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Series: Childhood of Famous Americans

Series by cover

Works (215)

A. P. Giannini: Boy of San Francisco by Marie Hammontree
Abe Lincoln, Frontier Boy by Augusta Stevenson
Abigail Adams: Girl of Colonial Days by Jean Brown Wagoner
Abner Doubleday: Young Baseball Player by Montrew Dunham
Adlai Stevenson: Young Ambassador by Martha Eads Ward
Aleck Bell: Ingenious Boy by Mabel Cleland Widdemer
Alvin C. York: Young Marksman by Ethel H. Weddle
Anne Bradstreet: Young Puritan Poet by Montrew Dunham
Babe Didrikson: Girl Athlete by Lena Young De Grummond
Babe Ruth: Baseball Boy by Guernsey Jr. Van Riper
Bernard Baruch: Boy from South Carolina by Joanne Landers Henry
Betsy Ross: Designer of Our Flag (Childhood of Famous Americans) by Ann Weil
Bret Harte: Young Storyteller by Janet Branham
Carl Sandburg: Young Singing Poet by Grace Hathaway Melin
Clara Barton: Founder of the American Red Cross by Augusta Stevenson
Clyde Beatty: Boy Animal Trainer by Katharine Elliott Wilkie
David Sarnoff: Radio and TV Boy by Elisabeth P. Myers
Davy Crockett: Young Rifleman by Aileen Wells Parks
Duke Ellington: Young Music Master by Martha E. Schaaf
Edward Bok: Young Editor by Elisabeth P. Myers
Edward R. Murrow: Young Newscaster by Hortense Myers
Elizabeth Blackwell: Girl Doctor by Joanne Landers Henry
Frederic Remington: Young Artist by Clyde B. Moore
Frederick Douglass by Elisabeth P. Myers
Gail Borden: Resourceful Boy by Adrian A. Paradis
George M. Cohan: Boy Theater Genius by Gertrude Hecker Winders
George Rogers Clark, boy of the old Northwest by Katharine Elliott Wilkie
Harriet Tubman,: Freedom girl (Childhood of famous Americans) by Gertrude Hecker Winders
Harvey S. Firestone: Young Rubber Pioneer by Adrian Paradis
Henry Ford: Boy with Ideas by Hazel B. Aird
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Gifted Young Poet by Grace Hathaway Melin
J. C. Penney: Golden Rule Boy by Wilma J. Hudson
James Fenimore Cooper: Leatherstocking Boy by Gertrude Hecker Winders
Jean Felix Piccard: Boy Balloonist by Lena Young De Grummond
Jessie Frémont: Girl of Capitol Hill by Jean Brown Wagoner
Jim Thorpe: Indian Athlete by Guernsey Van Riper
John Audubon: Young Naturalist (Young Patriots series) by Miriam E. Mason
John D. Rockefeller: Boy Financier by Elisabeth P. Myers
John F. Kennedy: Young Statesman by Lucy Post Frisbee
John Paul Jones: Salt-Water Boy by Dorothea J. Snow
Joseph Pulitzer: A Boy Journalist by Hortense Myers
Knute Rockne: Young Athlete by Jr. Riper, Guernsey Van
Lotta Crabtree: Gold Rush Girl by Marian T. Place
Lou Gehrig: Boy of the Sand Lots by Guernsey Van Riper
Lyndon B. Johnson: Young Texan by Thomas Frank Barton
Margaret Bourke-White: Young Photographer by Montrew Dunham
Mark Twain: Young Writer (Childhood of Famous Americans) by Miriam E. Mason
Martin Luther King, Jr. boy with a Dream by Dharathula (Dolly) Millender
Meriwether Lewis: Boy Explorer by Charlotta M. Bebenroth
Molly Pitcher: Young Patriot by Augusta Stevenson
Nancy Hanks: Kentucky Girl by Augusta Stevenson
Narcissa Whitman: Pioneer Girl by Ann Spence Warner
Nathan Hale: Puritan Boy by Augusta Stevenson
Pearl S. Buck: Literary Girl by Elisabeth P. Myers
Peter Stuyvesant: Boy with Wooden Shoes by Mabel Cleland Widdemer
Phillis Wheatley: young Colonial poet by Kathryn Kilby Borland
Raphael Semmes: Tidewater Boy by Dorothea J. Snow
Richard Byrd: Boy of the South Pole by Guernsey Van Riper
Robert Frost: Boy with Promises to Keep by Ellen Wilson
Teddy Roosevelt: All-Round Boy by Edd Winfield Parks
Thomas Paine, common sense boy (Childhood of famous Americans) by Elisabeth P. Myers
Vincent Lombardi: Young Football Coach by Hortense Myers and Ruth Burnett
Virgil I. Grissom: Boy Astronaut by Carl L. Chappell
Washington Irving: Boy of Old New York by Mabel Cleland Widdemer
Wilbur and Orville Wright: Boys with Wings by Augusta Stevenson
William Fargo : Boy Mail Carrier (Childhood of Famous Americans) by Katharine Elliott Wilkie
William H. McGuffey: Boy Reading Genius by Barbara Williams
William Henry Harrison, young Tippecanoe by Howard Henry Peckham
Ernie Pyle: Boy From Back Home by Ellen Janet Cameron WilsonAuthors&Composers
Eugene Field: Young Poet by Kathryn Kilby BorlandAuthors&Composers
Francis Scott Key: Maryland Boy by Augusta StevensonAuthors&Composers
George Gershwin: Young Composer by Bernice Morgan BryantAuthors&Composers
Hoosier Boy: James Whitcomb Riley by Minnie Belle MitchellAuthors&Composers
Joel Chandler Harris: Young Storyteller by Ethel H. WeddleAuthors&Composers
John Philip Sousa: Marching Boy by Ann WeilAuthors&Composers
Kate Douglas Wiggin: The Little Schoolteacher by Miriam E. MasonAuthors&Composers
Katharine Lee Bates: Girl Poet by Elisabeth P. MyersAuthors&Composers
Lew Wallace: Boy Writer by Martha E. SchaafAuthors&Composers
Louisa Alcott: Girl of Old Boston by Jean Brown WagonerAuthors&Composers
Mary Mapes Dodge: Jolly Girl by Miriam E. MasonAuthors&Composers
Noah Webster: Boy of Words by Helen Boyd HigginsAuthors&Composers
Stephen Foster: Boy Minstrel by Helen Boyd HigginsAuthors&Composers
Allan Pinkerton: Young Detective by Kathryn Kilby BorlandBusinessmen
Andrew Carnegie: Young Steelmaker by Joanne Landers HenryBusinessmen
F. W. Woolworth: Five and Ten Boy by Elisabeth P. MyersBusinessmen
John Jacob Astor: Boy Trader by Dorothy S AndersonBusinessmen
John Wanamaker: Boy Merchant by Olive Woolley BurtBusinessmen
Walter Chrysler: Boy Machinist by Ethel H. WeddleBusinessmen
James Oglethorpe: Young Defender by Aileen Wells ParksColonialDays
John Alden: Young Puritan by Olive Woolley BurtColonialDays
John Peter Zenger: Young Defender of a Free Press by Laura LongColonialDays
John Smith: Jamestown Boy by Thomas Frank BartonColonialDays
Myles Standish: Adventurous Boy by Augusta StevensonColonialDays
Virginia Dare: Mystery Girl by Augusta StevensonColonialDays
William Bradford: Pilgrim Boy by Bradford SmithColonialDays
William Penn: Friendly Boy by Miriam E. MasonColonial Days
Annie Oakley: Little Sure Shot by Ellen WilsonEntertainers&Artists
Benjamin West, Gifted Young Painter, Childhood of Famous Americans by Dorothea J. SnowEntertainers&Artists
Cecil B. DeMille: Young Dramatist by Hortense MyersEntertainers&Artists
Ethel Barrymore: Girl Actress by Shirlee Petkin NewmanEntertainers&Artists
Harry Houdini : Young Magician by Kathryn Kilby BorlandEntertainers&Artists
P. T. Barnum: Circus Boy by Augusta StevensonEntertainers&Artists
The Ringling Brothers: Circus Boys by Olive Woolley BurtEntertainers&Artists
Will Rogers: Young Cowboy by Guernsey Van RiperEntertainers&Artists
Amelia Earhart: Kansas Girl by Jane Moore HoweExplorers&Pioneers
Carl Ben Eielson: Young Alaskan Pilot by Hortense MyersExplorers&Pioneers
John Sevier: Pioneer Boy by William O. SteeleExplorers&Pioneers
Robert Peary: Boy of the North by Electa ClarkExplorers&Pioneers
Vilhjalmur Stefansson: Young Arctic Explorer by Hortense MyersExplorers&Pioneers
Alec Hamilton: The Little Lion by Helen Boyd HigginsFoundersOfOurNation
George Washington: Boy Leader by Augusta StevensonFoundersOfOurNation
John Hancock: New England Boy by Kathryn Cleven SissonFoundersOfOurNation
John Quincy Adams: Boy Patriot by Ann WeilFoundersOfOurNation
Tom Jefferson: A Boy in Colonial Days by Helen Albee MonsellFoundersOfOurNation
Black Hawk: Young Sauk Warrior by Cathrine Seward ClevenIndians
Chief Joseph: Boy of the Nez Percé by Olive Woolley BurtIndians
Osceola: Young Seminole Indian by Electa ClarkIndians
Pocahontas: Brave Girl by Flora Warren SeymourIndians
Pontiac: Young Ottawa Leader by Howard Henry PeckhamIndians
Sacagawea: Bird Girl by Flora Warren SeymourIndians
Sequoyah: Young Cherokee Guide by Dorothea J. SnowIndians
Sitting Bull: Dakota Boy by Augusta StevensonIndians
Squanto: Young Indian Hunter by Augusta StevensonIndians
Tecumseh: Shawnee Boy by Augusta StevensonIndians
David Farragut: Boy Midshipman by Laura LongNaval Heroes
George Dewey: Vermont Boy by Laura LongNaval Heroes
Matthew Calbraith Perry: Boy Sailor by Alexander ScharbachNaval Heroes
Oliver Hazard Perry: Boy of the Sea by Laura LongNaval Heroes
Stephen Decatur: Gallant Boy by Bradford SmithNaval Heroes
Dolly Madison: Quaker Girl by Helen Albee MonsellNotedWives&Mothers
Eleanor Roosevelt: Courageous Girl by Ann WeilNotedWives&Mothers
Martha Washington: Girl of Old Virginia by Jean Brown WagonerNotedWives&Mothers
Mary Todd Lincoln: Girl of the Bluegrass by Katharine Elliott WilkieNotedWives&Mothers
Rachel Jackson: Tennessee Girl by Christine Noble GovanNotedWives&Mothers
Cyrus McCormick: Farmer Boy by Lavinia G. DoblerScientists&Inventors
Eli Whitney: Boy Mechanic by Dorothea J. SnowScientists&Inventors
Elias Howe: Inventive Boy by Jean CorcoranScientists&Inventors
George Carver: Boy Scientist by Augusta StevensonScientists&Inventors
George Eastman: Young Photographer by Joanne Landers HenryScientists&Inventors
George Pullman: Young Sleeping Car Builder by Elisabeth P. MyersScientists&Inventors
George Westinghouse: Young Inventor by Montrew DunhamScientists&Inventors
Glenn L. Martin: Boy Conqueror of the Air by Ruth W. HarleyScientists&Inventors
John Burroughs: Boy of Field and Stream by Lucy Post FrisbeeScientists&Inventors
John Deere: Blacksmith Boy by Margaret Ann BareScientists&Inventors
John Fitch: Steamboat Boy by Augusta StevensonScientists&Inventors
Lee DeForest: Electronics Boy by Lavinia DoblerScientists&Inventors
Luther Burbank: Boy Wizard by Olive W. BurtScientists&Inventors
Maria Mitchell: Girl Astronomer by Grace Hathaway MelinScientists&Inventors
Robert Fulton: Boy Craftsman by Marguerite HenryScientists&Inventors
Robert Goddard: Pioneer Rocket Boy by Clyde B. MooreScientists&Inventors
Samuel Morse, inquisitive boy by Dorothea J. SnowScientists&Inventors
Tom Edison: Boy Inventor by Sue GuthridgeScientists&Inventors
Walter Reed: Boy Who Wanted to Know by Helen Boyd HigginsScientists&Inventors
Will and Charlie Mayo: Doctor's Boys by Marie HammontreeScientists&Inventors
Booker T. Washington: Ambitious Boy by Augusta StevensonSocial&CivicLeaders
Dan Beard: Boy Scout by Miriam E. MasonSocial&CivicLeaders
Dorothea Dix: Girl Reformer by Grace Hathaway MelinSocial&CivicLeaders
Frances Willard: Girl Crusader by Miriam E. MasonSocial&CivicLeaders
Helen Keller: Handicapped Girl by Katharine Elliott WilkieSocial&CivicLeaders
J. Sterling Morton: Arbor Day Boy by Clyde B. MooreSocial&CivicLeaders
Jane Addams: Little Lame Girl by Jean Brown WagonerSocial&CivicLeaders
John L. Lewis: Young Militant Labor Leader by George KorsonSocial&CivicLeaders
Juliette Low: Girl Scout by Helen Boyd HigginsSocial&CivicLeaders
Liliuokalani: Young Hawaiian Queen by Shirlee Petkin NewmanSocial&CivicLeaders
Lucretia Mott: Girl of Old Nantucket by Constance Buel BurnettSocial&CivicLeaders
Mary McLeod Bethune: Girl Devoted to her People by Olive Woolley BurtSocial&CivicLeaders
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.: Boy of Justice by Montrew DunhamSocial&CivicLeaders
Susan Anthony: Girl Who Dared by Helen Albee MonsellSocial&CivicLeaders
Douglas MacArthur: Young Protector by Laura LongSoldiers
George Custer: Boy of Action by Augusta StevensonSoldiers
Zach Taylor: Young Rough and Ready by Katharine Elliott WilkieSoldiers
Andy Jackson: Boy Soldier by Augusta StevensonStatesmen
Dan Webster: Union Boy by Bradford SmithStatesmen
DeWitt Clinton: Boy Builder by Mabel Cleland WiddemerStatesmen
Dwight D. Eisenhower: Young Military Leader by George E. StanleyStatesmen
Franklin Roosevelt: Boy of the Four Freedoms by Ann WeilStatesmen
Harry S. Truman: Missouri Farm Boy by Wilma J. HudsonStatesmen
Henry Clay: Mill Boy of the Slashes by Helen Albee MonsellStatesmen
Herbert Hoover: Boy Engineer by Mildred Houghton ComfortStatesmen
James Monroe: Good Neighbor Boy by Mabel Cleland WiddemerStatesmen
John Marshall: Boy of Young America by Helen Albee MonsellStatesmen
Woodrow Wilson: Boy President by Helen Albee MonsellStatesmen
Anthony Wayne: Daring Boy by Augusta StevensonStruggleForIndependence
Ben Franklin: Printer's Boy by Augusta StevensonStruggleForIndependence
Betsy Ross: Girl of Old Philadelphia by Ann WeilStruggleForIndependence
Crispus Attucks: Boy of Valor by Dharathula H. MillenderStruggleForIndependence
Dan Morgan: Boy of the Wilderness by Bernice Morgan BryantStruggleForIndependence
Ethan Allen: Green Mountain Boy by Gertrude Hecker WindersStruggleForIndependence
Francis Marion: Young Swamp Fox by William O. SteeleStruggleForIndependence
Israel Putnam: Fearless Boy by Augusta StevensonStruggleForIndependence
Molly Pitcher: Girl Patriot by Augusta StevensonStruggleForIndependence
Nathanael Greene: Independent Boy by Howard Henry PeckhamStruggleForIndependence
Patrick Henry: Boy Spokesman by Thomas Frank BartonStruggleForIndependence
Paul Revere: Boy of Old Boston (CoFA) by Augusta StevensonStruggleForIndependence
Bedford Forrest: Boy on Horseback by Aileen Wells ParksThe Nation Divided
Harriet Beecher Stowe: Connecticut Girl by Mabel Cleland WiddemerThe Nation Divided
Jeb Stuart: Boy in the Saddle by Gertrude Hecker WindersThe Nation Divided
Jeff Davis: Confederate Boy by Lena Young De GrummondThe Nation Divided
Julia Ward Howe: Girl of Old New York by Jean Brown WagonerThe Nation Divided
Robert E. Lee: Boy of Old Virginia by Helen Albee MonsellThe Nation Divided
Robert Todd Lincoln: President's Boy by LaVere AndersonThe Nation Divided
Tom Jackson: Young Stonewall by Helen Albee MonsellThe Nation Divided
U. S. Grant: Young Horseman by Augusta StevensonThe Nation Divided
Brigham Young: Covered Wagon Boy by Polly Carver JordanWestwardMovement
Buffalo Bill: Boy of the Plains by Augusta StevensonWestwardMovement
Daniel Boone: Boy Hunter by Augusta StevensonWestwardMovement
Jim Bowie: Boy with a Hunting Knife by Gertrude Hecker WindersWestwardMovement
Jim Bridger: Mountain Boy by Gertrude Hecker WindersWestwardMovement
Kit Carson: Boy Trapper by Augusta StevensonWestwardMovement
Sam Houston: Boy Chieftain by Augusta StevensonWestwardMovement
Simon Kenton: Young Trail Blazer by Katharine Elliott WilkieWestwardMovement
Will Clark: Boy in Buckskins by Katharine Elliott WilkieWestwardMovement
William Fargo: Young Mail Carrier by Katharine Elliott WilkieWestwardMovement
Young Jed Smith: Westering Boy by Olive Woolley BurtWestwardMovement
Zeb Pike: Boy Traveler by Augusta StevensonWestwardMovement

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Series description

A series of biographies focusing on the childhoods of famous Americans. It was originally published in hardcover in the 1940s, 50s-60s and reissued in paperback in the 80s.

This series page is for those editions that were published in the 40s-60s.

The Young Patriots Series is a completely different series.

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