Book Events for ChrisByrd

Events within the books in ChrisByrd's library

12th century BCE



1792 Siege of Seringapatam

1799 Siege of Seringapatam

17th century

1842 Retreat from Kabul

1847 North American typhus epidemic

18th century

19th century

2008 Presidential Campaign

Age of Sail

American Civil War

Anglo Saxon period

Appin Murder

Assassination of Julius Caesar

Assassination of Leon Trotsky

Assassination of the Gracchi

Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Battle of Assaye

Battle of Bannockburn

Battle of Britain

Battle of Buxar

Battle of Cynwit

Battle of Delhi

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of Jutland

Battle of Plassey

Battle of Pollilur

Battle of the Atlantic

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of Waterloo

Battle of York

Black Death

The Black Death

The Blitz

Bloody Sunday

Bolshevik Revolution

Bombing of Berlin

Bombing of Nuremberg

Bonus Army Riots, Washington D.C.


Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka Kansas

Catilina's Revolt

Chernobyl Disaster, Ukraine, USSR

Civil Rights Movement, USA

Cold War

Conflict of the Orders

The Council of Elrond

COVID-19 pandemic


Death of Katherine of Aragon

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II

Donner Party

Duchess of Richmond's ball


Election of Barack Obama to U.S. Presidency

Elizabethan Era

Establishment of Israel

Evacuation of British Children in WW2

Excavation of Sutton Hoo

Execution of Anne Boleyn

Fall of Constantinople

February Revolution

First Anglo-Afghan War

First contact with extraterrestrial lifeforms

Fourth Anglo-Mysore War

Georgian Era

The Glencoe Massacre

Great Depression

Great Fire of London

Great Game

Highland Clearances


Influenza pandemic


Iraq War

Irish Potato Famine

Jacobite Rebellion

Japanese-American Internment

Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul

Julius Caesar's invasion of Britain

Lancaster Assizes

Manhattan Project

McCarthy Era

Middle Ages

Munich Agreement

The Murder of Saville Kent

Muromachi period

Napoleonic Wars

Norwegian Campaign

October Revolution

Olympic Games, 2012

Olympische spelen Londen, 2012

Operation Chastise

Operation Overlord

Operation Vestal

Pax Romana

Peace of Amiens

Pendle-Craven Witch Persecution

The Punic Wars

Qajar Siege of Herat


Revolt of Spartacus

Royal marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton

Russian Civil War

Russian Revolution

Second Anglo-Maratha War

Second Anglo-Mysore War

Sengoku period

September 11 Attacks

Seven Years' War

sinking of the Bismarck

Sinking of the Titanic

Six-Day War

The Social War

Spartacist Uprising

Spring Offensive


Texas Panhandle Settler-Indian Conflict

Third Anglo-Mysore War

Third Battle of Panipat

Thorpe affair

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Trojan War

The Troubles

Tudor Era

UK general election

United States occupation of Veracruz

Victorian Era

Vietnam War

Viking Age

War on Terror

Witchcraft Statute of 1604

World War I

World War II

World War II, British Home Front

World War II, Eastern Front

World War II, German Occupation of Denmark

World War II, German Occupation of France

World War Terminus