a Kiss by Marjorie Lewty60
Shadow on the Hills by Jean S. MacLeod61
Summer in Eden by Alison York62
Bridge to Nowhere by Yvonne Whittal64
Freeze Frame by Ann Carter65
Suspicious Heart by Emma Richmond66
The Eagle of Solamenza by Annabel Murray67
Study In Love by Sally St. John68
Beloved Witch by Rachel Ford69
ADORING SLAVE by Rosemary Gibson70
Forbidden Attraction by Lilian Peake71
Lease on Love by Jennifer Taylor72
Echoes in the Night by Rosemary Carter77
Filigree of Fancy by Wynne May79
The Gentle Trap by Emma Richmond80
Mutual Attraction by Margaret Mayo81
Thunder Over Eden by Emma Goldrick83
A Binding Contract by Alison York84
Sayton's Folly (Romance) by Pamela Hatton85
Counterfeit Marriage by Alexandra Scott86
Unsafe Harbour by Rosalie Ash87
The Games People Play by Liza Hadley88
Portrait of a Stranger by Dawson89
Love Takes Over by Lee Stafford90
Desert Interlude by Mons Daveson91
Wild Heart by Joanna Neil92
Ice Lady by Emma Goldrick93
Private Property by Rosalie Ash94
A Night-time Affair by Christine Greig95
Lightning Strike (Harlequin Romance, 97) by Marjorie Lewty97
Impossible Inheritance by Annabel Murray98
A Sweeter Prejudice by Jessica Hart99
Broken Dreams (Romance) by Jennifer M. Williams100
Dangerous Engagement 101 by Lynn Jacobs101
Forgotten Love (Harlequin Romance, #102) by Nicola West102
Master of Namangilla by Mons Daveson103
Right Conclusions by Helena Dawson104
Once a Cheat by Jane Donnelly105
Moon Over Mombasa by Wynne May106
A Fair Exchange by Valerie Parv107
Love's Double Fool by Alison York108
Playing by the Rules (Ulverscroft Large Print Series) by Kathryn Ross109
Shadow In The Wings by Lee Stafford110
An Early Enchantment by Stephanie Wyatt114
The Chalk Line by Kate Walker115
Enigma Man by Nicola West116
Stars in Their Eyes by Lynn Jacobs117
Hong Kong Honeymoon by Lee Wilkinson118
Love by Design by Rosalie Ash119
Shadow on the Sea by Helena Dawson120
Substitute Husband by Margaret Callaghan121
Certain of Nothing by Rosemary Carter122
Winter Challenge by Rachel Elliot123
Distant Shadows by Alison York124
A tempting shore by Dana James125
Denial of Love by Shirley Kemp126
Whispering Vines by Elizabeth Dukes127
A Heart Set Free by Nicola West128
Law of the Circle by Rosalie Ash129
The Beginnning of the Affair by Marjorie Lewty130
One Love Forever (Harlequin Romance, 131) by Barbara McMahon131
Love is a Risk (Harlequin Romance Ser., No. 132) by Jennifer Taylor132
The Trespasser by Jane Donnelly134
Goodbye Delaney by Kay Gregory135
Kiss And Say Goodbye by Stephanie Howard136
Web of Fate by Helena Dawson137
Flight of Swallows by Liza Goodman138
Feelings of Love by Anne Beaumont139
No Mistaking Love by Jessica Hart140
An Image of You by Liz Fielding141
Road to Paradise by Shirley E. Kemp142
Battle for Love (Romance) by Stephanie Howard143
A Heart Divided by Lee Stafford144
Summer's Vintage by Gloria Bevan145
Tomorrow's Harvest by Alison York146
The Perfect Solution by Catherine George147
His Cousin's Keeper by Miriam Macgregor148
Miss Prim and Proper (Harlequin Romance, 151) by Barbara McMahon151
Dangerous Company (#152) by Kay Gregory152
Footprints in the Sand by Anne Weale155
Il principe del mare by Jessica Hart156
The Witch's Wedding by Rosalie Ash157
Maid for Marriage by Sue Peters159
Unchain My Heart by Stephanie Howard160
Bay of rainbows by Dana James162
After the Ball by Catherine George163
Host Of Riches (Harlequin Romance) by Elizabeth Power164
Dancing with Shadows by Rosemary Badger165
A Point of Pride by Liz Fielding166
Dance With Me (Harlequin Romance) by Sophie Weston167
Old Love, New Love by Jennifer Taylor169
A Warning of Magic by Kate Kingston170
Love'S Vendetta by Stephanie Howard171
Wilder's Wilderness by Miriam Macgregor172
Hold Back the Dark by Jane Donnelly173
Something Missing by Kate Walker175
Unwanted Legacy (Harlequin Romance, #176) by Rachel Elliot176
Little White Lies by Marjorie Lewty177
Love's Unexpected Turn by Barbara McMahon178
Rainbow of Love (Harlequin Romance, # 179) by Kay Gregory179
Tomorrow's Man by Sue Peters181
Instant Fire (Linford Romance Library) by Liz Fielding182
Dangerous Inheritance by Stephanie Howard183
The Willing Captive by Lee Stafford184
Colours of Love by Rosalie Henaghan185
Willing or Not by Liza Hadley186
Island of Love (Harlequin Romance, #187) by Rosemary Hammond187
Promise Me Love by Jennifer Taylor189
Bitter Possession by Jenny Cartwright190
Close captivity by Elizabeth Power191
Golden Mistress by Angela Wells192
Risk to Love by Lynn Jacobs193
Ruthless Stranger by Margaret Mayo194
A Taxing Affair by Victoria Gordon195
No Going Back (Harlequin Romance, #196) by Stephanie Howard196
Love's Fantasy by Barbara McMahon198
By Love Alone by Kathryn Ross199
Shattered Mirror (Harlequin Romance, 200) by Kate Walker200
Dear Enemy by Alison York202
Learning to Love (Harlequin Romance No 203) by Rosemary Hammond203
The Pharaoh's Kiss by Stephanie Howard204
Rainbow Round the Moon by Stephanie Wyatt206
Blameless Desire by Jenny Cartwright207
A Bride to Love by Barbara McMahon208
When Strangers Meet by Shirley E. Kemp209
Heir To Glengyle by Miriam Macgregor210
Forgive and Forget by Elizabeth Barnes211
After The Fire (Harlequin Romance - The Story of Love #212) by Kay Gregory212
Total Possession/Large Print by Kathryn Ross214
Love's Dark Shadow by Grace Green215
Intrigue by Margaret Mayo216
A Stranger's Kiss by Liz Fielding217
A Loving Legacy by Marion Lennox219
Shattered Wedding by Elizabeth Duke220
Turkish Delights by Anne Weale221
El triunfo del amanecer by Sophie Weston222
Island of Shells by Grace Green223
Yesterday's Dreams by Margaret Mayo224
Legend of Love by Melinda Cross226
Legacy of Shadows by Marion Lennox227
Step in the Dark by Karan Dan229
Lovestorm by Jennifer Taylor230
Oasis of the Heart by Jessica Hart232
A Woman's Love by Grace Green233
Heart of the Jaguar by Rebecca King234
Old Desires by Liz Fielding235
Saving the Devil by Sophie Weston236
Build a Dream by Cara Colter238
Defiant Love by Jessica Hart239
Tequila Sunrise (Man of the World) by Anne Weale240
A Gentle Giant by Caroline Anderson242
Reluctant Desire by Kay Gregory243
Dangerous Flirtation by Liz Fielding245
A Captive Heart by Sally Carr246
Captive Bride by Rosemary Carter247
Spanish Nights by Jennifer Taylor248
Shadow of a Tiger by Jane Donnelly249
Hidden in the Past by Rosemary Gibson250
A Magical Affair by Victoria Gordon251
Bittersweet Deception by Liz Fielding252
Love, Desire and You by Rosalie Henaghan253
Summer in Paradise by Kerry Allyne254
Never Go Back by Anne Weale255
Shadowed Past by Pamela Hatton256
Deceptive Desire (Harlequin Romance 257) by Sally Carr257
Flame of Love by Joanna Neil258
A Perfect Arrangement by Kay Gregory259
A Bittersweet Promise by Grace Green260
Beware a Lover's Lie by Stephanie Howard261
Stone Angel by Helen Brooks262
Living for Love by Barbara McMahon263
Games Lovers Play by Rosemary Carter264
Dream Man by Cara Colter265
Jungle Fever by Jennifer Taylor266
Dishonourable Seduction by Angela Wells267
Dangerous Pretence (Harlequin Romance 268) by Stephanie Howard268
Desert Moon by Jennifer Taylor270
Playing for Keeps by Rosemary Hammond271
Outback Temptation by Valerie Parv272
Man of His Word by Miriam Macgregor273
Seascape by Anne Weale275
Man of the Mountains by Kay Gregory276
Prisoner of the Heart by Liz Fielding277
Sleeping Beauty by Jane Donnelly278
A Wayward Love by Emma Richmond279
Untamed Melody by Cara Colter280
Taken for Granted (Love on Call) by Caroline Anderson281
Dance to the Devil's Tune by Lucy Keane282
Lord of the Manor by Stephanie Howard283
To Catch a Playboy by Elizabeth Duke284
Storm Haven by Marion Lennox285
Forsaking All Reason by Jenny Cartwright286
Shining Through by Barbara McMahon287
The Hero Trap by Rosemary Badger289
Island of Dreams by Valerie Parv290
Fate of Happiness by Emma Richmond291
Love's Labyrinth by Jessica Hart292
Deceptive Passion by Sophie Weston293
West of Bohemia by Jessica Steele295
Prescription: One Husband (Mills & Boon Large Print Romances) by Marion Lennox297
Dangerous Attraction by Melinda Cross298
Lair of the Dragon by Catherine George299
Prescription-One Bride by Marion Lennox300
Love like gold by Valerie Parv301
A Night to Remember by Anne Weale303
Make-Believe Family (Mills & Boon) by Elizabeth Duke304
The heat of the moment : complete and unabridged by Kay Gregory305
A Healing Fire by Patricia Wilson307
One Step at a Time by Caroline Anderson308
Ice At Heart by Sophie Weston309
To Tame a Tempest by Sue Peters310
Having It All! by Emma Richmond311
Moonshadow Man by Jessica Hart312
Taking Risks by Sharon Kendrick313
A Reluctant Attraction by Valerie Parv314
Edge of Danger by Patricia Wilson315
Cruel Conspiracy by Helen Brooks316
Heartless Abduction by Angela Wells317
An Irresistible Flirtation by Victoria Gordon318
Conflict of Hearts by Liz Fielding320
Taking it All by Sharon Kendrick321
Sophie's Secret by Anne Weale323
THE RIGHT HUSBAND by Kay Gregory325
First Prize by Lynn Jacobs326
The Right Choice by Catherine George327
Trouble in Paradise by Grace Green328
Worth Waiting For by Josie Metcalfe329
Triumph of Love by Barbara McMahon331
Garden of Desire (Harlequin Romance, #332) by Laura Martin332
Sister of the Bride by Valerie Parv333
Enticed by Jennifer Taylor334
Vacances andalouses by Emma Richmond335
Cold Fire by Helen Brooks336
Heartless Stranger by Elizabeth Duke337
An Easy Man to Love by Lee Stafford338
Living Next Door to Alex by Catherine George339
Macbride's Daughter by Patricia Wilson340
The Healing Touch (Harlequin Romance, 341) by Rebecca Lang341
Honeymoon Assignment by Sally Carr342
Part-time Wife by Jessica Hart343
Promise of Paradise by Rosemary Hammond344
An Ambitious Heart by Marjorie Lewty345
Secret Courtship by Grace Green347
Rachel's Child by Jennifer Taylor348
The Real Fantasy by Caroline Anderson349
Living with Marc by Jane Donnelly350
Takeover Engagement by Elizabeth Duke351
A Convenient Bride by Angela Wells352
The Ideal Choice by Caroline Anderson353
THE MAN WHO BROKE HEARTS by Stephanie Howard354
All She Wants for Christmas by Liz Fielding355
Relentless Flame (Harlequin Romance, #356) by Patricia Wilson356
A Royal Romance358
Behaving Badly by Emma Richmond359
Partner for Love (Harlequin Romance 360) by Jessica Hart360
For a Child's Sake by Jessica Matthews361
Misleading Engagement by Marjorie Lewty362
Avoiding Mr Right by Sophie Weston363
Dangerous Discovery by Laura Martin364
A Heart of Gold by Jessica Matthews365
Chase a Dream (Harlequin Romance 366) by Jennifer Taylor366
The Three-year Itch by Liz Fielding368
Too Close for Comfort by Jessica Matthews369
Sweet Betrayal by Helen Brooks370
Powerful Stranger by Patricia Wilson371
Bride for Hire (Harlequin Romance, 372) by Jessica Hart372
The Colorado Countess (Harlequin Romance, 373) by Stephanie Howard373
Cowboy to the Altar by Rosemary Carter374
Colby's Wife by Grace Green375
Stolen Bride by Sally Carr376
The Lady's Man (Harlequin Romance, 377) by Stephanie Howard377
Yesterday's Vows by Vanessa Grant378
Beyond Riches by Catherine Leigh379
A Stranger's Love (Romance) by Laura Martin380
The Duke's Wife (Mills & Boon) by Stephanie Howard381
Flight of Fantasy by Valerie Parv382
The Marriage Pact by Elizabeth Duke383
The Bride, The Baby & The Best Man by Liz Fielding384
Desert Wedding by Alexandra Scott385
Knight in Black Velvet by Helen Brooks386
Never a Stranger by Patricia Wilson387
Heading for Trouble! by Linda Miles388
Wait and See by Sharon Kendrick389
Wife for Real (Enchanted) by Jennifer Taylor390
The Innocent and the Playboy by Sophie Weston391
Secret Wedding (Enchanted) by Emma Richmond392
Home-Coming (Harlequin Romance #393) by Margaret Barker393
Max's Proposal by Jane Donnelly394
Look-Alike Fiancée by Elizabeth Duke395
Eloping With Emmy by Liz Fielding396
Perfect Strangers by Laura Martin397
The Moon Lady's Lover by Vanessa Grant398
The Impatient Virgin (Romance) by Anne Weale399
An Innocent Charade by Patricia Wilson400
A Reckless Affair by Alexandra Scott401
Husband-To-Be by Linda Miles402
A Miracle for Christmas by Grace Green404
A Father for Christmas by Meredith Webber405
Kissed by a Stranger by Valerie Parv406
Gentlemen Prefer ... Brunettes by Liz Fielding407
Just Another Miracle! by Caroline Anderson408
Let Tomorrow Come by Rebecca Lang409
Amber and the Sheikh by Stephanie Howard410
Bride by Friday by Trisha David411
No More Secrets by Catherine George412
Dark Oasis by Helen Brooks414
Harlequin Bianca: novelas con corazón, aventura, intriga y pasión (matrimonio por un año) by Emma Richmond415
The Princess and the Playboy by Valerie Parv416
Playing at Love (Mills & Boon Large Print Romances) by Jennifer Taylor418
His Little Girl by Liz Fielding419
Living With the Enemy by Laura Martin420
Charlie's Dad (Enchanted) by Alexandra Scott422
Sleepless Nights by Anne Weale423
Catching Katie by Sophie Weston424
Courting Trouble by Patricia Wilson425
A Husband Made in Texas by Rosemary Carter426
A Funny Thing Happened... by Caroline Anderson427
His Girl Monday to Friday by Linda Miles428
Promises to Keep by Josie Metcalfe429
Waiting for Mr. Wonderful! (Enchanted S.) by Stephanie Howard430
Outback Bride by Jessica Hart431
His Unexpected Family by Grace Green432
Hijacked Honeymoon by Marion Lennox433
A Most Determined Bachelor (Enchanted) by Miriam Macgregor434
The Reluctant Groom (Harlequin Romance) by Emma Richmond435
Falling for the Boss by Laura Martin436
A Real Engagement by Marjorie Lewty438
Last-Minute Bridegroom by Linda Miles439
The Forever Affair by Catherine George440
A Wife and Child by Rosemary Carter441
KISSING CARLA (ENCHANTED S.) by Stephanie Howard442
The Fatherhood Secret by Grace Green444
A Very Private Man by Jane Donnelly446
Tycoon for Hire by Lucy Gordon447
A Most Eligible Bachelor by Jessica Steele448
The Latin Affair by Sophie Weston450
A Suitable Groom by Liz Fielding451
A Bride for Christmas by Alexandra Scott452
Captive Heart (Harlequin Romance, #453) by Caroline Anderson453
Coming Home for Christmas (Romance) by Laura Martin454
Vacancy: Wife by Shannon Waverly455
Married for a Month by Jessica Hart458
Taming Jason by Lucy Gordon459
Bridegroom on Loan (Harlequin Romance, 460) by Emma Richmond460
Dating Her Boss (Harlequin Romance) by Liz Fielding463
Kids Included! (Harlequin Romance, # 464) by Caroline Anderson464
His Perfect Partner (Enchanted) by Laura Martin466
Marriage for Real (Presents) by Emma Richmond467
Borrowed Bachelor by Barbara Hannay468
A Change of Heart by Alison Roberts469
An Enticing Proposal by Meredith Webber470
The Baby Plan by Liz Fielding471
Marriage for Maggie by Trisha David472
His Made-to-order Bride (Mills & Boon Medical) by Jessica Matthews473
Courting Cathie (Medical Romance) by Helen Shelton474
The Unsuspecting Father (Harlequin Romance 479) by Kate Proctor479
Fiancé for Real by Jane Donelley480
The Convenient Fiancee by Jessica Hart483
Tom Bradley's Babies by Marion Lennox484

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