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Publisher Series: Malone Society Reprints and Collections

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Works (181)

The Battle of Alcazar 1594 (Malone Society Reprint) by George Peele1
The history of Orlando Furioso by Robert Greene2
The interlude of Johan the Evangelist by W. W. Greg3
The interlude of Wealth and Health (Malone Society Reprint) by W. W. Greg4
King Leir (Globe Quartos) by Anonymous5
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Part i by Malone Society6
The interlude of Calisto and Melebea by John Rastell7
The tragedy of Locrine, 1595 by W. S.8
The First Part of the Life of Sir John Oldcastle by Anthony Munday9
The tragical reign of Selimus by Robert Greene10
The Old Wives' Tale by George Peele11
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Part ii by Malone Society12
The play of Patient Grissell by John Phillip13
Iphigenia in Aulis by Euripides14
The Virtuous Octivia, 1598 by Samuel Brandon15
A critical edition of Anthony Munday's Fedele and Fortunio by Anthony Munday16
The Second Maiden's Tragedy by Thomas Middleton17
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Part iii, by W. W. Greg18
The arraignment of Paris, 1584 by George Peele19
Tom Tyler and his wife by G. C. Moore Smith20
The Wounds of Civil War (Regents Renaissance Drama) by Thomas Lodge21
A knack to know an honest man. 1596 by John S. Farmer22
The Birth of Hercules by R. Warwick Bond23
Appius and Virginia by Richard Bower24
The Famous Chronicle of king Edward the first ... Also the life of Llevellen rebell in Wales. Lastly, the sinking of Queene Elinor, who sunck at Charing crosse, and rose againe at Pottershith, now named Queenehith. [A tragedy in verse.] by George Peele25
George-a-Greene the pinner of Wakefield, 1599 by Robert Greene26
The tragedy of Caesar's revenge by Frederick S. Boas27
Sir Thomas More by Anthony Munday 28 A,B
Malone Society Collections, Vol. I, Parts iv and v by Malone Society29
The love of King David and fair Bethsabe by George Peele30
The Two Angry Women of Abingdon by Henry Porter31
The Weakest Goeth to the Wall by Anonymous32
Wily Beguilde by William Haughton33
Englishmen For My Money; or, A Woman Will Have Her Will by William Haughton34
The resurrection of our Lord by Anonymous35
Clyomon and Clamydes by Anonymous36
Look about you (Malone Society reprints) by Henry Chettle37
A Larum for London by Robert Wilson38
The contention between liberality and prodigality, 1602 by Anonymous39
Wit of a woman. 1604 by William Haughton40
Malone Society Collections, Vol.II, Part i by W. W. Greg41
The Tragedy of Mariam, the Fair Queen of Jewry: with The Lady Falkland: Her Life, by One of Her Daughters by Elizabeth Cary 42A
The Cobler's Prophecy, 1594 (Classic Reprint) by Robert Wilson43
The Pedlar's Prophecy by John S. Farmer44
Gesta Grayorum: Or, The history of the high and mighty prince, Henry Prince of Purpoole, Anno Domini, 1594 by Anonymous45
The tragedie of Tancred and Gismund by Robert Wilmot46
The Tragedy of Tiberius, 1607 [aka The Tragedy of Claudius Tiberius Nero by W. W. Greg47
The Welsh embassador by Thomas Dekker48
Every Man out of his Humour by Ben Jonson49
James the Fourth (Revels Plays) by Robert Greene50
Antonio and Mellida: & Antonio's revenge, (The Malone society reprints) by John Marston51
An account of the Christmas prince, as it was exhibited in the University of Oxford, in the year 1607. [Here wrongly asc by Anonymous52
Two Elizabethan Stage Abridgements: The Battle of Alcazar and Orlando Furioso Double volume (Malone Society Reprints) by W. W. Greg53
John a Kent & John a Cumber by Anthony Munday54
Malone Society Collections, Vol.II, Part ii by W. W. Greg55
Edward II by Christopher Marlowe57
Alphonsus King of Aragon, 1599 by Robert Greene58
Friar Bacon and Friar Bungay by Robert Greene59
Believe As You List by Philip Massinger60
Edmond Ironside or, War Hath Made All Friends by Anonymous61
Fair Em by W. W. Greg62
The parliament of love by Philip Massinger63
The blind beggar of Alexandria, (The Malone Society reprints) by George Chapman64
The massacre at Paris by Christopher Marlowe65
Thomas of Woodstock: or King Richard the Second, Part One by Samuel Rowley66
The true tragedy of Richard the Third, 1594 (Malone Society) by W. W. Greg67
The two noble ladies (Malone Society) by Rebecca Garrett Rhoads68
An edition of the Rare triumphs of love and fortune by John Isaac Owen69
King Johan by John Bale70
Malone Society Collections, Vol.II, Part iii by W. W. Greg71
A Looking Glass for London and England (Malone Society Reprint Series) by Thomas Lodge72
The Launching of the Mary by Walter Mountfort73
Campaspe by John Lyly75
Ralph Roister Doister by Nicholas Udall76
If you know not me you know nobody, part 1 (The Malone Society reprints) by Thomas Heywood77
If you know not me you know nobody, part 2 (The Malone Society reprints) by Thomas Heywood78
John of Bordeaux, or The Second Part of Friar Bacon (Malone Society) by Henry Chettle79
The soddered citizen by John Clavell80
The trial & flagellation, with other studies in the Chester cycle by Chester plays.,81
The most virtuous & godly Susanna by Thomas Garter, 1578 by Thomas Garter82
Jack Juggler by W. W. Greg74, 83
Charlemagne; or, The distracted emperor by George Chapman84
An Humorous Day's Mirth: by George Chapman (Revels Plays) by George Chapman85
Arden of Faversham by Anonymous86
Mother Bombie by John Lyly87
The Spanish Tragedy by Thomas Kyd56, 88
The Witch by Thomas Middleton89
Gentleness and nobility (Malone Society Reprint) by John Heywood90
Law tricks, 1608 (The Malone Society reprints) by John Daye91
Demetrius and Enanthe, being The humorous lieutenant, a play, by John Fletcher92
The tragedy of Hoffman; or, A reuenge for a father [by H. Chettle] by Henry Chettle93
Bonduca by John Fletcher94
The moral play of Wit and Science, and early poetical miscellanies (Shakespeare Society Publications 37) by John Redford95
The Conflict of Conscience by Nathaniel Woodes96
When you see me, you know me. Or the famous Chronicle Historie of king Henrie the Eight, with the birth ... of Edward Prince of Wales, etc. [A play in verse and prose.] by Samuel Rowley97
The captives; or, The lost recovered. by Thomas Heywood98
Honourable Entertainments by Thomas Middleton99
The Poor Man's Comfort (Globe Quartos) by Robert Daborne100
Malone Society Collections, Vol. III by D. J. Gordon101
Dick of Devonshire (Malone Society) by J. G. McManaway102
July and Julian by Giles E. Dawson103
History of Jacob and Esau by Anonymous104
Malone Society Collections IV by F. P. Wilson105
The life and death of Jack Straw, 1594 (Malone Society) by Anonymous106
Damon and Pithias by Richard Edwards107
The fatal marriage by Brigid Younghughes108
The lady mother by Henry Glapthorne109
The Telltale (Malone Society) by John Daye110
Malone Society Collections, Vol. V by F. P. Wilson111
The Knave In Grain, New Vampt (1640) by J. D.112
The marriage of Wit and Science by Arthur Brown113
The bloody banquet 1639. [Prepared by Samuel Schoenbaum] by Thomas Dekker114
The fair maid of the exchange, 1607 by Thomas Heywood116
The interlude of vice: (Horestes) 1567 (The Malone Society reprints) by John Pikering117
A knack to know a knave. 1594 by G. R. Proudfoot118
The miseries of inforst marriage Playd by his Maiesties Seruants. By George Wilkins by George Wilkins119
The downfall of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon, 1601 (The Malone Society reprints) by Anthony Munday120
The VVisdome of Doctor Dodypoll by Anonymous121
The death of Robert, Earl of Huntingdon: 1601 (The Malone Society reprints) by Anthony Munday122
Malone Society Collections, Volume VII: Records of Plays and Players in Kent, 1450-1642 by Giles E. Dawson123
Lusty Juventus: the Tudor Facsimile Texts by R. Wever124
The marriage of Wit and Wisdom, an ancient interlude : To which are added Illustrations of Shakespeare and the early English drama (Shakespeare Society Publications 31) by Francis Marbury125
The hogge hath lost his pearl by Robert Tailor126
Johan Johan the husband by John Heywood127
The couragious Turke and The Raging Turke by Thomas Goffe128
A Yorkshire Tragedy (Revels Plays) by Thomas Middleton129
Malone Society Collections, Volume VIII: Records of Plays and Players in Lincolnshire, 1300-1585 by Stanley J. Kahrl130
Captain Thomas Stukeley by William Haughton131
The faithful friends by G. M. Pinciss132
The play of the weather by John Heywood133
Malone Society Collections, Vol. IX by G. R. Proudfoot134
The Wasp : or, Subject's precedent by J. W. Lever135
Malone Society Collections, Volume X: Dramatic Records in the Declared Accounts of the Office of Works, 1560-1640 by F. P. Wilson136
The escapes of Jupiter by Thomas Heywood137
A play of love, 1534 (Malone Society Reprint) by John Heywood138
Timon, a play (Shakespeare Society Publications 11) by Alexander Dyce139
Sir John van Olden Barnavelt by John Fletcher140
Malone Society Collections, Volume XI: Records of Plays and Players in Norfolk and Suffolk, 1330-1642 by David Galloway141
The Captive lady by A. R. Braunmuller142
Malone Society Collections, Vol. XII by G. R. Proudfoot143
The Pardoner and the Friar 1533 and The Four Ps ?1544 by John Heywood144, 145
Henry VI, Part 2 by William Shakespeare146
Malone Society Collections, Volume XIII: Jacobean and Caroline Revels Accounts, 1603-1642 by W. R. Streitberger147
The Lost Lady by Sir William Berkeley148
Malone Society Collections, Vol. XIV by Suzanne Gossett149
The queen of Corsica by Francis Jaques150
A Game at Chess by Thomas Middleton151
Henry IV, Part II by William Shakespeare152
Two Moral Interludes: Witty and Witless by John Heywood and Like Will to Like by Ulpian Fulwell (Malone Society Reprints) by Peter Happe153
Tom a Lincoln by G. R. Proudfoot154
Malone Society Collections XV by Nigel Bawcutt155
Hymen's Triumph (Malone Society Reprints) by Samuel Daniel156
A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare157
Dramatic Works by William Cavendish (Malone Society Reprints) by William Cavendish158
The Shepherds' Paradise (Malone Society Reprints) by Walter Montagu159
The Taming of a Shrew: The 1594 Quarto (The New Cambridge Shakespeare: The Early Quartos) by Anonymous160
Galatea (Revels Student Editions) by John Lyly161
The Country Captain by William Cavendish162
Romeo and Juliet 1597 (Malone Society Reprints) by William Shakespeare163
The Wisest Have Their Fools About Them (Malone Society Reprints) by Elizabeth Baldwin164
Sappho and Phao, 1584 by John Lyly165
Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare166
Hengist, King of Kent, or The Mayor of Quinborough by Thomas Middleton167
Common conditions by Roberta Barker168
The Two Noble Kinsmen by William Shakespeare169
Guy of Warwick 1661 (Malone Society Reprints) by Helen Moore170
Famous Victories of Henry the Fifth 1598 (Malone Society Reprints) by Chiaki Hanabusa171
The Tamer Tamed (RSC Classics) by John Fletcher172
The Trial of Treasure: By Anonymous (Malone Society) by William Wager173
The Emperor's Favourite by Siobhan Keenan174
Collections. Volume XVI by Eugene Giddens175
The Honest Man's Fortune (The Malone Society) by John Fletcher176
The Humorous Magistrate (Arbury MS.) by Margaret Jane Kidnie177
The Humorous Magistrate (Osborne MS.) by Jacqueline Jenkins178
Tide Tarrieth No Man (Malone Society) by George Wapull179
Two Lamentable Tragedies (The Malone Society) by Robert Yarington180
Soliman and Perseda, by Thomas Kyd (The Malone Society) by Thomas Kyd181
Collections XVII (The Malone Society MUP) by Eugene Giddens182
The tragedy of Antigone : 1631 by Thomas May183
The twice-chang'd friar by John Newdigate184
Designs by Inigo Jones for masques & plays at court;: A descriptive catalogue of drawings for scenery and costumes mainly in the collection of His Grace the Duke of Devonshire, K.G., by Inigo Jonesunnumbered, 1924

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