Book Events for Appi

Events within the books in Appi's library

Summary: 268 Events.

10th Annual Hunger Games

11th century

14th century

1792 Siege of Seringapatam

1799 Siege of Seringapatam

17th century

1939 New York World's Fair




1983 Anti-Tamil Riots

1996 Mount Everest Tragedy

Acheulian hand axe

Afghan Siege of the Sherpur Cantonment

Afghan Wars

Aiel War

American Civil War

American Revolution 1775-1783

Appin murder

Arab-Israeli Conflict


Armenian Deportation

Assassination of Gavilar Kholin

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Attack on Pearl Harbor

Avianca aircrash

Bangladesh War of Independence

Bastille Day

Battle of Assaye

Battle of Britain

Battle of Buxar

Battle of Caporetto

Battle of Delhi

Battle of Dien Bien Phu

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of Gandamak

Battle of Geok Tepe

Battle of Ghazni

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of Kandahar

Battle of Maiwand

Battle of Maldon

Battle of Manhattan

Battle of Plassey

Battle of Pollilur

Battle of Quoriston

Battle of Stamford Bridge

Battle of Thapsus

Battle of the Blackwater

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Somme

Battle of the Tower

The Bible

The Blitz


Bosnian War

British Conquest of Sindh

British Raj

Butlerian Jihad

California Gold Rush

Chernobyl Disaster

Chilean Coup

Chinese Civil War

Chitral Expedition


Christmas Eve

Civil Rights Act of 1964

Cleansing of Saidin

climate crisis

Clutter family murder

Cold War

Cold War

Collapse of Theranos

The Constitution

Construction of the Trans-Aral Railway

Construction of the Trans-Caspian railway

Continental Congress

The Council of Elrond

COVID-19 pandemic

Credit crunch

Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction

Crimean War


Cuban Missile Crisis

Dalai Lama at the Tibet Center/Gere Foundation for two week teaching in NYC

Dance Macabre

Death of King Georg IV

Death of Morpheus

Death of Willie Lincoln

Destruction of Earth

The Disappearance of the Dolphins

The Duelem

Dust Bowl Era

Election of Donald Trump to U.S. Presidency, 2016

Election of Joe Biden to U.S. Presidency, 2020

End of the Third Age

End of the Universe

Environmental destruction

Ethiopian Revolution, 1974

Expedition 34

Expedition 35

Falklands War

Fall of Saigon

Financial Crisis of 2008

First Anglo-Afghan War

First Anglo-Sikh War

First atomic explosion

First day of school

First Intifada

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War

Freedom Ride

French Revolution

Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

Galactic Civil War

Gemini 9

Geological Cataclysm

global warming

Great Deluge

Great Depression

Great Game

Great Purge

Green Revolution

Guy Fawkes Night

Gwangju uprising

Haitian Revolution


Henley Royal Regatta

Highjacking of a top secret shipment of Euros


The Hounds of God

How Nobody Came to the Graveyard

Hunza-Nagar Campaign

Hurricane Katrina

Indian Mutiny

Indian Rebellion of 1857

Indo-Pakistani War of 1965

Industrial Revolution

Influenza pandemic

Invention of the Cinematograph

Iran-Contra Affair

Iran-Iraq War

Iranian Revolution

Iraq War

Irish Revolution

Islamic Revival

Islamic Revolution

Israeli war of independence

Jacobite Rebellion

Jan. 6 Capitol Insurrection

Japanese invasion of Manchuria, 1931

Japanese Occupation

Klondike Gold Rush

Kurukshetra War

Late Devonian extinction

Manhattan Project


May Day

The Moon Landing

Moon landing

Mouse meets Fox

Mouse meets Gruffalo

Mouse meets Owl

Mouse meets Snake

Mouse tricks all of them

Napoleonic Wars

Nat Turner Slave Insurrection

National Convention, French

Native American contact with Europeans

Nazi Germany; World War II

New Deal

The New Friend

Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

Occupy Wall Street

Olympic Games, 2012

Olympische spelen Londen, 2012

Opioid epidemic

Ordovician–Silurian extinction event

Panjdeh Incident

Partition of India

Peal Harbor

Pentagon Papers

Permian Mass Extinction

Poll Tax Riots

Presidency of Donald Trump

Prince of Wales Riots

Project Gemini

Qajar Siege of Herat

Quest of Erebor




The Reappearance of Earth

The Red Wedding

Reign of Terror


Revolución industrial

Rise of Nazi power

Rose's birth

Russian Civil War

Russian Conquest of Merv

Russian Conquest of Samarkand

Russian Conquest of Tashkent

Russian Conquest of the Khanate of Khiva

Russian Conquest of the Khanate of Kokand

Russian Revolution

Russian-Circassian War

Russo-Japanese War

Russo-Turkish War

Rwandan Genocide

Sack of Nantes

San Francisco Earthquake

The Scattering

Second Anglo-Afghan War

Second Anglo-Maratha War

Second Anglo-Mysore War

Second Anglo-Sikh War

Second Battle of Fallujah

Second Continental Congress

Second Titan War

Seldon Crisis

September 11 Attacks

Seven Years' War

Siege at Ruby Ridge

Siege of the British Residency in Kabul

Six Day War

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

Spanish Civil War

Sri Lankan civil war

St Mark's Eve

Stanford prison experiment



Student Protests

Superflu epidemic

Sykes–Picot Agreement

Tarmon Gai'don

Theory of Evolution

Theory of General Relativity

Theory of Special Relativity

Third Anglo-Mysore War

Third Battle of Panipat

The Third Poppy War

Three Mile Island

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Triassic–Jurassic extinction event


Trojan War

Trujillo dictatorship

United Airlines Flight 173