LibraryThing Web Services API

Version 1.1

The current stable release version for the LibraryThing Services API is 1.1.
You may direct your API calls to a specific version by changing the path in the request.

Request formats


This format is a simple HTTP GET or POST action and expects method information. Requests follow the following format:[version]/?[method_name]& [arguments as key=value separated by ampersands]&apikey=[your developer key]


By default, REST requests will send a REST response.

Response formats


This response is an XML block.

Here is an example REST response for the work Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

JSON (coming soon)

This response is a text string in Javascript Object Notation (JSON).
Although originally designed to be a portable data solution for Javascript most other languages can also make use of the format.



You are limited to a maximum of 1,000 requests per day.