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Publisher Series: Love Inspired

Publisher Series by cover

Works (1,231)

Montana Reunion by Valerie Hansennone
Finally a Hero by Pamela Tracy
The Risk of Loving by Jane Peart1
The Parson's Waiting by Sherryl Woods2
The Perfect Wedding by Arlene James3
In Search of Her Own by Carole Gift Page4
Unanswered Prayers by Penny Richards5
Home for the Holidays by Irene Hannon6
Promises by Roger Elwood7
A Will and a Wedding by Lois Richer8
An Old-Fashioned Love by Arlene James9
Christmas Rose by Lacey Springer10
A Matter of Trust by Cheryl Wolverton11
The Wedding Quilt by Lenora Nazworth12
Night Music by Sara Mitchell13
A Wife Worth Waiting For by Arlene James14
Faithfully Yours by Lois Richer15
A Groom of Her Own [and] The Way Home by Irene Hannon16
The Marriage Wish by Dee Henderson17
The Reluctant Bride (Love Inspired #18) by Kathryn Alexander18
Child of Her Heart by Irene Brand19
A Father's Love (Love Inspired # 20) by Cheryl Wolverton20
With Baby in Mind by Arlene James21
Decidedly Married by Carole Gift Page22
A Hopeful Heart by Lois Richer23
Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen24
A Family to Call Her Own by Irene Hannon25
Logan's Child by Lenora Worth26
There Comes a Season by Carol Steward27
Suddenly Daddy by Loree Lough28
In God's Own Time by Ruth Scofield29
Never Alone by Lyn Cote30
Shelter of His Arms by Sara Mitchell31
Sweet Charity by Lois Richer32
Ever Faithful by Carolyne Aarsen33
Suddenly Mommy by Loree Lough34
God's Gift by Dee Henderson35
Helpmate by Virginia Myers36
Heiress by Irene Brand37
This Side of Paradise by Cheryl Wolverton38
For the Sake of Her Child by Kate Welsh39
Rachel's Hope by Carole Gift Page40
A Father's Promise by Marta Perry41
A Wedding in the Family by Kathryn Alexander42
Promises to Keep by Jane Peart43
I'll be Home for Christmas by Lenora Worth44
Two Rings, One Heart by Martha Mason45
A Holiday Prayer by Deb Kastner46
The Best Christmas Ever by Cheryl Wolverton47
Christmas Town by Peggy Gilchrist48
To Love and Honor by Irene Brand49
A Home, a Heart, a Husband by Lois Richer50
A Bride at Last by Carolyne Aarsen51
Suddenly Married by Loree Lough52
Wedding at Wildwood by Lenora Worth53
Brides and Blessings by Molly Noble Bull54
Daddy's Home by Deb Kastner55
Her Kind of Hero by Carol Steward56
A Family for Andi by Eileen M. Berger57
It Had to be You (Love Inspired #58) by Irene Hannon58
This Child of Mine by Lois Richer59
A Healing Love by Doris English60
Blind Promises by Diana Palmer61
Long-Awaited Wedding by Doris Elaine Fell62
A Mother's Love by Cheryl Wolverton63
Your Dream and Mine by Susan E. Kirby64
The Perfect Groom by Ruth Scofield65
New Man in Town by Lyn Cote66
The Cowboy's Bride by Carolyne Aarsen67
A Family Man by Marcy Froemke68
Never Lie to an Angel by Kate Welsh69
A Groom to Come Home To by Irene Brand70
The Dad Next Door by Virginia Myers71
Caroline and the Preacher by Anna Schmidt72
Baby on the Way by Lois Richer73
The Wedding Jewel by Doris Elaine Fell74
Since You've Been Gone by Marta Perry75
For Love of Zach by Cheryl Wolverton76
One Special Christmas by Irene Hannon77
The Forever Husband by Kathryn Alexander78
Daddy on the Way by Lois Richer79
Gifts of Grace by Lynn Bulock80
An Angel for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad81
His Brother's Wife by Lenora Worth82
A Family for Christmas by Kate Welsh83
The Wedding Arbor by Valerie Hansen84
Wedding on the Way by Lois Richer85
A Family-Style Christmas by Carolyne Aarsen86
For Love of Hawk by Cheryl Wolverton87
A Family to Cherish by Carole Gift Page88
Whispers of the Heart by Ruth Scofield89
Black Hills Bride by Deb Kastner90
Desperately Seeking Dad by Marta Perry91
Second Time Around (The MacIntyre Series #1) (Love Inspired #92) by Carol Steward92
What the Doctor Ordered by Cheryl Wolverton93
A Mother at Heart by Carolyne Aarsen94
Tender Love by Irene Brand95
Twin Wishes by Kathryn Alexander96
Looking for Miracles by Lynn Bulock97
Angel in Disguise by Patt Marr98
Ben's Bundle of Joy by Lenora Worth99
Small-Town Dreams by Kate Welsh100
Mother's Day Miracle by Lois Richer101
Unforgettable Faith by Cynthia Rutledge102
The Troublesome Angel by Valerie Hansen103
The Doctor Next Door by Marta Perry104
For Love of Mitch by Cheryl Wolverton105
A Family in the Making (Love Inspired #106) by Marcy Froemke106
Suddenly Reunited by Loree Lough107
The Reluctant Hero by Lenora Worth108
A Mother for Amanda by Anna Schmidt109
A Gentleman for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad110
Hope's Garden by Lyn Cote111
The Way Home by Irene Hannon112
The Forgiving Heart by Deb Kastner113
Test Of Love by Irene Brand114
His Answered Prayer by Lois Richer115
Heart of A Husband by Kathryn Alexander116
Upon A Midnight Clear by Gail Gaymer Martin117
Healing Hearts by Cheryl Wolverton118
The Perfect Couple by Valerie Hansen119
Their Forever Love by Kate Welsh120
A Family At Last by Carolyne Aarsen121
One Golden Christmas by Lenora Worth122
Undercover Angel by Cynthia Rutledge123
Wonders Of The Heart by Ruth Scofield124
Walls of Jericho by Lynn Bulock125
With All Josies Heart by Crystal Stovall126
Love Sign by Susan E. Kirby127
Father Most Blessed by Marta Perry128
Autumn's Awakening by Irene Brand129
Suddenly Home by Loree Lough130
Rocky Mountain Miracle by Leona Karr131
A Special Kind of Family (Love Inspired #132) by Eileen Berger132
Hero For Kelsey by Carolyne Aarsen133
Courting Katarina (The MacIntyre Series #2) (Love Inspired #134) by Carol Steward134
Marrying Kind by Cynthia Rutledge135
Husband To Hold by Cheryl Wolverton136
Finally Home by Lyn Cote137
A Bride for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad138
Second Chances by Valerie Hansen139
A Daddy at Heart by Deb Kastner140
Cassandra's Song by Carole Gift Page141
When Love Came to Town by Lenora Worth142
Heaven Sent by Jillian Hart143
The Prodigal's Return by Lynn Bulock144
Loving Thy Neighbor by Ruth Scofield145
The Doctor's Miracle by Anna Schmidt146
Secrets of the Heart by Gail Gaymer Martin147
Summer's Promise by Irene Brand148
Twin Blessings by Carolyne Aarsen149
A Child Shall Lead Them by Carole Gift Page150
Redeeming Claire by Cynthia Rutledge151
Blessed Baby by Lois Richer152
A Father's Place by Marta Perry153
Love One Another by Valerie Hansen154
A Groom Worth Waiting by Crystal Stovall155
The Girl Next Door (Laurel Glen Series #1) (Love Inspired #156) by Kate Welsh156
Judging Sara by Cynthia Rutledge157
A Family All Her Own by Bonnie K. Winn158
Bungalow for Two by Carole Gift Page159
A Family for Jana by Eileen M. Berger160
A Love for Safekeeping by Gail Gaymer Martin161
Finally Found by Lyn Cote162
His Healing Touch by Loree Lough163
A Perfect Match by Deb Kastner164
This Time Forever (Love Inspired) by Carol Steward165
In Search of a Hero by Cheryl Wolverton166
A Home of Her Own by Cathleen Connors167
The Power of Love by Margaret Daley168
Something Beautiful by Lenora Worth169
Gifts of Love by Crystal Stovall170
Hero in Disguise by Leona Karr171
Hunter's Bride by Marta Perry172
Silver Lining by Kate Welsh173
Stranger at the Crossroads by Gena Dalton174
Never Say Goodbye by Irene Hannon175
A Rich Man for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad176
Loving Treasures by Gail Gaymer Martin177
Wedding Bell Blues by Cynthia Rutledge178
Out Of The Shadows by Loree Lough179
His Hometown Girl by Jillian Hart180
Change of the Heart by Lynn Bulock181
Tucker's Bride by Lois Richer182
Family for Keeps by Margaret Daley183
Lacey's Retreat by Lenora Worth184
A Mother's Wish by Marta Perry185
Family Ties by Bonnie K. Winn186
Mountain Laurel by Kate Welsh187
A Blessed Life by Dana Corbit188
Midnight Faith (The McMahans of Texas, Book 2) (Love Inspired #189) by Gena Dalton189
Love at Last (Love at Last Series #1) (The Mellow Years, Book 1) (Love Inspired #190) by Irene Brand190
Sadie's Prize (aka Sadie's Hero) by Margaret Daley191
A Wife for Ben by Cheryl Wolverton192
A Time to Forgive by Marta Perry193
Hidden Blessing by Leona Karr194
The Christmas Groom by Deb Kastner195
Her Perfect Match by Kate Welsh196
Sweet Accord by Felicia Mason197
Shelter from the Storm by Cheryl Wolverton198
Loving Hearts by Gail Gaymer Martin199
Song of Her Heart by Irene Brand200
Long Way Home by Gena Dalton201
Easter Blessings (The Butterfly Garden / The Lily Field) by Gail Gaymer Martin202
A Love Worth Waiting For by Jillian Hart203
The Harbor of His Arms (Safe Harbor Series #1) (Love Inspired #204) by Lynn Bulock204
The Courage to Dream by Margaret Daley205
Blessings of the Heart by Valerie Hansen206
Inner Harbor by Lois Richer207
A Love to Keep by Cynthia Rutledge208
Promise Forever by Marta Perry209
Hart's Harbor (Safe Harbor Series #3) (Love Inspired #210) by Deb Kastner210
The Carpenter's Wife by Lenora Worth211
Heaven Knows by Jillian Hart212
Home to Safe Harbor (Safe Harbor, Book 4) by Kate Welsh213
An Accidental Hero by Loree Lough214
Toward Home by Carolyne Aarsen215
Finding Hope by Brenda Coulter216
Samantha's Gift by Valerie Hansen217
A Love Beyond by Kate Welsh218
Take My Hand by Ruth Scofield219
Always in Her Heart by Marta Perry220
The Preacher's Daughter by Lyn Cote221
Promise of Grace by Bonnie K. Winn222
The Harvest (All Good Gifts / Loving Grace) by Gail Gaymer Martin223
Crossroads by Irene Hannon224
An Accidental Mom by Loree Lough225
Blessings by Lois Richer226
Heart of Stone by Lenora Worth227
A Hero for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad228
Once Upon a Chocolate Kiss by Cheryl Wolverton229
September Love by Virginia Myers230
Loving Ways by Gail Gaymer Martin231
The Doctor's Christmas by Marta Perry232
An Honest Life by Dana Corbit233
The Christmas Children by Irene Brand234
Sweet Harmony by Felicia Mason235
What the Heart Knows by Margaret Daley236
Heaven's Kiss by Lois Richer237
Luck and a Prayer by Cynthia Cooke238
Loving Care by Gail Gaymer Martin239
A Baby for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad240
True Devotion by Marta Perry241
Sandcastles by Jane Peart242
The Sweetest Gift by Jillian Hart243
Second Chance at Love by Irene Brand244
A Family for Tory by Margaret Daley245
Two Hearts by Cynthia Rutledge246
His Saving Grace by Lyn Cote247
Love is Patient by Carolyne Aarsen248
Hero in Her Heart by Marta Perry249
Hosea's Bride (Love Inspired #250) by Dorothy Clark250
Heart and Soul by Jillian Hart251
Abiding Love by Kate Welsh252
Love Knot by Susan E. Kirby253
Hearts in Bloom (Love Inspired #254) by Mae Nunn254
Testing His Patience by Lyn Cote255
A Time to Remember by Lois Richer256
Among the Tulips by Cheryl Wolverton257
Love Comes Home by Terri Reed258
Adam's Promise by Gail Gaymer Martin259
Almost Heaven by Jillian Hart260
The Heart's Voice by Arlene James261
Mixed Blessings by Cathy Marie Hake262
Finding Amy by Carol Steward263
Love Enough for Two by Cynthia Rutledge264
Autumn Promises by Kate Welsh265
Tested by Fire by Kathryn Springer266
Gabriel's Discovery by Felicia Mason267
A Heart's Refuge by Carolyne Aarsen268
A Tender Touch by Lenora Worth269
Everlasting Love by Valerie Hansen270
Redeeming Travis by Kate Welsh271
Holiday Homecoming by Jillian Hart272
Gold in the Fire by Margaret Daley273
A New Life by Dana Corbit274
Peter's Return by Cynthia Cooke275
A Dry Creek Christmas (Dry Creek Series #7) (Love Inspired #276) by Janet Tronstad276
Loving Constance by Lyn Cote277
A Family for Christmas (Child in a Manger/The Gift of Family) by Dana Corbit278
Protecting Holly by Lynn Bulock279
Listen to Your Heart by Irene Brand280
For Love's Sake by Cynthia Rutledge281
Finding Her Home by Carol Steward282
A Mother for Cindy by Margaret Daley283
Undercover Blessings by Deb Kastner284
To Heal a Heart by Arlene James285
Love Came Unexpectedly by Ruth Scofield286
Unlikely Hero by Marta Perry287
First Mates by Cecelia Dowdy288
Man Of Her Dreams by Patt Marr289
The Heart's Choice by Joyce Livingston290
Loving Promises by Gail Gaymer Martin291
The Best Gift by Irene Hannon292
Sealed with a Kiss by Mae Nunn293
Love Next Door (Love Inspired #294) by Anna Schmidt294
Sweet Blessings by Jillian Hart295
Hero Dad by Marta Perry296
Light in the Storm by Margaret Daley297
Heaven Sent Husband by Gilbert Morris298
Protected Hearts by Bonnie K. Winn299
Hearts in Harmony by Gail Sattler300
Journey to Forever by Carol Steward301
A Sheltering Love by Terri Reed302
Loving Feelings by Gail Gaymer Martin303
Blessed Bouquets (3-in-1) by Lyn Cote304
Second Chance Mom by Mary Kate Holder305
Hearts Under Construction by Diann Hunt306
Gift from the Heart by Irene Hannon307
For the Twins' Sake by Jillian Hart308
His Uptown Girl (Men of Praise Series #2) (Love Inspired #309) by Gail Sattler309
The Path to Love by Jane Myers Perrine310
A Certain Hope by Lenora Worth311
Brought Together by Baby by Carolyne Aarsen312
Her Only Hero by Marta Perry313
The Heart's Homecoming by Merrillee Whren314
Heaven's Touch by Jillian Hart315
On the Doorstep by Dana Corbit316
A Silence in the Heart by Carolyne Aarsen317
The Trouble With Lacy Brown by Debra Clopton318
The Unexpected Gift by Irene Hannon319
The Cinderella Plan by Margaret Daley320
Deck the Halls by Arlene James321
Christmas in the Air (Snowbound Holiday / A Season of Hope) by Irene B. Brand322
Loving Tenderness by Gail Gaymer Martin323
Her Christmas Wish by Kathryn Springer324
Joy in His Heart by Kate Welsh325
In the Spirit of...Christmas by Linda Goodnight326
Blessed Vows by Jillian Hart327
Past Secrets, Present Love by Lois Richer328
Sugar Plums for Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad329
A Perfect Love by Lenora Worth330
A Family to Share by Arlene James331
Home to You by Cheryl Wolverton332
Matchmaker, Matchmaker by Anna Schmidt333
His Bundle of Love by Patricia Davids334
A Handful of Heaven by Jillian Hart335
Amazing Love by Mae Nunn336
A Mother's Promise (New Beginnings Series #1) (Love Inspired #337) by Ruth Scofield337
Changing Her Heart by Gail Sattler338
When Dreams Come True by Margaret Daley339
Lessons from the Heart (Love Inspired #340) by Dorothy Clark340
A Match Made in Bliss by Diann Walker341
A Family Forever by Brenda Coulter342
April In Bloom by Annie Jones343
A Leap of Faith by Lenora Worth344
Along Came Love by Carrie Turansky345
And Baby Makes Five by Debra Clopton346
Be My Neat-Heart (Love Inspired #347) by Judy Baer347
Child of Mine by Bonnie K. Winn348
A Very Special Delivery (Love Inspired #349) by Linda Goodnight349
Promise of Forever by Patt Marr350
Blissfully Yours (Bliss Village Series #2) (Love Inspired #351) by Diann Walker351
An Unexpected Blessing by Merrillee Whren352
Her Cinderella Heart by Ruth Scofield353
Love Thine Enemy aka Balancing Act by Patricia Davids354
Any Man of Mine by Carolyne Aarsen355
Butterfly Summer by Arlene James356
All Our Tomorrows by Irene Hannon357
The Heart of a Man by Deb Kastner358
My So-Called Love Life by Allie Pleiter359
By Her Side by Kathryn Springer360
In His Eyes by Gail Gaymer Martin361
A Sheltering Heart by Terri Reed362
A Love So Strong by Arlene James363
The Family Man by Irene Hannon364
No Place Like Home by Debra Clopton365
Head Over Heels by Gail Sattler366
A Soldier for Christmas by Jillian Hart367
The Hamilton Heir by Valerie Hansen368
Tidings of Joy by Margaret Daley369
A Time of Hope by Terri Reed370
At Home in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad371
Prodigal Daughter by Patricia Davids372
With Christmas in His Heart by Gail Gaymer Martin373
A Hickory Ridge Christmas by Dana Corbit374
Lasso Her Heart by Anna Schmidt375
Christmas Homecoming by Lenora Worth376
A Season for Grace by Linda Goodnight377
Love Walked In (The Reynolds Brothers, Book 1) (Love Inspired #378) by Merrillee Whren378
Rainbow's End by Irene Hannon379
Hearts Afire by Marta Perry380
When Love Comes Home by Arlene James381
A Husband for All Seasons (Love at Last Series #2) (Love Inspired #382) by Irene Brand382
Precious Blessings by Jillian Hart383
The Sisterhood of the Dropped Stitches by Janet Tronstad384
His Winter Rose by Lois Richer385
Dream a Little Dream by Debra Clopton386
Every Kind of Heaven by Jillian Hart387
Restless Hearts by Marta Perry388
Apple Blossom Bride by Lois Richer389
A Touch of Grace by Linda Goodnight390
A Match Made in Dry Creek (Dry Creek Series #10) (Love Inspired #391) by Janet Tronstad391
Spring Flowers, Summer Love by Lois Richer392
Once Upon a Family by Margaret Daley393
Flower Girl Bride by Dana Corbit394
To Love Again by Bonnie K. Winn395
A Soldier's Heart by Marta Perry396
Mom in the Middle (Texas Treasures Series #3) (Love Inspired #397) by Mae Nunn397
Home Sweet Texas by Sharon Gillenwater398
Mirror, Mirror (Fairy-Tale Series #1) (Love Inspired #399) by Judy Baer399
Everyday Blessings by Jillian Hart400
The Heart of Grace by Linda Goodnight401
Meeting Her Match by Debra Clopton402
A McKaslin Homecoming by Jillian Hart403
For Her Son's Love by Kathryn Springer404
The Perfect Blend (Love Inspired #405) by Allie Pleiter405
The Heart's Forgiveness (The Reynolds Brothers, Book 2) (Love Inspired #406) by Merrillee Whren406
In His Dreams by Gail Gaymer Martin407
Missionary Daddy by Linda Goodnight408
The Color of Courage by Patricia Davids409
Trusting Him by Brenda Minton410
Somebody's Baby by Annie Jones411
A Mommy in Mind by Arlene James412
A Treasure of the Heart by Valerie Hansen413
Love's Healing Touch by Jane Myers Perrine414
Sleeping Beauty by Judy Baer415
Little Miss Matchmaker by Dana Corbit416
A Season of Forgiveness by Brenda Coulter417
Operation: Married by Christmas by Debra Clopton418
From This Day Forward by Irene Hannon419
Giving Thanks for Baby by Terri Reed420
Shepherds Abiding in Dry Creek (Dry Creek Series #11) (Love Inspired #421) by Janet Tronstad421
Yuletide Homecoming by Carolyne Aarsen422
A Dropped Stitches Christmas by Janet Tronstad423
A Holiday to Remember by Jillian Hart424
Heart of the Family by Margaret Daley425
The Healing Place (Love Inspired #426) by Leigh Bale426
Family in His Heart by Gail Gaymer Martin427
Next Door Daddy by Debra Clopton428
The Doctor's Bride by Patt Marr429
A Soldier's Promise (Wings of Refuge, Book 1) (Love Inspired #430) by Cheryl Wyatt430
A Dream to Share by Irene Hannon431
Healing Tides by Lois Richer432
Four Little Blessings by Merrillee Whren433
Her Unlikely Family (Love Inspired #434) by Missy Tippens434
Heart's Haven by Lois Richer435
A Treasure Worth Keeping by Kathryn Springer436
Mountain Santuary by Lenora Worth437
A Soldier's Family by Cheryl Wyatt438
Dry Creek Sweethearts by Janet Tronstad439
Her Baby Dreams by Debra Clopton440
A Cowboy's Honor by Lois Richer441
Military Daddy by Patricia Davids442
Where Love Abides by Irene Hannon443
Family Ever After by Margaret Daley444
Lone Star Courtship by Mae Nunn445
Time for Grace by Kate Welsh446
Her Wedding Wish by Jillian Hart447
Made for Each Other (Love Inspired #448) by Irene Brand448
His Small-Town Girl by Arlene James449
Finally a Family by Carolyne Aarsen450
A Heart for the Dropped Stitches by Janet Tronstad451
Mission: Motherhood by Marta Perry452
Homecoming at Hickory Ridge by Dana Corbit453
The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Debra Clopton454
Her Perfect Man by Jillian Hart455
Lone Star Secret by Lenora Worth456
Hidden Treasures by Kathryn Springer457
Bluegrass Hero by Allie Pleiter458
A Dry Creek Courtship by Janet Tronstad459
At His Command by Brenda Coulter460
A Time to Heal by Linda Goodnight461
Deep in the Heart by Jane Myers Perrine462
Somebody's Santa by Annie Jones463
A Matter of the Heart by Patricia Davids464
Snowbound in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad465
His Little Cowgirl by Brenda Minton466
His Holiday Heart by Jillian Hart467
A Texas Thanksgiving by Margaret Daley468
Family Treasures by Kathryn Springer469
A Military Match by Patricia Davids470
Her Small-Town Hero (Eden, OK Series #2) (Love Inspired #471) by Arlene James471
Homefront Holiday by Jillian Hart472
Mistletoe Reunion by Anna Schmidt473
More Than A Cowboy by Susan Hornick474
Rocky Mountain Legacy by Lois Richer475
A Family for Luke by Carolyne Aarsen476
Mommy's Hometown Hero by Merrillee Whren477
Daddy for Keeps by Pamela Tracy478
Apprentice Father by Irene Hannon479
Their Small-Town Love by Arlene James480
A Cowboy's Heart by Brenda Minton481
Bluegrass Courtship by Allie Pleiter482
A Soldier for Keeps by Jillian Hart483
Somebody's Hero by Annie Jones484
Home to Crossroads Ranch by Linda Goodnight485
A Dropped Stitches Wedding (Sisterhood Series #4) (Love Inspired #486) by Janet Tronstad486
Twice Upon a Time: Weddings from Woodward, Book 2 (Larger Print Love Inspired #487) by Lois Richer487
Texas Ranger Dad by Debra Clopton488
Homecoming Blessings by Merrillee Whren489
Ready-Made Family by Cheryl Wyatt490
Blind-Date Bride by Jillian Hart491
The Baby Bond by Linda Goodnight492
Tides of Hope by Irene Hannon493
The Cowboy Next Door by Brenda Minton494
Small-Town Brides (2-in-1) by Janet Tronstad495
A Soldier's Reunion by Cheryl Wyatt496
A Ring and a Promise by Lois Richer497
His Forever Love by Missy Tippens498
Second Chance Family by Margaret Daley499
Healing the Boss's Heart by Valerie Hansen500
Lone Star Cinderella by Debra Clopton501
Bluegrass Blessings by Allie Pleiter502
Hometown Courtship by Diann Hunt503
Return to Love by Betsy St. Amant504
The Hero Next Door by Irene Hannon505
Marrying Minister Right by Annie Jones506
Gift of Wonder (Love Inspired) by Lenora Worth507
An Unexpected Match by Dana Corbit508
Home at Last by Anna Schmidt509
The Forever Family (Love Inspired) by Leigh Bale510
Twice in a Lifetime by Marta Perry511
Rekindled Hearts by Brenda Minton512
Anna Meets Her Match (Love Inspired) by Arlene James513
Dad in Training by Gail Gaymer Martin514
A Texas Ranger's Family by Mae Nunn515
Hometown Reunion by Pam Andrews516
Silent Night in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad517
The Matchmaking Pact by Carolyne Aarsen518
The Perfect Gift by Lenora Worth519
Bluegrass Christmas (Kentucky Corners Series, Book 4) (Love Inspired #520) by Allie Pleiter520
Soldier Daddy by Cheryl Wyatt521
Dreaming of Home (Love Inspired) by Glynna Kaye522
Together for the Holidays by Margaret Daley523
A Family for Thanksgiving by Patricia Davids524
Close to Home by Carolyne Aarsen525
Blessings of the Season (The Holiday Husband / The Christmas Letter) by Annie Jones526
His Cowgirl Bride by Debra Clopton527
A Forever Christmas (Love Inspired) by Missy Tippens528
The Soldier's Holiday Vow by Jillian Hart529
Jingle Bell Babies by Kathryn Springer530
Lone Star Blessings by Bonnie K. Winn531
His Christmas Bride by Dana Corbit532
Jenna's Cowboy Hero by Brenda Minton533
A Wedding in Wyoming by Deb Kastner534
Finding Her Way Home by Linda Goodnight535
The Doctor's Perfect Match by Irene Hannon536
Her Forever Cowboy by Debra Clopton537
The Family Next Door by Barbara McMahon538
A Soldier's Devotion by Cheryl Wyatt539
Mending Fences by Jenna Mindel540
Heart of the Matter by Marta Perry541
A Match Made in Texas (Love Inspired) by Arlene James542
Groom in Training by Gail Gaymer Martin543
Hometown Promise by Merrillee Whren544
A Valentine's Wish by St Amant Betsy545
On Wings of Love by Kim Watters546
Katie's Redemption (Brides of Amish Country, Book 1) by Patricia Davids547
Easter Promises (2-in-1) by Lois Richer548
A Place to Call Home by Kathryn Springer549
The Cowboy's Courtship by Brenda Minton550
His Texas Bride by Deb Kastner551
Winter's End by Ruth Logan Herne552
A Mother's Gift (Dreaming of a Family / The Mommy Wish) by Arlene James553
Love Lessons by Margaret Daley554
A Father for Zach by Irene Hannon555
Her Forever Family by Mae Nunn556
Rodeo Sweetheart by Betsy St. Amant557
The Cinderella List by Judy Baer558
The Wedding Garden by Linda Goodnight559
Wife Wanted in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad560
Hometown Princess by Lenora Worth561
A Daughter's Legacy by Virginia Smith562
The Marriage Mission by Pam Andrews563
The Road to Forgiveness by Leigh Bale564
The Rancher's Promise by Jillian Hart565
Return To Rosewood by Bonnie K. Winn566
Cowboy For Keeps by Debra Clopton567
The Pastor Takes a Wife by Anna Schmidt568
Steadfast Soldier by Cheryl Wyatt569
The Heart's Song by Winnie Griggs570
The Guardian's Honor by Marta Perry571
Klondike Hero by Jillian Hart572
Heart of a Cowboy by Margaret Daley573
Cattleman's Courtship by Carolyne Aarsen574
Waiting Out the Storm by Ruth Logan Herne575
Bride in Training by Gail Gaymer Martin576
The Doctor's Blessing (Brides of Amish Country, Book 2) by Patricia Davids577
Treasure Creek Dad by Terri Reed578
Hometown Proposal by Merrillee Whren579
The Cowboy's Sweetheart (Love Inspired) by Brenda Minton580
Homecoming Hero by Renee Ryan581
Wedding Cake Wishes by Dana Corbit582
Baby Makes a Match by Arlene James583
Doctor Right by Janet Tronstad584
Shelter of Hope (Love Inspired) by Lyn Cote585
Love Finds a Home (Love Inspired) by Kathryn Springer586
Made to Order Family by Ruth Logan Herne587
Courting Ruth by Emma Miller588
His Holiday Bride by Jillian Hart589
Yukon Cowboy by Debra Clopton590
Mistletoe Prayers (The Bodine Family Christmas / The Gingerbread Season) by Marta Perry591
The Marine's Baby by Deb Kastner592
Seeking His Love by Carrie Turansky593
Fresh-Start Family by Lisa Mondello594
A Daughter for Christmas by Margaret Daley595
Thanksgiving Groom by Brenda Minton596
Winter Reunion by Roxanne Rustand597
Cowboy Daddy (Love Inspired) by Carolyne Aarsen598
Their First Noel by Annie Jones599
A Season for Family by Mae Nunn600
An Amish Christmas by Patricia Davids601
The Lawman's Christmas Wish (Love Inspired) by Linda Goodnight602
Jingle Bell Blessings by Bonnie K. Winn603
Yuletide Cowboy by Debra Clopton604
The Holiday Nanny by Lois Richer605
Montana Hearts (Love Inspired) by Charlotte Carter606
His Country Girl by Jillian Hart607
The Baby Promise by Carolyne Aarsen608
The Cowboy's Family by Brenda Minton609
Second Chance Ranch by Leann Harris610
The Rancher's Reunion by Tina Radcliffe611
Rocky Mountain Hero by Audra Harders612
Child of Grace by Irene Hannon613
The Prodigal Comes Home by Kathryn Springer614
Hometown Dad (Love Inspired) by Merrillee Whren615
Season of Dreams by Jenna Mindel616
Her Valentine Family (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews617
Second Chance Courtship (Love Inspired) by Glynna Kaye618
A Place to Belong by Linda Goodnight619
Mending Her Heart (Love Inspired) by Judy Baer620
A Dad of His Own by Gail Gaymer Martin621
A Colorado Match by Deb Kastner622
In a Doctor's Arms by Lisa Mondello623
Family to the Rescue by Lissa Manley624
Small-Town Moms (A Dry Creek Family / A Mother for Mule Hollow) by Janet Tronstad625
Hometown Sweetheart by Lenora Worth626
Daddy in the Making (Love Inspired) by Lyn Cote627
A Baby by Easter by Lois Richer628
A Family for Faith (Love Inspired) by Missy Tippens629
Reunited Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne630
An Unlikely Match by Arlene James631
Miriam's Heart (Love Inspired) by Emma Miller632
Home to Stay by Annie Jones633
Big Sky Reunion by Charlotte Carter634
The Forest Ranger's Promise (Love Inspired) by Leigh Bale635
Instant Daddy by Carol Voss636
Second Chance Dad by Roxanne Rustand637
Rocky Point Reunion by Barbara McMahon638
An Accidental Family by Loree Lough639
The Cowboy's Homecoming (Love Inspired) by Brenda Minton640
Home Sweet Home by Kim Watters641
Small-Town Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne642
The Farmer Next Door (Love Inspired) by Patricia Davids643
The Nanny's Homecoming (Love Inspired) by Linda Goodnight644
A Family for Summer by Lois Richer645
Phoebe's Groom (Love Inspired) by Deb Kastner646
The Daddy Surprise by Ginny Aiken647
Mom in the Making by Kit Wilkinson648
Wyoming Sweethearts by Jillian Hart649
The Sheriff's Runaway Bride by Arlene James650
Family by Design by Bonnie K. Winn651
Fireman Dad by St Amant Betsy652
Once Upon a Cowboy (Love Inspired) by Pamela Tracy653
At Home in His Heart (Love Inspired) by Glynna Kaye654
Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton655
The Doctor's Family by Lenora Worth656
The Rancher's Return by Carolyne Aarsen657
A Family of Their Own (Love Inspired) by Gail Gaymer Martin658
Safe in His Arms (Love Inspired) by Dana Corbit659
Mended Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne660
The Christmas Child [also titled Winter of Redemption] by Linda Goodnight661
The Cowboy's Lady by Carolyne Aarsen662
Anna's Gift by Emma Miller663
Building a Family (Love Inspired) by Lyn Cote664
Healing Autumn's Heart (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews665
Oklahoma Reunion (Love Inspired) by Tina Radcliffe666
Sleigh Bells for Dry Creek (Love Inspired) by Janet Tronstad667
The Loner's Thanksgiving Wish by Roxanne Rustand668
Christmas Gifts (Small Town Christmas / Her Christmas Cowboy) by Gail Gaymer Martin669
The Forest Ranger's Husband (Love Inspired) by Leigh Bale670
Big Sky Family (Love Inspired) by Charlotte Carter671
Lakeside Reunion (Love Inspired Larger Print) by Lisa Jordan672
The Christmas Quilt (Love Inspired) by Patricia Davids673
The Prodigal's Christmas Reunion by Kathryn Springer674
His Holiday Family by Margaret Daley675
The Cowboy's Holiday Blessing (Love Inspired) by Brenda Minton676
Yuletide Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne677
Mistletoe Matchmaker by Lissa Manley678
Seaside Reunion by Irene Hannon679
Longing for Home by Kathryn Springer680
Daddy's Little Matchmakers by Kathleen Y'Barbo681
The Doctor's Secret Son (Love Inspired) by Deb Kastner682
Montana Match by Merrillee Whren683
Small-Town Sweethearts by Jean C. Gordon684
Hometown Hearts by Jillian Hart685
The Last Bridge Home by Linda Goodnight686
Second Chance Match (Love Inspired) by Arlene James687
Rocky Point Promise by Barbara McMahon688
Falling for the Fireman by Allie Pleiter689
A House Full of Hope by Missy Tippens690
Lilac Wedding in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad691
Daddy Lessons by Carolyne Aarsen692
Triplets Find a Mom (Love Inspired) by Annie Jones693
A Man to Trust (Love Inspired) by Carrie Turansky694
High Country Hearts (Love Inspired) by Glynna Kaye695
Picture Perfect Family by Renee Andrews696
Her Lone Star Cowboy (Love Inspired) by Debra Clopton697
A Love Rekindled by Margaret Daley698
Sweetheart Reunion (Love Inspired) by Lenora Worth699
Redemption Ranch (Love Inspired) by Leann Harris700
Her Family Wish (Love Inspired) by St Amant Betsy701
Love of a Lifetime (Love Inspired) by Carol Voss702
Montana Homecoming by Jillian Hart703
Building a Perfect Match by Arlene James704
Leah's Choice (Love Inspired) by Emma Miller705
The Bull Rider's Baby (Love Inspired) by Brenda Minton706
Her Small-Town Sheriff by Lissa Manley707
Hometown Family (Love Inspired) by Mia Ross708
The Promise of Home (Love Inspired) by Kathryn Springer709
A Dream of His Own by Gail Gaymer Martin710
Healing the Doctor's Heart by Carolyne Aarsen711
The Nanny's Twin Blessings (Love Inspired) by Deb Kastner712
The Forest Ranger's Child (Love Inspired) by Leigh Bale713
Alaskan Hearts (Love Inspired) by Teri Wilson714
Montana Cowboy by Jillian Hart715
Her Surprise Sister by Marta Perry716
Wildflower Bride in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad717
The Doctor's Devotion (Love Inspired) by Cheryl Wyatt718
A Family to Cherish by Ruth Logan Herne719
And Father Makes Three (Love Inspired Larger Print) by Kim Watters720
A Home for Hannah by Patricia Davids721
Mirror Image Bride by Barbara McMahon722
Her Homecoming Cowboy by Debra Clopton723
The Rancher's Secret Wife by Brenda Minton724
The Bachelor Boss (Love Inspired) by Judy Baer725
Lakeside Family (Love Inspired) by Lisa Jordan726
Montana Dreams by Jillian Hart727
Carbon Copy Cowboy by Arlene James728
Finding Home by Irene Hannon729
A Mom's New Start by Margaret Daley730
A Doctor's Vow [with bonus story: "A Cowboy’s Promise"] by Lois Richer731
Circle of Family [with bonus story: 'His American Duchess'] by Mia Ross732
Second Chance in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad733
Look-Alike Lawman by Glynna Kaye734
Fresh-Start Ranch (Love Inspired) by Leann Harris735
Once Upon a Christmas (Love Inspired LARGE PRINT) by Pamela Tracy736
Montana Love Letter (Love Inspired) by Charlotte Carter737
Love Reunited (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews738
Jingle Bell Bride by Jillian Hart739
The Soldier's Newfound Family by Kathryn Springer740
A Snowglobe Christmas (Yuletide Homecoming / A Family's Christmas Wish) by Linda Goodnight741
Redeeming Grace (Love Inspired) by Emma Miller742
Her Holiday Fireman (Love Inspired) by Kathleen Y'Barbo743
Season of Joy (Love Inspired) by Virginia Carmichael744
A Hope Springs Christmas (Love Inspired) by Patricia Davids745
Reunited for the Holidays by Jillian Hart746
Yuletide Proposal by Lois Richer747
His Mistletoe Family by Ruth Logan Herne748
Snowflake Sweethearts (Love Inspired) by Carrie Turansky749
A Gift of Family (Love Inspired) by Mia Ross750
Rancher's Refuge (Love Inspired) by Linda Goodnight751
Homecoming Reunion by Carolyne Aarsen752
Falling for the Forest Ranger (Love Inspired) by Leigh Bale753
Doctor to the Rescue (Love Inspired) by Cheryl Wyatt754
Small-Town Dad (Love Inspired) by Jean C. Gordon755
A Daughter's Redemption (Love Inspired) by Georgiana Daniels756
Sweetheart Bride (Love Inspired) by Lenora Worth757
The Cowboy's Healing Ways by Brenda Minton758
Her Valentine Hero by Gail Gaymer Martin759
Heart of a Rancher (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews760
Home for Good (Love Inspired) by Jessica Keller761
Saving Gracie (Love Inspired) by Kristen Ethridge762
Perfectly Matched by Lois Richer763
Catching Her Heart by Carolyne Aarsen764
Bundle of Joy (Love Inspired) by Annie Jones765
Meeting Mr. Right (Love Inspired) by Deb Kastner766
Home to Montana (Love Inspired) by Charlotte Carter767
A Place for Family (Love Inspired) by Mia Ross768
The Cowboy Lawman by Brenda Minton769
Making His Way Home (Love Inspired) by Kathryn Springer770
Georgia Sweethearts (Love Inspired) by Missy Tippens771
Mending the Doctor's Heart by Tina Radcliffe772
The Rancher Next Door (Love Inspired) by St Amant Betsy773
Rekindled Romance (Love Inspired) by Lorraine Beatty774
The Unforgettable Cowboy by Debra Clopton775
Johanna's Bridegroom by Emma Miller776
The Lawman's Second Chance by Ruth Logan Herne777
Healing the Forest Ranger by Leigh Bale778
Hometown Fireman (Love Inspired) by Lissa Manley779
Alaskan Hero (Love Inspired) by Teri Wilson780
Plain Admirer by Patricia Davids781
Seaside Blessings by Irene Hannon782
The Fireman's Homecoming (Love Inspired) by Allie Pleiter783
Courting Hope by Jenna Mindel784
Restoring His Heart (Love Inspired) by Lorraine Beatty785
Reunited with the Sheriff (Love Inspired) by Belle Calhoune786
Love in Bloom (Love Inspired) by Arlene James787
Baby in His Arms (Love Inspired) by Linda Goodnight788
Noah's Sweetheart (Lancaster County Weddings Book 1) by Rebecca Kertz789
Montana Wrangler (Love Inspired) by Charlotte Carter790
Small-Town Mom (Love Inspired LP) by Jean C. Gordon791
His Unexpected Family (Love Inspired) by Patricia Johns792
The Bachelor Baker (Love Inspired) by Carolyne Aarsen793
Healing Hearts by Margaret Daley794
The Soldier's Sweetheart (Love InspiredSerendipity Sweethearts) by Deb Kastner795
Rocky Coast Romance (Love Inspired/Holiday Harbor) by Mia Ross796
Bride Wanted (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews797
Daddy Next Door (Love Inspired) by Carol Voss798
The Boss's Bride (Love Inspired) by Brenda Minton799
A Father's Promise by Carolyne Aarsen800
North Country Hero by Lois Richer801
Falling for the Lawman by Ruth Logan Herne802
A Canyon Springs Courtship (Love Inspired LP) by Glynna Kaye803
The Doctor's Family Reunion (Love Inspired) by Mindy Obenhaus804
Storybook Romance (The Heart of Main Street) by Lissa Manley805
White Christmas in Dry Creek (Love InspiredReturn to Dry Creek) by Janet Tronstad806
The Cowboy's Christmas Courtship by Brenda Minton807
The Nurse's Secret Suitor by Cheryl Wyatt808
A Season of Love (Love Inspired) by Kim Watters809
Lone Star Holiday (Love Inspired) by Jolene Navarro810
Tail of Two Hearts by Charlotte Carter811
Rebecca's Christmas Gift (Love InspiredHannah's Daughters) by Emma Miller812
The Firefighter's Match by Allie Pleiter813
Yuletide Twins (Claremont, Alabama Book 7) by Renee Andrews814
Sleigh Bell Sweethearts (Love Inspired) by Teri Wilson815
Season of Hope (Love Inspired LP) by Virginia Carmichael816
Cozy Christmas by Valerie Hansen817
Sugarplum Homecoming (Whisper Falls) by Linda Goodnight818
Amish Christmas Joy (Love InspiredBrides of Amish Country) by Patricia Davids819
Her Holiday Hero by Margaret Daley820
The Lawman's Holiday Wish by Ruth Logan Herne821
Jingle Bell Romance (Love InspiredHoliday Harbor) by Mia Ross822
Her Unexpected Cowboy by Debra Clopton823
Bayou Sweetheart (Love Inspired) by Lenora Worth824
His Ideal Match by Arlene James825
The Firefighter's New Family (Love Inspired) True Large Print by Gail Gaymer Martin826
The Rancher's Secret Son (Love Inspired LP) by St Amant Betsy827
Season of Redemption by Jenna Mindel828
The Cowboy's Reunited Family by Brenda Minton829
Unexpected Father by Carolyne Aarsen830
The Forest Ranger's Return by Leigh Bale831
Her Valentine Sheriff (Love InspiredSerendipity Sweethearts) by Deb Kastner832
Mommy Wanted (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews833
A Daughter's Homecoming (Love Inspired) by Ginny Aiken834
The Lawman's Honor (Love Inspired/Whisper Falls) by Linda Goodnight835
North Country Family by Lois Richer836
Seaside Romance by Mia Ross837
Small-Town Midwife (Love Inspired) by Jean C. Gordon838
A Ranch to Call Home (Love Inspired LPRodeo Heroes) by Leann Harris839
Protecting the Widow's Heart (Love Inspired/Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty840
The Shepherd's Bride (Love InspiredBrides of Amish Country) by Patricia Davids841
A Father In The Making by Carolyne Aarsen842
Rescued by the Firefighter (Love Inspired) by Gail Gaymer Martin843
Claiming the Doctor's Heart (Village Green) by Renee Ryan844
Pine Country Cowboy (Love Inspired LP) by Glynna Kaye845
Finally a Mother by Dana Corbit846
Her Unlikely Cowboy by Debra Clopton847
Jedidiah's Bride (Love InspiredLancaster County Weddings) by Rebecca Kertz848
North Country Mom by Lois Richer849
Loving the Lawman (Love Inspired/Kirkwood Lake) by Ruth Logan Herne850
The Fireman Finds a Wife (Love Inspired/Cedar Springs) by Felicia Mason851
Forever Her Hero (Love Inspired) by Belle Calhoune852
Hannah's Courtship by Emma Miller853
Single Dad Cowboy by Brenda Minton854
Second Chance Summer (Love Inspired) by Irene Hannon855
The Bachelor Meets His Match by Arlene James856
Lakeside Sweethearts (Love Inspired) by Lisa Jordan857
Unexpected Reunion (Love Inspired LP/Southern Blessings) by Greene, Carolyn (2014) Mass Market Paperback by Carolyn Greene858
Her Montana Cowboy by Valerie Hansen859
The Bachelor Next Door by Kathryn Springer860
Redeeming the Rancher by Deb Kastner861
Small-Town Homecoming by Lissa Manley862
Forever a Family by Bonnie K. Winn863
Their Unexpected Love (Love Inspired LPSecond Time Around) by Kathleen Y'Barbo864
His Montana Sweetheart by Ruth Logan Herne865
The Amish Nanny (Love InspiredBrides of Amish Country) by Patricia Davids866
A Heart to Heal (Love InspiredGordon Falls) by Allie Pleiter867
Blue Ridge Reunion (Barrett's Mill) by Mia Ross868
The Widower's Second Chance (Love Inspired LPGoose Harbor) by Jessica Keller869
Lone Star Hero (Love Inspired) by Jolene Navarro870
Her Montana Twins by Carolyne Aarsen871
Her Hometown Hero by Margaret Daley872
Small-Town Billionaire (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews873
The Deputy's New Family by Jenna Mindel874
Stranded with the Rancher (Love Inspired) by Tina Radcliffe875
Rescuing the Texan's Heart (Love Inspired) by Mindy Obenhaus876
His Montana Bride by Brenda Minton877
Alaskan Sweethearts (North to Dry Creek) by Janet Tronstad878
North Country Dad by Lois Richer879
The Forest Ranger's Christmas (Love Inspired) by Leigh Bale880
The Guy Next Door (Love Inspired) by Missy Tippens881
A Home for Her Family (Love Inspired) by Virginia Carmichael882
His Montana Homecoming by Jenna Mindel883
An Amish Family Christmas: Heart of Christmas / A Plain Holiday by Marta Perry884
Cowboy Under the Mistletoe (The Buchanons) by Linda Goodnight885
Saved by the Fireman (Gordon Falls) by Allie Pleiter886
High Country Holiday (Love Inspired) by Glynna Kaye887
His Small-Town Family (Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty888
Her Montana Christmas by Arlene James889
A Rancher for Christmas (Martin's Crossing) by Brenda Minton890
An Amish Christmas Journey (Love Inspired/Brides of Amish Country) by Patricia Davids891
Yuletide Baby (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner892
Her Holiday Family (Kirkwood Lake) by Ruth Logan Herne893
Sugar Plum Season (Love InspiredBarrett's Mill) by Mia Ross894
Her Cowboy Hero (Refuge Ranch) by Carolyne Aarsen895
Small-Town Fireman (Gordon Falls) by Allie Pleiter896
Second Chance Reunion by Merrillee Whren897
Lakeside Redemption (Love Inspired) by Lisa Jordan898
Heart of a Soldier (Love Inspired) by Belle Calhoune899
The Rancher's City Girl (Love Inspired) by Patricia Johns900
A Match for Addy (The Amish Matchmaker) by Emma Miller901
Daddy Wanted (Love Inspired) by Renee Andrews902
Hometown Valentine (Moonlight Cove) by Lissa Manley903
The Fireman's Secret (Goose Harbor) by Jessica Keller904
Healing the Widower's Heart (Love Inspired Large Print) by Susan Anne Mason905
Falling for Texas (Love Inspired) by Jill Lynn906
A Wife for Jacob (Lancaster County Weddings) by Rebecca Kertz907
The Cowboy's Forever Family (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner908
The Forest Ranger's Rescue by Leigh Bale909
Finding His Way Home (Barrett's Mill) by Mia Ross910
Alaskan Homecoming (Love Inspired) by Teri Wilson911
Engaged to the Single Mom (Rescue River) by Lee Tobin McClain912
Amish Redemption (Brides of Amish Country) by Patricia Davids913
Reunited with the Cowboy by Carolyne Aarsen914
A Dad for Her Twins by Lois Richer915
Finally a Hero (The Rancher's Daughters) by Pamela Tracy916
Small-Town Bachelor (Love Inspired) by Jill Kemerer917
Coast Guard Courtship (Love Inspired) by Lisa Carter918
The Rancher Takes a Bride (Martin's Crossing) by Brenda Minton919
The Doctor's Second Chance (Love Inspired) by Missy Tippens920
The Single Dad Finds a Wife (Cedar Springs) by Felicia Mason921
Winning the Teacher's Heart (The Donnelly Brothers) by Jean C. Gordon922
Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty923
A Firefighter's Promise (Love Inspired) by Patricia Johns924
The Cowboy's Homecoming (Refuge Ranch) by Carolyne Aarsen925
A Mother to Love (Love Inspired) by Gail Gaymer Martin926
The Amish Widow's Secret (Love Inspired) by Cheryl Williford927
Healing the Lawman's Heart by Ruth Logan Herne928
Safe in the Fireman's Arms (Love Inspired) by Tina Radcliffe929
A Rancher for Their Mom (Rodeo Heroes) by Leann Harris930
An Amish Harvest (The Amish Bachelors) by Patricia Davids931
The Nanny's New Family by Margaret Daley932
The Doctor's Perfect Match (Chatam House) by Arlene James933
Falling for Her Boss (Rosewood, Texas) by Bonnie K. Winn934
The Single Dad Next Door (Goose Harbor) by Jessica Keller935
Second Chance Sweethearts (Love Inspired) by Kristen Ethridge936
The Cowboy's Surprise Baby (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner937
Rancher Daddy by Lois Richer938
Family Wanted (Willow's Haven) by Renee Andrews939
Loving the Country Boy (Barrett's Mill) by Mia Ross940
Nursing the Soldier's Heart by Merrillee Whren941
A Father's Second Chance (Love Inspired) by Mindy Obenhaus942
The Rancher's Second Chance (Martin's Crossing) by Brenda Minton943
The Amish Bride by Emma Miller944
Lakeside Hero (Men of Millbrook Lake) by Lenora Worth945
Falling for the Mom-to-Be (Maple Springs) by Jenna Mindel946
An Alaskan Wedding (Alaskan Grooms) by Belle Calhoune947
Unexpected Family (Love Inspired) by Jill Kemerer948
A Reunion for the Rancher by Brenda Minton949
The Amish Mother by Rebecca Kertz950
A Husband for Christmas (Love Inspired) by Gail Gaymer Martin951
Rekindling the Widower's Heart (Hearts of Hunter Ridge) by Glynna Kaye952
A Texas Christmas Wish (Love Inspired) by Jolene Navarro953
The Marine's New Family by Roz Dunbar954
A Doctor for the Nanny by Leigh Bale955
The Amish Midwife by Patricia Davids956
The Christmas Family by Linda Goodnight957
Yuletide Cowboys: The Cowboy's Yuletide Reunion / The Cowboy's Christmas Gift by Deb Kastner958
Her Christmas Hero (Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty959
A Ranger for the Holidays by Allie Pleiter960
Rancher for the Holidays (Love Inspired (Large Print)) by Myra Johnson961
An Amish Noel (The Amish Bachelors) by Patricia Davids962
Gift-Wrapped Family by Lois Richer963
The Doctor's Christmas Wish (Village Green) by Renee Ryan964
Holiday Homecoming (The Donnelly Brothers) by Jean C. Gordon965
Second Chance Christmas (The Rancher's Daughters) by Pamela Tracy966
A Family for the Soldier by Carolyne Aarsen967
Amish Homecoming (Amish Hearts) by Jo Ann Brown968
An Unexpected Groom (Grace Haven) by Ruth Logan Herne969
Her Small-Town Cowboy (Oaks Crossing) by Mia Ross970
Rocky Mountain Reunion (Love Inspired) by Tina Radcliffe971
Alaskan Sanctuary (Love Inspired) by Teri Wilson972
A Daddy for Her Triplets by Deb Kastner973
A Husband for Mari (The Amish Matchmaker) by Emma Miller974
The Texas Rancher's Return by Allie Pleiter975
A Soldier's Valentine (Maple Springs) by Jenna Mindel976
The Hero's Sweetheart (Eagle Point Emergency) by Cheryl Wyatt977
His Secret Child (Rescue River) by Lee Tobin McClain978
A Baby for the Rancher by Margaret Daley979
The Rancher's First Love by Brenda Minton980
Wrangling the Cowboy's Heart by Carolyne Aarsen981
Accidental Dad by Lois Richer982
The Lawman's Surprise Family (Love Inspired Large Print) by Patricia Johns983
Alaskan Reunion (Alaskan Grooms) by Belle Calhoune984
Elijah and the Widow by Rebecca Kertz985
The Firefighter Daddy by Margaret Daley986
Coming Home to Texas (Blue Thorn Ranch) by Allie Pleiter987
Her Small-Town Romance (Love Inspired) by Jill Kemerer988
Falling for the Millionaire by Merrillee Whren989
The Nanny's Secret Child by Lorraine Beatty990
An Amish Match by Jo Ann Brown991
The Cowboy's Twins by Deb Kastner992
Claiming the Single Mom's Heart (Hearts of Hunter Ridge) by Glynna Kaye993
Her Firefighter Hero (Men of Wildfire) by Leigh Bale994
Coast Guard Sweetheart by Lisa Carter995
Her Texas Family (Love Inspired) by Jill Lynn996
Her Rancher Bodyguard by Brenda Minton997
The Amish Midwife's Courtship (Love Inspired) by Cheryl Williford998
Lakeside Sweetheart (Men of Millbrook Lake) by Lenora Worth999
The Cowboy Meets His Match (Rodeo Heroes) by Leann Harris1000
Falling for the Hometown Hero by Mindy Obenhaus1001
Small-Town Nanny by Lee Tobin McClain1002
Trusting the Cowboy by Carolyne Aarsen1003
The Rancher's Family Wish by Lois Richer1004
The Single Dad's Redemption (Aspen Creek Crossroads) by Roxanne Rustand1005
Rescued by the Farmer by Mia Ross1006
Arizona Homecoming (The Rancher's Daughters) by Pamela Tracy1007
A Match Made in Alaska (Alaskan Grooms) by Belle Calhoune1008
A Beau for Katie (The Amish Matchmaker) by Emma Miller1009
The Texan's Second Chance (Blue Thorn Ranch) by Allie Pleiter1010
Her Unexpected Family (Grace Haven) by Ruth Logan Herne1011
The Bachelor's Sweetheart (The Donnelly Brothers) by Jean C. Gordon1012
Small-Town Girl (Goose Harbor) by Jessica Keller1013
Lakeside Romance (Love Inspired) by Lisa Jordan1014
His Amish Sweetheart (Amish Hearts) by Jo Ann Brown1015
The Rancher's Homecoming (The Prodigal Ranch) by Arlene James1016
Reuniting with the Cowboy (Texas Cowboys) by Shannon Taylor Vannatter1017
Falling for the Single Dad (Love Inspired) by Lisa Carter1018
The Soldier's Surprise Family (Love Inspired) by Jolene Navarro1019
Her Texas Hero by Kat Brookes1020
The Rancher's Texas Match by Brenda Minton1021
Lone Star Dad by Linda Goodnight1022
Loving Isaac (Lancaster County Weddings) by Rebecca Kertz1023
Hometown Holiday Reunion by Mia Ross1024
A Temporary Courtship (Maple Springs) by Jenna Mindel1025
A Family for the Farmer (Love Inspired) by Laurel Blount1026
The Ranger's Texas Proposal by Jessica Keller1027
Amish Christmas Blessings: The Midwife's Christmas Surprise / A Christmas to Remember by Marta Perry1028
The Cowboy's Christmas Baby (Big Sky Cowboys) by Carolyne Aarsen1029
The Pastor's Christmas Courtship (Hearts of Hunter Ridge) by Glynna Kaye1030
A Mom for Christmas (Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty1031
His Holiday Matchmaker by Kat Brookes1032
The Nanny's Texas Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain1033
Mistletoe Daddy (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner1034
Her Christmas Family Wish by Lois Richer1035
An Aspen Creek Christmas (Aspen Creek Crossroads) by Roxanne Rustand1036
Reunited at Christmas by Belle Calhoune1037
The Cowboy's Texas Family by Margaret Daley1039
An Amish Reunion (Amish Hearts) by Jo Ann Brown1040
Her Guardian Rancher (Martin's Crossing) by Brenda Minton1041
Apple Orchard Bride (Goose Harbor) by Jessica Keller1042
Second Chance Father (Willow's Haven) by Renee Andrews1043
Rocky Mountain Cowboy (Love Inspired) by Tina Radcliffe1044
The Doctor's Texas Baby by Deb Kastner1045
A Love for Leah (The Amish Matchmaker) by Emma Miller1046
Courting the Cowboy (Cowboys of Cedar Ridge) by Carolyne Aarsen1047
Her Lakeside Family (Men of Millbrook Lake) by Lenora Worth1048
Falling for the Single Mom (Oaks Crossing) by Mia Ross1049
The Lawman's Secret Son (Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty1050
The Rancher's Texas Twins by Allie Pleiter1051
His Amish Teacher (The Amish Bachelors) by Patricia Davids1052
Her Single Dad Hero (The Prodigal Ranch) by Arlene James1053
The Soldier and the Single Mom (Rescue River) by Lee Tobin McClain1054
The Deputy's Perfect Match (Love Inspired) by Lisa Carter1055
Second Chance Romance (Love Inspired) by Jill Weatherholt1056
Her Secret Amish Child (Pinecraft Homecomings) by Cheryl Williford1057
The Cowboy's Easter Family Wish by Lois Richer1058
Easter in Dry Creek by Janet Tronstad1059
Winning Over the Cowboy (Texas Cowboys) by Shannon Taylor Vannatter1060
Wildfire Sweethearts (Men of Wildfire) by Leigh Bale1061
Their Second Chance Love by Kat Brookes1062
A Ready-Made Amish Family by Jo Ann Brown1063
The Bull Rider's Homecoming (Blue Thorn Ranch) by Allie Pleiter1064
The Bachelor's Twins (Castle Falls) by Kathryn Springer1065
Their Surprise Daddy (Grace Haven) by Ruth Logan Herne1066
The Nanny Bargain (Hearts of Hunter Ridge) by Glynna Kaye1067
The Dad Next Door (Family Blessings) by Stephanie Dees1068
Their Pretend Amish Courtship (The Amish Bachelors) by Patricia Davids1069
Lone Star Bachelor by Linda Goodnight1070
Second-Chance Cowboy (Cowboys of Cedar Ridge) by Carolyne Aarsen1071
Falling for the Rancher (Aspen Creek Crossroads) by Roxanne Rustand1072
The Single Mom's Second Chance (Goose Harbor) by Jessica Keller1073
Hometown Hero's Redemption by Jill Kemerer1074
A Secret Amish Love (Women of Lancaster County) by Rebecca Kertz1075
The Cowboy's Baby Blessing (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner1076
Her Cowboy Boss (The Prodigal Ranch) by Arlene James1077
The Twins' Family Wish by Lois Richer1078
Deputy Daddy (Comfort Creek Lawmen) by Patricia Johns1079
Child Wanted (Willow's Haven) by Renee Andrews1080
A Groom for Ruby (The Amish Matchmaker) by Emma Miller1081
Second Chance Rancher (Bluebonnet Springs) by Brenda Minton1082
The Soldier's Secret Child (Rescue River) by Lee Tobin McClain1083
Reuniting His Family (Love Inspired Large Print) by Jean C. Gordon1084
Texas Daddy (Lone Star Legacy (Love Inspired)) by Jolene Navarro1085
Their Ranch Reunion (Rocky Mountain Heroes) by Mindy Obenhaus1086
Second Chance Amish Bride (Brides of Lost Creek) by Marta Perry1087
The Texas Rancher's New Family (Blue Thorn Ranch) by Allie Pleiter1088
His Secret Alaskan Heiress (Alaskan Grooms) by Belle Calhoune1089
Her Hill Country Cowboy (Love Inspired) by Myra Johnson1090
The Bachelor's Unexpected Family (Love Inspired) by Lisa Carter1091
Healing His Widowed Heart (Love Inspired) by Annie Hemby1092
Amish Christmas Twins by Patricia Davids1093
The Rancher's Mistletoe Bride (Wyoming Cowboys) by Jill Kemerer1094
An Alaskan Christmas by Belle Calhoune1095
Mountain Country Cowboy by Glynna Kaye1096
Mending the Widow's Heart (Liberty Creek) by Mia Ross1097
A Baby for the Doctor (Family Blessings) by Stephanie Dees1098
Secret Christmas Twins by Lee Tobin McClain1099
An Amish Proposal (Amish Hearts) by Jo Ann Brown1100
Christmas on the Ranch: The Rancher’s Christmas Baby / Christmas Eve Cowboy by Arlene James1101
The Cowboy's Family Christmas (Cowboys of Cedar Ridge) by Carolyne Aarsen1102
The Lawman's Yuletide Baby (Grace Haven) by Ruth Logan Herne1103
A Texas Holiday Reunion (Texas Cowboys) by Shannon Taylor Vannatter1104
Texas Christmas Twins by Deb Kastner1105
Her Amish Christmas Sweetheart (Women of Lancaster County) by Rebecca Kertz1106
Amish Triplets for Christmas (Love Inspired) by Carrie Lighte1107
The Rancher's Christmas Bride (Bluebonnet Springs) by Brenda Minton1108
The Christmas Baby (Love Inspired) by Lisa Carter1109
The Deputy's Holiday Family (Rocky Mountain Heroes) by Mindy Obenhaus1110
An Amish Arrangement (Amish Hearts) by Jo Ann Brown1111
The Texan's Twins (Lone Star Legacy (Love Inspired)) by Jolene Navarro1112
Claiming Her Cowboy (Big Heart Ranch) by Tina Radcliffe1113
A Mom for His Daughter (Love Inspired) by Jean C. Gordon1114
Her Handyman Hero (Home to Dover) by Lorraine Beatty1115
Instant Family (Love Inspired) by Donna Gartshore1116
A Man for Honor (The Amish Matchmaker) by Emma Miller1117
A Cowboy for the Twins (Cowboys of Cedar Ridge) by Carolyne Aarsen1118
Hill Country Reunion (Love Inspired) by Myra Johnson1119
Her Secret Daughter (Grace Haven) by Ruth Logan Herne1120
The Lawman's Runaway Bride (Comfort Creek Lawmen) by Patricia Johns1121
The Bachelor's Baby (Liberty Creek) by Mia Ross1122
An Unexpected Amish Romance (The Amish Bachelors) by Patricia Davids1123
Courting Her Amish Heart (Prodigal Daughters) by Mary Davis1124
A Family for Easter (Rescue River) by Lee Tobin McClain1125
Her Alaskan Cowboy by Belle Calhoune1126
Finally a Bride (Willow's Haven) by Renee Andrews1127
Their Secret Baby Bond (Family Blessings) by Stephanie Dees1128
Their Amish Reunion (Amish Seasons) by Lenora Worth1129
Anna's Forgotten Fiancé (Amish Country Courtships) by Carrie Lighte1130
Counting on the Cowboy (Texas Cowboys) by Shannon Taylor Vannatter1131
The Bachelor's Perfect Match (Castle Falls) by Kathryn Springer1132
Mountain Country Courtship (Hearts of Hunter Ridge) by Glynna Kaye1133
Reunited by a Secret Child (Men of Wildfire) by Leigh Bale1134
The Wedding Quilt Bride (Brides of Lost Creek) by Marta Perry1135
The Amish Widow's New Love (Love Inspired) by Liz Tolsma1136
The Rancher's Secret Child (Bluebonnet Springs) by Brenda Minton1137
An Unexpected Family (Maple Springs) by Jenna Mindel1140
The Amish Suitor (Amish Spinster Club) by Jo Ann Brown1141
And Cowboy Makes Three (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner1142
Reunited with the Bull Rider (Wyoming Cowboys) by Jill Kemerer1143
His Surprise Son (Matrimony Valley) by Allie Pleiter1144
Her Fresh Start Family (Mississippi Hearts) by Lorraine Beatty1145
The Firefighter's Twins by Heidi McCahan1146
His New Amish Family (The Amish Bachelors) by Patricia Davids1147
Her Forgiving Amish Heart (Women of Lancaster County) by Rebecca Kertz1148
The Soldier's Redemption by Lee Tobin McClain1149
Falling for the Cowgirl (Big Heart Ranch) by Tina Radcliffe1150
His Two Little Blessings (Liberty Creek) by Mia Ross1151
The Cowboy's Little Girl by Kat Brookes1152
A Widow's Hope (Indiana Amish Brides) by Vannetta Chapman1153
Her Cowboy Reunion (Shepherd's Crossing) by Ruth Logan Herne1154
The Rancher's Surprise Daughter (Colorado Grooms) by Jill Lynn1155
Meant-to-Be Baby by Lois Richer1156
The Deputy's Unexpected Family (Comfort Creek Lawmen) by Patricia Johns1157
A Father for Bella (Love Inspired) by Jill Weatherholt1158
Courting Her Secret Heart by Mary Davis1159
Runaway Amish Bride (Colorado Amish Courtships) by Leigh Bale1160
Reunited with the Rancher (Mercy Ranch) by Brenda Minton1161
Dry Creek Daddy by Janet Tronstad1162
Snowbound with the Best Man (Matrimony Valley) by Allie Pleiter1163
A Baby for the Minister (Love Inspired) by Laurel Blount1164
The Amish Christmas Cowboy (Amish Spinster Club) by Jo Ann Brown1165
An Amish Holiday Wedding (Amish Country Courtships) by Carrie Lighte1166
The Rancher's Answered Prayer (Three Brothers Ranch) by Arlene James1167
Christmas with the Cowboy (Big Heart Ranch) by Tina Radcliffe1168
Wyoming Christmas Quadruplets (Wyoming Cowboys) by Jill Kemerer1169
Their Family Legacy (Mississippi Hearts) by Lorraine Beatty1170
An Amish Wife for Christmas (North Country Amish) by Patricia Davids1171
His Amish Choice (Colorado Amish Courtships) by Leigh Bale1172
The Twins' Family Christmas by Lee Tobin McClain1173
Montana Mistletoe (Love Inspired) by Roxanne Rustand1174
Lone Star Christmas (Lone Star Legacy (Love Inspired)) by Jolene Navarro1175
Holiday Baby (Maple Springs) by Jenna Mindel1176
Amish Christmas Memories (Indiana Amish Brides) by Vannetta Chapman1177
Her Amish Christmas Gift (Women of Lancaster County) by Rebecca Kertz1178
A Cowboy Christmas: Snowbound Christmas / Falling for the Christmas Cowboy by Linda Goodnight1179
The Rancher's Christmas Match (Mercy Ranch) by Brenda Minton1180
A Christmas Baby for the Cowboy (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner1181
Mistletoe Twins by Lois Richer1182
Courting Her Prodigal Heart by Mary Davis1183
Minding the Amish Baby (Amish Country Courtships) by Carrie Lighte1184
A Cowboy in Shepherd's Crossing by Ruth Logan Herne1185
Her Cowboy's Twin Blessings (Montana Twins) by Patricia Johns1186
Beneath Montana Skies (Mustang Ridge) by Mia Ross1187
The Rancher's Baby Surprise by Kat Brookes1188
The Promised Amish Bride (Brides of Lost Creek) by Marta Perry1189
Her Amish Child (Amish Seasons Book 2) by Lenora Worth1190
The Rancher's Unexpected Baby (Colorado Grooms Book 2) by Jill Lynn1191
Her Cowboy Inheritance (Three Sisters Ranch) by Danica Favorite1192
Their Family Blessing (Mississippi Hearts) by Lorraine Beatty1193
The Marriage Bargain (Family Blessings) by Stephanie Dees1194
The Amish Bachelor's Baby (Amish Spinster Club) by Jo Ann Brown1195
The Amish Baker (Love Inspired) by Marie E. Bast1196
Rancher to the Rescue (Three Brothers Ranch) by Arlene James1197
His Secret Daughter (Love Inspired) by Lisa Carter1199
Season of Hope (Love Inspired) by Lisa Jordan1200
The Amish Spinster's Courtship (Love Inspired) by Emma Miller1201
Their Convenient Amish Marriage (Pinecraft Homecomings) by Cheryl Williford1202
The Rancher's Legacy (Red Dog Ranch) by Jessica Keller1203
Rocky Mountain Daddy by Lois Richer1204
Her Colorado Cowboy (Rocky Mountain Heroes) by Mindy Obenhaus1205
Instant Father (Love Inspired) by Donna Gartshore1206
A Perfect Amish Match (Indiana Amish Brides) by Vannetta Chapman1207
Her New Amish Family (Amish Country Courtships) by Carrie Lighte1208
His Wyoming Baby Blessing (Wyoming Cowboys) by Jill Kemerer1209
Her Twins' Cowboy Dad (Montana Twins) by Patricia Johns1210
His Suitable Amish Wife (Women of Lancaster County) by Rebecca Kertz1213
Her Oklahoma Rancher (Mercy Ranch) by Brenda Minton1214
High Country Homecoming (Rocky Mountain Ranch) by Roxanne Rustand1215
Winning the Rancher's Heart (Three Brothers Ranch) by Arlene James1216
The Texan's Secret Daughter (Cowboys of Diamondback Ranch) by Jolene Navarro1217
Their Baby Blessing (Love Inspired) by Heidi McCahan1218
The Amish Widower's Twins (Amish Spinster Club, Book 4) by Jo Ann Brown1219
A Love for Lizzie (Love Inspired) by Tracey J. Lyons1220
Healing the Cowboy's Heart (Shepherd’s Crossing) by Ruth Logan Herne1221
Wander Canyon Courtship (Matrimony Valley) by Allie Pleiter1222
The Cowboy's Faith (Three Sisters Ranch) by Danica Favorite1223
Hometown Hope by Laurel Blount1224
The Amish Bachelor's Choice (Love Inspired) by Jocelyn McClay1225
The Nanny's Secret Baby by Lee Tobin McClain1226
Rocky Mountain Memories by Lois Richer1227
A Rancher to Remember (Montana Twins) by Patricia Johns1228
The Cowboy's Twin Surprise (Triple Creek Cowboys) by Stephanie Dees1229
A Soldier's Prayer (Maple Springs) by Jenna Mindel1230
Shelter from the Storm (North Country Amish) by Patricia Davids1231
Her Forgotten Cowboy (Cowboy Country) by Deb Kastner1232
The Bull Rider's Secret (Colorado Grooms) by Jill Lynn1233
Reunited in the Rockies (Rocky Mountain Heroes) by Mindy Obenhaus1234
Hometown Healing (Love Inspired) by Jennifer Slattery1236

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