Controversial Books for AUDavies

This page shows the most "controversial" books in this library, as measured by the highest standard deviation of members' star ratings.

Standard Deviation Average Rating Your Rating Title
1.233 3.46 A Generation of Sociopaths: How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America by Bruce Cannon Gibney
1.146 4.01 Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right's Stealth Plan for America by Nancy Maclean
1.142 3.44 The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx
1.14 3.41 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by J. K. Rowling
1.127 3.84 The Guide for the Perplexed by Moses Maimonides
1.125 3.16 Jewish Pirates of the Caribbean: How a Generation of Swashbuckling Jews Carved Out an Empire in the New World in Their Quest for Treasure, Religious Freedom--and Revenge by Edward Kritzler
1.117 3.21 Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith
1.09 4.12 Capital, Vol. 1: A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx
1.072 3.32 Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook by Lucy Moll
1.069 3.85 The Silmarillion by J. R. R. Tolkien
1.055 3.83 Israel: A History by Martin Gilbert
1.054 3.74 The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
1.05 3.56 Genesis and the Big Bang : The Discovery of Harmony Between Modern Science and the Bible by Gerald L. Schroeder
1.046 3.7 The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman
1.043 3.88 The Last Battle by C. S. Lewis
1.012 3.92 White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism by Robin DiAngelo
1.006 3.9 Curious George by H. A. Rey
1.004 3.88 A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Theses, and Dissertations by Kate L. Turabian
1.003 3.61 History Lessons: How Textbooks from Around the World Portray U.S. History by Dana Lindaman
0.997 4.08 Everyman's Talmud: The Major Teachings of the Rabbinic Sages by Abraham Cohen
0.993 3.77 The Death of Expertise: The Campaign against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters by Thomas M. Nichols
0.991 3.86 The End by Lemony Snicket
0.987 3.58 Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography by Lemony Snicket
0.985 3.77 Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity and Poverty by Daron Acemoglu
0.984 4.05 Chaim Potok's The Chosen (Bloom's Guides) by Harold Bloom
0.98 4.12 Skip Beat!, Vol. 1 by Yoshiki Nakamura
0.979 3.52 The Beatrice Letters by Lemony Snicket
0.977 3.67 The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson
0.976 3.99 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
0.976 3.7 "Our Crowd": The Great Jewish Families of New York by Stephen Birmingham
0.976 4.02 The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
0.975 4.05 A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
0.974 3.8 The Twits by Roald Dahl
0.973 3.93 It's Happy Bunny: Life. Get One. by Jim Benton
0.971 4.31 The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
0.97 3.75 The Death of Truth: Notes on Falsehood in the Age of Trump by Michiko Kakutani
0.965 3.7 The Bad Beginning by Lemony Snicket
0.965 4.02 The First Days of School by Harry K. Wong
0.963 3.95 An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith
0.961 3.98 Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow by Yuval Noah Harari
0.959 3.89 Paper Towns by John Green
0.957 3.86 The Horse and His Boy by C. S. Lewis
0.956 3.88 Heidi by Johanna Spyri
0.951 3.55 The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl
0.95 3.84 The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara by David I. Kertzer
0.948 3.75 The Trouble with Kings by Sherwood Smith
0.948 3.94 The Transall Saga by Gary Paulsen
0.946 3.56 Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl
0.945 4.23 The Book of Jewish Values: A Day-by-Day Guide to Ethical Living by Joseph Telushkin
0.944 3.81 An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
0.941 4.23 Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
0.938 3.92 The Magician's Nephew by C. S. Lewis
0.937 3.64 Esio Trot by Roald Dahl
0.931 3.63 The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket
0.93 3.53 When Strangers Marry by Lisa Kleypas
0.928 4.21 The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss
0.928 4.1 The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis
0.926 3.86 A People's History of the World: From the Stone Age to the New Millennium by Chris Harman
0.926 4.12 One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss
0.922 3.92 Neighbors: The Destruction of the Jewish Community in Jedwabne, Poland by Jan T. Gross
0.922 3.74 The Reptile Room by Lemony Snicket
0.922 3.88 The Silver Chair by C. S. Lewis
0.922 4.16 An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
0.92 4.23 A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn
0.917 3.75 The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
0.916 3.62 Who Could That Be at This Hour? by Lemony Snicket
0.915 3.86 Workbook for Wheelock's Latin by Paul T. Comeau
0.914 3.71 The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me by Roald Dahl
0.913 3.7 Half Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer
0.913 3.85 The Power of Babel: A Natural History of Language by John McWhorter
0.912 3.72 The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer
0.911 3.65 The Wish List by Eoin Colfer
0.911 3.71 The Wide Window by Lemony Snicket
0.91 4.1 Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine
0.91 3.87 Prince Caspian by C. S. Lewis
0.908 3.7 The Minpins by Roald Dahl
0.907 4.13 Biblical Literacy: The Most Important People, Events, and Ideas of the Hebrew Bible by Joseph Telushkin
0.906 4.03 The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C. S. Lewis
0.901 3.9 The Penultimate Peril by Lemony Snicket
0.9 3.81 The Hostile Hospital by Lemony Snicket
0.9 3.77 Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas
0.9 4.23 The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
0.898 4.01 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari
0.895 3.91 My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
0.895 4.16 The Giver by Lois Lowry
0.895 3.95 James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl
0.891 4.05 The Jewish Book of Why by Alfred J. Kolatch
0.891 3.92 Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl
0.889 3.97 Driven to Distraction: Recognizing and Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder from Childhood Through Adulthood by Edward M. Hallowell
0.889 4.02 Danny the Champion of the World by Roald Dahl
0.888 4.39 The Chumash: The Stone Edition (Artscroll Series) by Nosson Scherman
0.887 3.81 The Carnivorous Carnival by Lemony Snicket
0.887 3.77 The Essential Talmud by Adin Steinsaltz
0.886 3.85 The Ersatz Elevator by Lemony Snicket
0.886 4.13 Thinking, Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
0.885 4.21 Fruits Basket Collector's Edition, Volume 1 by Natsuki Takaya
0.885 4.07 Our Dumb World: The Onion's Atlas of the Planet Earth, 73rd Edition by The Onion
0.885 3.85 Capital, Vol. 2: A Critique of Political Economy by Karl Marx
0.885 3.85 The Grim Grotto by Lemony Snicket
0.884 4.1 Dreams of a Dark Warrior by Kresley Cole
0.884 3.97 A Feast for Crows by George R. R. Martin
0.883 4.3 Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures, The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text by JPS
0.883 4.08 Wheelock's Latin by Frederic M. Wheelock
0.882 3.91 Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas
0.882 4.14 On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century by Timothy Snyder
0.881 3.79 The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket
0.881 3.99 Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World by Nicholas Ostler
0.881 3.84 George's Marvelous Medicine by Roald Dahl
0.88 4.18 Don't Care High by Gordon Korman
0.876 4.18 Frog and Toad Together by Arnold Lobel
0.876 3.79 The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket
0.875 3.99 Europe: A History by Norman Davies
0.874 3.84 The Universe in a Nutshell by Stephen Hawking
0.871 4.04 A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin
0.87 3.61 To Taste Temptation by Elizabeth Hoyt
0.869 4.18 Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari
0.869 4.34 Oh, the Places You'll Go! by Dr. Seuss
0.869 3.93 The Conquest of Gaul by Julius Caesar
0.868 3.99 Going Solo by Roald Dahl
0.867 4.27 The Hobbit, or There and Back Again by J. R. R. Tolkien
0.867 4.1 The Witches by Roald Dahl
0.866 3.73 Fire and Blood: A History of the Targaryen Kings from Aegon the Conqueror to Aegon III by George R. R. Martin
0.866 4.17 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling
0.865 3.9 Again the Magic by Lisa Kleypas
0.864 4.03 Romancing Mister Bridgerton by Julia Quinn
0.863 3.91 Crabgrass Frontier: The Suburbanization of the United States by Kenneth T. Jackson
0.863 3.84 The Isles: A History by Norman Davies
0.862 4.05 Imagined Communities: Reflections on the Origin and Spread of Nationalism by Benedict Anderson
0.862 4.21 The Origins of Totalitarianism by Hannah Arendt
0.861 4.29 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Book 1) by J. K. Rowling
0.861 3.87 Mine Till Midnight by Lisa Kleypas
0.861 4.01 Boy: Tales of Childhood by Roald Dahl
0.861 4.09 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl
0.86 4.35 Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak
0.859 4.14 The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett
0.857 3.7 Born to Kvetch: Yiddish Language and Culture in All of Its Moods by Michael Wex
0.857 4.04 Beware the Fish! by Gordon Korman
0.855 3.99 Monstrous Regiment by Terry Pratchett
0.855 3.62 White Trash: The 400-Year Untold History of Class in America by Nancy Isenberg
0.855 4.29 I Will Bear Witness: A Diary of the Nazi Years 1933-1941 by Victor Klemperer
0.854 4.37 The Fellowship of the Ring by J. R. R. Tolkien
0.853 3.99 Then Came You by Lisa Kleypas
0.852 3.82 The New College Latin & English Dictionary by John Traupman
0.851 4.19 Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole
0.848 4.28 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J. K. Rowling
0.847 4.1 The Devil in Winter by Lisa Kleypas
0.847 3.8 How to Be Less Stupid About Race: On Racism, White Supremacy, and the Racial Divide by Crystal Marie Fleming
0.846 4.12 The BFG by Roald Dahl
0.845 4.32 Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery
0.844 4.27 Jewish Literacy: The Most Important Things to Know About the Jewish Religion, Its People and Its History by Joseph Telushkin
0.844 3.95 Maskerade by Terry Pratchett
0.844 3.9 Soul Music by Terry Pratchett
0.842 4.11 Anne of Avonlea by L. M. Montgomery
0.841 4.11 Hogfather by Terry Pratchett
0.84 4.17 The Return of Sherlock Holmes / The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
0.839 4.36 A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
0.838 4.16 The Atlas of Middle-Earth by Karen Wynn Fonstad
0.838 4.03 Killing the Black Body: Race, Reproduction, and the Meaning of Liberty by Dorothy E. Roberts
0.837 4.04 Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, Tenth Edition by Merriam-Webster
0.836 4.17 Small Gods by Terry Pratchett
0.836 4.06 The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
0.835 4.03 They Say, I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing by Gerald Graff
0.834 4.38 The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
0.833 3.56 An Edible History of Humanity by Tom Standage
0.832 4.16 Dark Desires After Dusk by Kresley Cole
0.831 3.83 Making Sense of the Troubles: The Story of the Conflict in Northern Ireland by David McKittrick
0.829 3.67 After The Funeral by Agatha Christie
0.828 3.8 The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary by Simon Winchester
0.828 3.98 Jingo by Terry Pratchett
0.828 4.02 "Shouldn't You Be in School?" by Lemony Snicket
0.827 3.91 To Pray As A Jew: A Guide To The Prayer Book And The Synagogue Service by Hayim H. Donin
0.827 3.77 Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong by James W. Loewen
0.826 4.07 Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie
0.825 3.59 Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie
0.825 4.11 Quomodo Invidiosulus Nomine Grinchus Christi Natalem Abrogaverit: How the Grinch Stole Christmas in Latin by Dr. Seuss
0.822 3.97 A History of the Jews by Paul Johnson
0.822 3.93 The Bullet Journal Method: Track the Past, Order the Present, Design the Future by Ryder Carroll
0.822 3.83 The Price of Inequality: How Today's Divided Society Endangers Our Future by Joseph E. Stiglitz
0.821 3.82 Five Little Pigs by Agatha Christie
0.82 3.93 Angel in a Devil's Arms by Julie Anne Long
0.819 4.04 The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
0.818 4.38 The Lorax by Dr. Seuss
0.818 3.77 The Sign of Four by Arthur Conan Doyle
0.818 4.28 Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men by Caroline Criado Perez
0.817 4.11 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
0.816 3.8 To Be A Jew: A Guide To Jewish Observance In Contemporary Life by Hayim Halevy Donin
0.815 4.26 Matilda by Roald Dahl
0.815 4.11 No Rest for the Wicked by Kresley Cole
0.814 4.04 The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents by Terry Pratchett
0.814 4 Selected Stories of O. Henry by O. Henry
0.813 4.01 Winnie Ille Pu by A. A. Milne
0.813 3.68 Friday the Rabbi Slept Late by Harry Kemelman
0.813 3.86 Tempt Me at Twilight by Lisa Kleypas
0.812 3.96 "Why Is This Night Different from All Other Nights?" by Lemony Snicket
0.811 4.12 How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them by Jason Stanley
0.811 4.43 Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson
0.81 3.82 The A.B.C. Murders by Agatha Christie
0.809 4.42 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K. Rowling
0.809 3.46 Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day: A Guide to Starting, Revising, and Finishing Your Doctoral Thesis by Joan Bolker
0.808 3.93 Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie
0.806 4.39 The Two Towers by J. R. R. Tolkien
0.805 3.84 Tevye the Milkman by Sholom Aleichem
0.803 4.08 Summers at Castle Auburn by Sharon Shinn
0.801 4.01 Delivered from Distraction: Getting the Most out of Life with Attention Deficit Disorder by Edward M. Hallowell
0.801 4.17 How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi
0.797 4.06 Mort by Terry Pratchett
0.797 3.84 What Angels Fear by C. S. Harris
0.796 4.33 Strength to Love by Martin Luther King, Jr.
0.794 4.24 Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik
0.793 4.36 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince by J. K. Rowling
0.793 4.39 The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care by T. R. Reid
0.792 3.79 The Juvie Three by Gordon Korman
0.792 3.98 Any Duchess Will Do by Tessa Dare
0.791 4.14 America's Women: 400 Years of Dolls, Drudges, Helpmates, and Heroines by Gail Collins
0.79 4.16 The Unfolding of Language: An Evolutionary Tour of Mankind's Greatest Invention by Guy Deutscher
0.788 4.19 Guards! Guards! by Terry Pratchett
0.787 3.76 A Queer History of the United States by Michael Bronski
0.786 4.15 The Hound of the Baskervilles / The Valley of Fear by Arthur Conan Doyle
0.786 3.98 It Happened One Autumn by Lisa Kleypas
0.784 4.36 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J. K. Rowling
0.784 3.76 A History of the World in 6 Glasses by Tom Standage
0.779 3.94 His Last Bow by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
0.777 4.14 The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
0.777 3.71 Say Yes to the Marquess by Tessa Dare
0.772 3.97 Devil in Spring by Lisa Kleypas
0.772 3.83 Scandal in Spring by Lisa Kleypas
0.77 4.29 The Road to Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America by Timothy Snyder
0.769 4.13 Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett
0.769 4.4 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J. K. Rowling
0.768 4.3 The Body Keeps The Score: Mind, Brain and Body in the Transformation of Trauma by Bessel A. van der Kolk
0.768 4.43 The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
0.768 4.47 The Return of The King by J. R. R. Tolkien
0.767 4.17 Capital in the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Piketty
0.766 4.27 The Juniper Tree and Other Tales from Grimm by Jacob Grimm
0.761 4.29 Harrius Potter et Philosophi Lapis (Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, Latin Edition) by J. K. Rowling
0.761 4.27 The Yom Kippur War: The Epic Encounter That Transformed the Middle East by Abraham Rabinovich
0.759 4.38 Night Watch by Terry Pratchett
0.759 3.89 "When Did You See Her Last?" by Lemony Snicket
0.758 4.31 The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism by Edward E. Baptist
0.755 4.1 The Office of Historical Corrections: A Novella and Stories by Danielle Evans
0.754 4.43 Automate the Boring Stuff with Python: Practical Programming for Total Beginners by Al Sweigart
0.752 4.3 Educated: A Memoir by Tara Westover
0.752 4.25 Going Postal by Terry Pratchett
0.751 3.54 Tough Jews : Fathers, Sons, and Gangster Dreams by Rich Cohen
0.749 4.11 The Anatomy of Fascism by Robert O. Paxton
0.746 4.32 A Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin
0.746 3.88 History of the World by J. M. Roberts
0.745 4.19 The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee
0.743 4.32 Medical Apartheid: The Dark History of Medical Experimentation on Black Americans from Colonial Times to the Present by Harriet A. Washington
0.743 4.25 Sundown Towns: A Hidden Dimension of American Racism by James W. Loewen
0.743 4.43 A Storm of Swords by George R. R. Martin
0.742 4.33 Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
0.739 4.4 Why We Can't Wait by Martin Luther King, Jr.
0.738 4.22 Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett
0.736 3.93 Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism by Anne Applebaum
0.733 4.12 Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science by Atul Gawande
0.733 4.57 The Book of Jewish Food by Claudia Roden
0.732 4.58 The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York by Robert A. Caro
0.732 4.16 SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome by Mary Beard
0.731 4.07 Why Mermaids Sing by C. S. Harris
0.73 4.06 Where Shadows Dance by C. S. Harris
0.726 4.28 Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole
0.726 4.3 When Affirmative Action Was White: An Untold History of Racial Inequality in Twentieth-Century America by Ira Katznelson
0.724 4.18 The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History by Elizabeth Kolbert
0.721 4.38 The Night Trilogy: Night, Dawn, and Day by Elie Wiesel
0.721 4.33 These Truths: a History of the United States by Jill Lepore
0.72 4.11 Surviving Autocracy by Masha Gessen
0.716 4.12 Where Serpents Sleep by C. S. Harris
0.716 4.21 Dark Skye by Kresley Cole
0.716 3.98 The Story of More: How We Got to Climate Change and Where to Go from Here by Hope Jahren
0.712 4.23 Capital and Ideology by Thomas Piketty
0.707 4.04 The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design by Norman Matloff
0.706 4.3 White Rage: The Unspoken Truth of our Racial Divide by Carol Anderson
0.701 4.05 It Was All a Lie: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump by Stuart Stevens
0.7 4.02 The Story of the Jews: Finding the Words, 1000 BCE – 1492 CE by Simon Schama
0.696 3.93 When Gods Die by C. S. Harris
0.695 4.26 The Third Reich in Power by Richard J. Evans
0.695 4.1 A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms by George R. R. Martin
0.691 4.48 So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo
0.691 4.07 Why Kings Confess by C. S. Harris
0.69 3.98 Good Economics for Hard Times by Abhijit V. Banerjee
0.687 4.3 One Person, No Vote: How Voter Suppression Is Destroying Our Democracy by Carol Anderson
0.687 4.52 The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman
0.686 4.4 A Study in Scarlet / The Sign of Four / The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes / The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes / The Return of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
0.686 4.46 Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi
0.682 3.76 Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future by Paul Krugman
0.681 3.98 Alt-America: The Rise of the Radical Right in the Age of Trump by David Neiwert
0.679 4.46 Being Mortal: Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End by Atul Gawande
0.679 4.45 Becoming by Michelle Obama
0.677 4.22 The Death of Democracy: Hitler's Rise to Power and the Downfall of the Weimar Republic by Benjamin Carter Hett
0.675 4.23 Brazen and the Beast by Sarah MacLean
0.673 4.31 How Democracies Die by Steven Levitsky
0.673 4.41 The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
0.67 3.75 The Longman history of the United States of America by Hugh Brogan
0.666 4.09 What Remains of Heaven by C. S. Harris
0.665 4.28 Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces by Radley Balko
0.663 4.08 When Maidens Mourn by C. S. Harris
0.66 4.32 How to Hide an Empire: A History of the Greater United States by Daniel Immerwahr
0.656 4.35 The Third Reich at War by Richard J. Evans
0.649 4.32 The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America by Richard Rothstein
0.647 4.54 The Jewish Study Bible: Featuring the Jewish Publication Society Tanakh Translation by Adele Berlin
0.645 4.44 Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Matthew Desmond
0.643 4.3 Why We're Polarized by Ezra Klein
0.64 4.56 Where Do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community? by Martin Luther King, Jr.
0.639 4.26 The Coming of the Third Reich by Richard J. Evans
0.63 4.14 Hoax: Donald Trump, Fox News, and the Dangerous Distortion of Truth by Brian Stelter
0.627 4.21 Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do by Jennifer L. Eberhardt PhD
0.625 4.24 And the Dead Shall Rise by Steve Oney
0.579 4.01 What Darkness Brings by C. S. Harris
0.568 4.04 The Common Good by Robert B. Reich
0.559 4.39 Evil Geniuses: The Unmaking of America: A Recent History by Kurt Andersen
0.547 4.16 Jesus and John Wayne: How White Evangelicals Corrupted a Faith and Fractured a Nation by Kristin Kobes Du Mez
0.524 4.47 I Have a Dream: Writings and Speeches That Changed the World by Martin Luther King, Jr.
0.483 4.63 Lingua Latina per se Illustrata, Pars 1: Familia Romana by Hans H. Orberg
0.471 4.37 Jewish Wisdom: Ethical, Spiritual, and Historical Lessons from the Great Works and Thinkers by Joseph Telushkin