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Series: Osprey Campaign

Series by cover

Works (349)

Normandy 1944 : Allied landings and breakout by Stephen Badsey1
Austerlitz 1805: Battle of the Three Emperors by David G. Chandler2
France 1940. Blitzkrieg in the West by Alan Shepperd3
Tet Offensive 1968: Turning Point in Vietnam by James R. Arnold4
Ardennes 1944: Hitler's last gamble in the West by James R. Arnold5
Balaclava 1854: The Charge of the Light Brigade by John Sweetman6
Alexander 334-323 BC: Conquest of the Persian Empire by John Warry7
Gallipoli 1915: Frontal Assault on Turkey by Philip J. Haythornthwaite8
Agincourt 1415: Triumph Against the Odds by Matthew Bennett9
First Bull Run 1861 by Alan Hankinson10
Kaiserschlacht 1918: The Final German Offensive by Randal Gray11
Culloden 1746: The Highland Clans' Last Charge by Peter Harrington12
Hastings 1066: The Fall of Saxon England by Christopher Gravett13
Zulu War 1879: Twilight of a Warrior Nation by Ian Castle14
Waterloo 1815: The Birth of Modern Europe by Geoff Wootten15
Kursk 1943 : the tide turns in the East by Mark Healy16
Chickamauga 1863: The River of Death by James R. Arnold17
Guadalcanal 1942: The marines strike back by Joseph N. Mueller18
Hattin 1187: Saladin's Greatest Victory by David Nicolle19
Jena 1806: Napoleon Destroys Prussia by David G. Chandler20
Gravelotte-St-Privat 1870: End of the Second Empire by Philipp Elliot-Wright21
Qadesh 1300 BC: Clash of the Warrior Kings by Mark Healy22
Khartoum 1885: General Gordon's Last Stand by Donald F. Featherstone23
Arnhem 1944 : Operation Market Garden by Stephen Badsey24
Leipzig 1813: The Battle of the Nations by Peter Hofschröer25
Vicksburg 1863: Grant Clears the Mississippi by Alan Hankinson26
Tel El-Kebir 1882: Wolseley's Conquest of Egypt by Donald F. Featherstone27
New Orleans 1815: Andrew Jackson Crushes the British by Tim Pickles28
Omdurman 1898: Kitchener's Victory in the Sudan by Donald F. Featherstone29
Midway 1942: Turning point in the Pacific by Mark Healy30
Yarmuk AD 636: The Muslim Conquest of Syria by David Nicolle31
Antietam 1862: The Civil War's Bloodiest Day by Norman Stevens32
Aspern & Wagram 1809: Mighty Clash of Empires by Ian Castle33
Poltava 1709: Russia Comes of Age by Angus Konstam34
Plassey 1757: Clive of India's Finest Hour by Peter Harrington35
Cannae 216 BC: Hannibal smashes Rome's Army by Mark Healy36
Boston 1775: The Shot Heard Around The World by Brendan Morrissey37
Colenso 1899: The Boer War in Natal by Ian Knight38
Little Big Horn 1876: Custer's Last Stand by Peter Panzeri39
Sekigahara 1600: The Final Struggle For Power by Anthony Bryant40
Rorke's Drift 1879: 'Pinned Like Rats in a Hole' by Ian Knight41
Bagration, 1944 : the destruction of Army Group Centre by Steven J. Zaloga42
Fornovo 1495: France's Bloody Fighting Retreat by David Nicolle43
Pavia 1525: The Climax of the Italian Wars by Angus Konstam44
Majuba 1881: The Hill Of Destiny by Ian Castle45
Lake Peipus 1242: Battle of the Ice by David Nicolle46
Yorktown 1781: The World Turned Upside Down by Brendan Morrissey47
Salamanca 1812: Wellington Crushes Marmont by Ian Fletcher48
Mons 1914: The BEF's Tactical Triumph by David Lomas49
Malta 1565: Last Battle Of The Crusades by Tim Pickles50
Inkerman 1854: The Soldiers' Battle (Campaign) by Patrick Mercer51
Gettysburg 1863: High tide of the Confederacy by Carl Smith52
Granada 1492: The Twilight of Moorish Spain by David Nicolle53
Shiloh 1862: The Death of Innocence by James R. Arnold54
Chancellorsville 1863: Jackson's Lightning Strike by Carl Smith55
Eggmühl 1809: Storm Over Bavaria by Ian Castle56
San Juan Hill 1898: America's Emergence as a World Power by Angus Konstam57
First Ypres 1914: The Graveyard of the Old Contemptibles by David Lomas58
Vittoria 1813: Wellington Sweeps the French from Spain by Ian Fletcher59
The Ebro 1938: Death Knell of the Republic by Chris Henry60
Megiddo 1918: The Last Great Cavalry Victory by Bryan Perrett61
Pearl Harbor 1941 : the day of infamy by Carl Smith62
Fredericksburg 1862: 'Clear The Way' by Carl Smith63
Nicopolis 1396: The Last Crusade by David Nicolle64
Badajoz 1812: Wellington's bloodiest siege by Ian Fletcher65
Bosworth 1485: Last Charge of the Plantagenets by Christopher Gravett66
Saratoga 1777: Turning Point of a Revolution by Brendan Morrissey67
Lützen 1632 by Richard Brzezinski68
Nagashino 1575: Slaughter at the Barricades by Stephen Turnbull69
Marengo 1800: Napoleon's Day of Fate by David Hollins70
Crécy 1346: Triumph of the Longbow by David Nicolle71
Jutland 1916: Clash of the Dreadnoughts by Charles London72
Operation Compass 1940: Wavell's whirlwind offensive by Jon Latimer73
The Rhineland 1945 : the last killing ground in the West by Ken Ford74
Lorraine 1944 : Patton versus Manteuffel by Steven J. Zaloga75
Ticonderoga 1758: Montcalm's Victory Against All Odds by Rene Chartrand76
Tarawa 1943 : the turning of the tide by Derrick Wright77
Constantinople 1453 by David Nicolle78
Louisbourg 1758: Wolfe's First Siege by Rene Chartrand79
Tobruk 1941: Rommel's Opening Move by Jon Latimer80
Iwo Jima 1945: The Marines Raise the Flag on Mount Suribachi by Derrick Wright81
Edgehill 1642: First battle of the English Civil War by John Tincey82
Corunna 1809: Napoleonic Battles by Philip J. Haythornthwaite83
Adrianople AD 378: The Goths Crush Rome's Legions by Simon MacDowall84
Peking 1900: The Boxer Rebellion by Peter Harrington85
The Armada Campaign 1588: The Great Enterprise against England by Angus Konstam86
Lützen & Bautzen 1813: The Turning Point by Peter Hofschrorer87
Operation Cobra, 1944 : breakout from Normandy by Steven J. Zaloga88
The Alamo 1836: Santa Anna's Texas Campaign by Stephen Hardin89
Vimeiro 1808: Wellesley's First Victory in the Peninsular by Rene Chartrand90
Kolin 1757: Frederick the Great's First Defeat by Simon Millar91
St Nazaire 1942: The Great Commando Raid by Ken Ford92
Verdun 1916: 'They Shall Not Pass' by Ian Drury93
Orléans 1429: France Turns the Tide by David Nicolle94
Second Manassas 1862: Robert E Lee's Greatest Victory by John Langellier95
Okinawa 1945: The Last Battle by Gordon Rottman96
Bussaco 1810: Wellington Defeats Napoleon's Marshals by Rene Chartrand97
Kalka River 1223: Genghiz Khan's Mongols invade Russia by David Nicolle98
Fuentes de Oñoro 1811: Wellington's Liberation of Portugal by Rene Chartrand99
D-Day 1944 : Omaha Beach by Howard Gerrard100
Austerlitz 1805: The Fate of Empires by Ian Castle101
Bannockburn 1314: Robert Bruce's Great Victory by Peter Armstrong102
Hampton Roads 1862 : Clash of the Ironclads by Angus Konstam103
D-Day 1944 : Utah Beach & the US airborne landings by Steven J. Zaloga104
D-Day 1944 (3) Sword Beach & British Airborne Landings by Ken Ford105
Culloden Moor 1746: The Death of the Jacobite Cause by Stuart Reid106
Poland 1939 : the birth of blitzkrieg by Steven J. Zaloga107
Marathon 490 BC: The First Persian Invasion of Greece by Nicholas Sekunda108
Guilford Courthouse 1781: Lord Cornwallis's Ruinous Victory by Angus Konstam109
Peleliu 1944 : the forgotten corner of hell by Gordon Rottman110
Isandlwana 1879: The Great Zulu Victory by Ian Knight111
D-Day 1944 : Gold & Juno beaches by Ken Ford112
Rossbach and Leuthen 1757: Prussia's Eagle Resurgent by Simon Millar113
Lepanto 1571: The Greatest Naval Battle of the Renaissance by Angus Konstam114
Battle of the Bulge 1944 1: St Vith and the Northern Shoulder by Steven J. Zaloga115
First Newbury 1643: The Turning Point by Keith Roberts116
Stirling Bridge and Falkirk 1297-98: William Wallace's Rebellion by Peter Armstrong117
The Yom Kippur War 1973 1: The Golan Heights by Simon Dunstan118
Marston Moor 1644: The Beginning of the End by John Tincey119
Towton 1461: England's Bloodiest Battle by Christopher Gravett120
Quebec 1759: The Battle That Won Canada by Stuart Reid121
Tannenberg 1410: Disaster for the Teutonic Knights by Stephen Turnbull122
Auldearn 1645: The Marquis of Montrose's Scottish Campaign by Stuart Reid123
Fair Oaks 1862 by Angus Konstam124
Zorndorf 1758: Frederick Faces Holy Mother Russia by Simon Millar125
Yom Kippur War 1973 2: The Sinai by Simon Dunstan126
Dieppe 1942: Prelude to D-Day by Ken Ford127
Quebec 1775: The American invasion of Canada by Brendan Morrissey128
Operation Barbarossa 1941 (1), Army Group South by Robert Kirchubel129
Kawanakajima 1553-1564: Samurai Power Struggle by Stephen Turnbull130
Tewkesbury 1471: The Last Yorkist Victory by Christopher Gravett131
The First Crusade 1096-99: Conquest of the Holy Land by David Nicolle132
Seven Days Battles 1862 by Angus Konstam133
Cassino 1944: Breaking the Gustav Line by Ken Ford134
Monmouth Courthouse 1778: The Last Great Battle In The North by Brendan Morrissey135
Meiktila 1945: The Battle To Liberate Burma by Edward M. Young136
Saipan & Tinian 1944 : Piercing the Japanese Empire by Gordon Rottman137
Poitiers 1356: The Capture Of A King by David Nicolle138
Guam 1941 & 1944: Loss and Reconquest by Gordon Rottman139
Monongahela 1754-55: Washington's Defeat, Braddock's Disaster by Rene Chartrand140
Blenheim 1704: The Duke of Marlborough's Masterpiece by John Tincey141
Dunbar 1650: Cromwell's Most Famous Victory by Stuart Reid142
Caen 1944: Montgomery's Break-Out Attempt by Ken Ford143
Wake Island 1941: A Battle to Make the Gods Weep by Jim Moran144
Battle of the Bulge 1944 [2]: Bastogne by Steven J. Zaloga145
The Marshall Islands 1944 : Operation Flintlock, the capture of Kwajalein and Eniwetok by Gordon Rottman146
Crete 1941: Germany's Lightning Airborne Assault by Peter Antill147
Operation Barbarossa 1941 (2), Army Group North by Robert Kirchubel148
Falaise 1944: Death of an Army by Ken Ford149
Khe Sanh 1967-68: Marines Battle for Vietnam's Vital Hilltop Base by Gordon Rottman150
Vimy Ridge 1917: Byng's Canadians Triumph at Arras by Alexander Turner151
Kasserine Pass 1943: Rommel's last victory by Steven J. Zaloga152
Toulon 1793: Napoleon's first great victory (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk153
Acre 1291: Bloody sunset of the Crusader states by David Nicolle154
Anzio 1944 : the beleaguered beachhead by Steven J. Zaloga155
The Doolittle raid 1942 : America's first strike at Japan by Clayton Chun156
Trafalgar 1805: Nelson's Crowning Victory by Gregory Fremont-Barnes157
El Alamein 1942: The Turning of the Tide by Ken Ford158
Berlin 1945: End of the Thousand Year Reich by Peter Antill159
Battle of the Boyne 1690: The Irish Campaign for the English Crown by Michael McNally160
The Third Crusade 1191: Richard the Lionheart, Saladin and the battle for Jerusalem by David Nicolle161
Inch'on 1950: The Last Great Amphibious Assault by Gordon Rottman162
Leyte Gulf 1944: The World's Greatest Sea Battle by Bernard Ireland163
Otterburn 1388: Bloody Border Conflict by Peter Armstrong164
Iraq 1941 : the battles for Basra, Habbaniya, Fallujah and Baghdad by Robert Lyman165
Assaye 1803: Wellington's Bloodiest Battle by Simon Millar166
Moscow 1941: Hitler's First Defeat (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk167
Flodden 1513: Scotland's Greatest Defeat by John Sadler168
Somme 1 July 1916: tragedy and triumph by Andrew Robertshaw169
Osaka 1614-15: The Last Samurai Battle by Stephen Turnbull170
The Battle of the River Plate 1939 (Campaign) by Mark J. Grove171
River Plate 1939: The sinking of the Graf Spee (Campaign) by Angus Konstam171
Gibraltar, 1779-1783: The Great Siege by Rene Chartrand172
Taranto 1940 (Campaign, 173) by Philip Grove173
Pharsalus 48 BC: Caesar and Pompey - Clash of the Titans by Si Sheppard174
Remagen 1945 : endgame against the Third Reich by Steven J. Zaloga175
Philadelphia 1777: Taking the Capital by Justin Clement176
Chateau Thierry & Belleau Wood 1918: The AEF's Baptism of Fire on the Marne by David Bonk177
The Rhine Crossings 1945 by Ken Ford178
Sherman's March to the Sea 1864: Atlanta to Savannah by David Smith179
Easter Rising 1916: Birth of the Irish Republic by Michael McNally180
Siegfried Line 1944-45: Battles on the German Frontier by Steven J. Zaloga181
Granicus 334BC: Alexander's First Persian Victory by Michael Thompson182
Denmark and Norway 1940: Hitler's Boldest Operation by Doug Dildy183
Stalingrad 1942 by Peter Antill184
Naseby 1645: The triumph of the New Model Army by Martin Marix Evans185
Operation Barbarossa 1941 (3), Army Group Center by Robert Kirchubel186
Cambrai 1917: The Birth of Armoured Warfare by Alexander Turner187
Thermopylae 480 BC: Last Stand of the 300 by Nic Fields188
Sevastopol 1942: Von Manstein's triumph (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk189
Poitiers AD 732: Charles Martel Turns the Islamic Tide by David Nicolle190
Vienna 1683: Christian Europe Repels the Ottomans by Simon Millar191
New York 1776: The Continentals' First Battle by David Smith192
London 1914-17: The Zeppelin Menace by Ian Castle193
Liberation of Paris 1944 : Patton's race for the Seine by Steven J. Zaloga194
Syracuse 415-413 BC: Destruction of the Athenian Imperial Fleet by Nic Fields195
Gazala 1942: Rommel's Greatest Victory by Ken Ford196
Amiens 1918: The Black Day of the German Army by Alistair McCluskey197
The Samurai Invasion of Korea 1592-98 by Stephen Turnbull198
Philippi 42 BC: The Death of the Roman Republic by Si Sheppard199
Japan, 1945 : from Operation Downfall to Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Clayton K. S. Chun200
Brandy Station 1863: First step towards Gettysburg by Daniel Beattie201
The Arab Revolt 1916-18: Lawrence Sets Arabia Ablaze by David Murphy202
Trenton and Princeton 1776-77: Washington crosses the Delaware by David Bonk203
The Second Crusade 1148: Disaster outside Damascus by David Nicolle204
Warsaw 1944: Poland's bid for freedom (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk205
Spartacus and the Slave War 73-71 BC: A Gladiator Rebels Against Rome by Nic Fields206
Solferino 1859: The battle for Italy's Freedom by Richard Brooks207
Petersburg 1864-65: The Longest Siege by Ron Field208
Niagara 1814: The Final Invasion by Jon Latimer209
Operation Dragoon 1944: France's Other D-Day by Steven J. Zaloga210
Actium 31 BC: Downfall of Antony and Cleopatra by Si Sheppard211
The Six Day War 1967: Sinai by Simon Dunstan212
Ireland 1649-52: Cromwell's Protestant Crusade by Michael McNally213
The Coral Sea 1942 : the first carrier battle by Mark Stille214
Leningrad 1941-44: The epic siege (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk215
The Six Day War 1967: Jordan and Syria by Simon Dunstan216
The Mongol Invasions of Japan 1274 and 1281 by Stephen Turnbull217
Maginot Line 1940: Battles on the French Frontier by Marc Romanych218
Dunkirk 1940: Operation Dynamo by Doug Dildy219
Operation Crusader 1941: Rommel in Retreat by Ken Ford220
The First Battle of the Marne 1914: The French 'Miracle' Halts the Germans by Ian Sumner221
Salamis 480 BC by William Shepherd222
Operation Nordwind 1945: Hitler's last offensive in the West by Steven J. Zaloga223
Mons Graupius AD 83: Rome's Battle at the Edge of the World by Duncan B Campbell224
Messines 1917: The Zenith of Siege Warfare by Alexander Turner225
Midway 1942: Turning Point in the Pacific (Campaign) by Mark Stille226
London 1917-18: The Bomber Blitz by Ian Castle227
Teutoburg Forest, AD 9 : the destruction of Varus and his legions by Michael McNally228
Kohima 1944: The battle that saved India by Robert Lyman229
Nile 1798: Nelson's First Great Victory by Gregory Fremont-Barnes230
Nez Perce 1877: The last fight (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk231
The Bismarck 1941 : Hunting Germany's greatest battleship by Angus Konstam232
Boudicca's Rebellion AD 60-61: The Britons rise up against Rome by Nic Fields233
Nomonhan 1939: The bloody Soviet-Japanese border war (Campaign) by Henry Sakaida234
Walcheren 1944 : storming Hitler's island fortress by Richard Brooks235
Operation Pointblank 1944 by Steven J. Zaloga236
The Fourth Crusade 1202-04: The Betrayal of Byzantium by David Nicolle237
St. Mihiel 1918 : the American Expeditionary Forces' trial by fire by David Bonk238
Plataea 479 BC: Greece's Greatest Victory by William Shepherd239
Wabash 1791: St Clair's defeat (Campaign) by John F. Winkler240
The Fall of English France 1449-53 by David Nicolle241
Metz 1944 : Patton's fortified nemesis by Steven J. Zaloga242
The fall of the Philippines, 1941-42 by Clayton Chun243
The Falklands 1982 by Gregory Fremont-Barnes244
Demyansk 1942-43: The frozen fortress (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk245
Borodino 1812: Napoleon's Great Gamble by Philip J. Haythornthwaite246
Santa Cruz 1942 : carrier duel in the South Pacific by Mark Stille247
Coronel and Falklands 1914: Duel in the South Atlantic by Michael McNally248
Vercors 1944 by Peter Lieb249
The Mareth Line 1943 : the end in Africa by Ken Ford250
Sicily 1943 : the debut of Allied joint operations by Steven J. Zaloga251
The Jewish Revolt AD 66-74 (Campaign) by Si Sheppard252
Talavera, 1809: Wellington's Lightning Strike into Spain by Rene Chartrand253
Kharkov 1942: The Wehrmacht strikes back (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk254
The naval battles for Guadalcanal 1942 : clash for supremacy in the Pacific by Mark Stille255
Fallen Timbers, 1794: The US Army's First Victory by John F. Winkler256
Salerno 1943: The Allies Invade Southern Italy by Angus Konstam257
Shenandoah Valley 1862: Stonewall Jackson outmaneuvers the Union (Campaign) by Clayton Donnell258
The Chesapeake Campaigns 1813-15: Middle Ground of the War of 1812 by Scott S. Sheads259
Fort William Henry 1757: A Battle, Two Sieges and Bloody Massacre by Ian Castle260
Pylos and Sphacteria 425 BC: Sparta's island of disaster (Campaign) by William Shepherd261
Manzikert 1071: The Breaking of Byzantium by David Nicolle262
Hong Kong 1941-45: First Strike in the Pacific War (Campaign) by Benjamin Lai263
Fall Gelb 1940 (1) : Army Group A by Doug Dildy264
Fall Gelb 1940 (2): Airborne Assault on the Low Countries (Campaign) by Doug Dildy265
Bayonne and Toulouse 1813-14: Wellington invades France (Campaign) by Nick Lipscombe266
Wilderness and Spotsylvania 1864: Grant versus Lee in the East (Campaign) by Andy Nunez267
Operation Neptune 1944 : D-Day's Seaborne Armada by Ken Ford268
Alesia 52 BC: The final struggle for Gaul (Campaign) by Nic Fields269
Operation Market-Garden 1944 (1): The American Airborne Missions (Campaign) by Steven J. Zaloga270
The Conquest of Saxony AD 782-785: Charlemagne's defeat of Widukind of Westphalia (Campaign) by David Nicolle271
Kursk 1943: The Northern Front (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk272
Point Pleasant 1774: Prelude to the American Revolution (Campaign) by John F. Winkler273
Shenandoah 1864: Sheridan's valley campaign by Mark Lardas274
Ramillies 1706: Marlborough's tactical masterpiece (Campaign) by Michael McNally275
Waterloo 1815 (1): Quatre Bras by John Franklin276
Waterloo 1815 (2): Ligny (Campaign) by John Franklin277
Cherbourg 1944: The first Allied victory in Normandy (Campaign) by Steven J. Zaloga278
Appomattox 1865: Lee's Last Campaign by Ron Field279
Waterloo 1815 (3): Mont St Jean and Wavre (Campaign) by John Franklin280
The Caucasus 1942-43: Kleist's Race for Oil (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk281
Leyte 1944: Return to the Philippines (Campaign) by Clayton Chun282
Cowpens 1781: Turning point of the American Revolution (Campaign) by Oscar E. Gilbert283
Guadalcanal 1942-43: America's First Victory on the Road to Tokyo (Campaign) by Mark Stille284
Lewes and Evesham 1264-65: Simon de Montfort and the Barons' War (Campaign) by Richard Brooks285
Catalaunian Fields AD 451: Rome's last great battle (Campaign) by Simon MacDowall286
Tippecanoe 1811: The Prophet's battle (Campaign) by John F. Winkler287
Taranto 1940: The Fleet Air Arm's precursor to Pearl Harbor (Campaign) by Angus Konstam288
Burma Road 1943-44: Stilwell's assault on Myitkyina (Campaign) by Jon Diamond289
Atlanta 1864: Sherman marches South (Campaign) by James Donnell290
The Dnepr 1943: Hitler's eastern rampart crumbles (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk291
Camden 1780: The annihilation of Gates' Grand Army (Campaign) by David Smith292
Downfall 1945: The Fall of Hitler's Third Reich (Campaign) by Steven J. Zaloga293
Operation Totalize 1944: The Allied drive south from Caen (Campaign) by Stephen A. Hart294
Chattanooga 1863: Grant and Bragg in Central Tennessee (Campaign) by Mark Lardas295
Milvian Bridge AD 312: Constantine's battle for Empire and Faith (Campaign) by Ross Cowan296
The Gempei War 1180-85: The Great Samurai Civil War (Campaign) by Stephen Turnbull297
The First Afghan War 1839-42: Invasion, catastrophe and retreat (Campaign) by Richard Macrory298
Zama 202 BC: Scipio crushes Hannibal in North Africa (Campaign) by Mir Bahmanyar299
Malaya and Singapore 1941-42: The fall of Britain's empire in the East (Campaign) by Mark Stille300
Operation Market-Garden 1944 (2): The British Airborne Missions (Campaign) by Ken Ford301
The Thames 1813: The War of 1812 on the Northwest Frontier (Campaign) by John F. Winkler302
Lake Trasimene 217 BC: Ambush and annihilation of a Roman army (Campaign) by Nic Fields303
Darwin 1942: The Japanese attack on Australia (Campaign) by Bob Alford304
Kursk 1943: The Southern Front (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk305
Luzon 1945: The final liberation of the Philippines (Campaign) by Clayton Chun306
Fontenoy 1745: Cumberland's bloody defeat (Campaign) by Michael McNally307
St Lô 1944: The Battle of the Hedgerows (Campaign) by Steven J. Zaloga308
Shanghai and Nanjing 1937: Massacre on the Yangtze (Campaign) by Benjamin Lai309
The Bar Kokhba War AD 132–135: The last Jewish revolt against Imperial Rome (Campaign) by Lindsay Powell310
Savannah 1779 by Scott Martin311
Operation Torch 1942: The invasion of French North Africa (Campaign) by Brian Lane Herder312
The Philippine Sea 1944: The last great carrier battle (Campaign) by Mark Stille313
Nashville 1864: From the Tennessee to the Cumberland (Campaign) by Mark Lardas314
The Hindenburg Line 1918: Haig's forgotten triumph (Campaign) by Alistair McCluskey315
Shrewsbury 1403: Struggle for a Fragile Crown (Campaign) by Dickon Whitewood316
Operation Market-Garden 1944 (3): The British XXX Corps Missions (Campaign) by Ken Ford317
The Kuban 1943: The Wehrmacht's last stand in the Caucasus (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk318
Imphal 1944: The battle that saved India (Campaign) by Hemant Singh Katoch319
Brittany 1944: Hitler’s Final Defenses in France (Campaign) by Steven J. Zaloga320
Tenochtitlan 1519–21: Clash of Civilizations (Campaign) by Si Sheppard321
Blanc Mont Ridge 1918: America's forgotten victory (Campaign) by Romain Cansiere323
Campaldino 1289 by Kelly DeVries324
The Solomons 1943–44: The Struggle for New Georgia and Bougainville (Campaign) by Mark Stille326
Peckuwe 1780: The Revolutionary War on the Ohio River Frontier (Campaign) by John F. Winkler327
Imjin River 1951: Last stand of the 'Glorious Glosters' (Campaign) by Brian Drohan328
Mutina 43 BC: Mark Antony's struggle for survival (Campaign) by Nic Fields329
Tsushima 1905: Death of a Russian Fleet (Campaign) by Mark Lardas330
Smolensk 1943: The Red Army's Relentless Advance (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk331
Kulikovo 1380: The battle that made Russia (Campaign) by Mark Galeotti332
The Aleutians 1942–43: America's forgotten war (Campaign) by Brian Lane Herder333
Nieuwpoort 1600: The First Modern Battle by Bouko de Groot334
Mortain 1944: Hitler’s Normandy Panzer offensive (Campaign) by Steven J. Zaloga335
Strasbourg AD 357: The victory that saved Gaul (Campaign) by Raffaele D'Amato336
Castagnaro 1387: Hawkwood's Great Victory (Campaign) by Kelly DeVries337
The First Anglo-Sikh War 1845–46: The betrayal of the Khalsa (Campaign) by David Smith338
Kos and Leros 1943: The German Conquest of the Dodecanese (Campaign) by Anthony Rogers339
The Glorious First of June 1794 (Campaign) by Mark Lardas340
The Long March 1934-35: The rise of Mao and the beginning of modern China (Campaign) by Benjamin Lai341
The Paraguayan War 1864-70: The Triple Alliance at stake in La Plata (Campaign) by Gabriele Esposito342
Petsamo and Kirkenes 1944: The Soviet offensive in the Northern Arctic (Campaign) by David Greentree343
Java Sea 1942: Japan's conquest of the Netherlands East Indies (Campaign) by Mark Stille344
Ia Drang 1965: The Struggle for Vietnam's Pleiku Province (Campaign) by J. P. Harris345
Yalu River 1950-51: The Chinese spring the trap on MacArthur (Campaign) by Clayton K. S. Chun346
Constantinople AD 717–18: The Crucible of History (Campaign) by Si Sheppard347
The Naval Siege of Japan 1945: War Plan Orange triumphant (Campaign) by Brian Lane Herder348
Nierstein and Oppenheim 1945: Patton Bounces the Rhine (Campaign) by Russ Rodgers350
Velikiye Luki 1942-43: The Doomed Fortress (Campaign) by Robert Forczyk351

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Series description

Each book analyses a major battle or campaign, from outbreak to conclusion, taking stock of the opposing forces at crucial points in the fighting. Full colour 3-D ‘bird’s-eye views’, battle scenes and maps help you to follow the action. Books in the Osprey Campaign series span military history from the ancient world to modern times (publisher copy).
See also: Osprey Men-at-Arms, Osprey Warrior.

The Battles of World War II series consists of re-issues of some of the Campaign series works.

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Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such (see Wikipedia: Book series). Like many concepts in the book world, "series" is a somewhat fluid and contested notion. A good rule of thumb is that series have a conventional name and are intentional creations, on the part of the author or publisher. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere "lists" of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place. Avoid series that cross authors, unless the authors were or became aware of the series identification (eg., avoid lumping Jane Austen with her continuators).

Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the "works" in question. So, the Dummies guides are a series of works. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works.


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