Book Events for Deangus

Events within the books in Deangus's library

1178 Janos sired by Faethor and Marilena Zirra

1672 Death of a rake

1929 Janos' castle and Hutchinson destroyed by an explosion

1931 Faethor returns to Janos' castle

1943 Faethor killed in US bombing of Ploiesti

1945 Boris Dragosani conceived on Thibor's tomb

1953 Dragosani discovered Thibor's tomb.

1957 Harry Keogh

1963 Mary murdered by Shukshin.

1976 Keenan Gormley invites Harry to join INTESP (E-Branch), Dragosani becomes Thibor's egg-son

1977 Harry Jr and Brenda vanish

1977 Shukshin killed in fight with Harry...and his mother, Keenan Gormley killed by Max Batu, Dragosani destroys Thibor, Harry first uses Mobius Continuum, Showdown between Harry and Boris at Chateau Bronnitsy, The Yulian Bodescu affair

1980 Perchorsk Projekt is begun

1982 The Perchorsk Incident

1983 Janos possesses the body of George Vulpe

1985 Harry Jr robs Harry of his powers

1985 Jazz Simmons discovers the Gate at Perchorsk Harry first travels to Starside

1989 The Janos Ferenczy affair / Harry infected by Faethor's spores


7 Television Episodes novelized

Afghan Civil War

African-American Civil Rights Movement

Age of Sail

the Andrée-expedition


Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Medgar Evers

Autumn Feast

Bank Robberies

Baptism of Jesus of Nazareth

Battle of Caporetto

Battle of Hogwarts

Battle of Manhattan

Battle of Sluis Van

Battle of the Department of Mysteries

Battle of the Labyrinth

Battle of the Somme

Battle of Waterloo

Black Death

Butlerian Jihad

c.1480 Bound in iron and silver chains, Thibor was buried on a hill near Dragosani, Romania by Faethor and Mircea the Monk

c.1500 Faethor tracks down and destroys Janos

c.1700 Edward Hutchinson obtains lease on Janos' castle

c.300BC Belos Pheropzis emerges from the Gate into the Hell-lands?


Cold War

Creation of Narnia

Creation of Superman

Crimean War

Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth

Death and Resurrection of Aslan

Death of the White Witch

Discovery of the Zero Stones

El Gran Consejo de los Señores de los Dragones

End of the Universe

Evacuation of British Children in WW2

Excavation of Masada by Yigael Yadin

Execution of the Romanovs

Fall of Rapture

Fate of the Labryinth

French Revolution

Galactic Civil War

The Great Fire of Ankh-Morpork

The Great Revelation

Halloween 1958



Hurricane Katrina

invention of the printing press

Jesus calls his disciples

Jesus’ burial

Jesus’ death

Jesus’ resurrection

Kumbh Mela

Lyn Costa murdered in Science Lab aboard Enterprise

Manhattan Project

Mary Claire Fitzhugh is abducted in 1967

May Day

Monster of Florence Serial Killings

Napoleonic Wars

Operation Barbarosa

Operation Enduring Freedom

Papal Election

Peninsular War

Project Amal

Rebirth of Kronos

The Reconciliation

Return of Father Christmas

The Riftwar

The Scattering

The Scattering

Second Titan War

Seven Years' War

Solar eclipse

Summer Solstice

Super Bowl

Superflu epidemic

Tartarus Rotation

Total eclipse of the sun

The Tri-Wizard Tournament

Trojan War

Vietnam War

Winter Solstice

Worf must create a truce between Human and Klingon colonies inhabiting the same world

World War I

World War II

World War II, British Home Front

World War III

Xenocide of the Formics

Zombie Apocalypse