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1847 North American typhus epidemic

1893 Chicago World's Fair

4th of July UFO Play

74th Annual Hunger Games

75th Annual Hunger Games

Abolition of polygamy in the United States

Abu Ghraib Prison scandal

Affair of the Poisons

Afghan Civil War

African-American Civil Rights Movement

AIDS epidemic

American Civil War

Anatomy Act


Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Assassination of Medgar Evers

Assassination of William McKinley

Azalea Twilight Booksigning

Bangladesh War of Independence

Bataan Death March

Battle of Agincourt

Battle of Ball's Bluff

Battle of Bannockburn

Battle of Britain

Battle of Culloden

Battle of Five Armies

Battle of the Hornburg

Battle of the Somme

Battle of Waterloo

Beginning of WWI, [1914]

Bell Witch haunting

Betty and Barney Hill abduction

The Blitz

Bombing of Dresden

Bosnian War

Boxer Rebellion

British Raj

California Gold Rush

Chicago World's Fair


Civil Rights Act of 1964

Cocoanut Grove Night Club fire

Cold War

Coronation of King Arthur

The Council of Elrond

Crimean War

Cultural Revolution

Damia becomes Aurigae Prime

Death of Christopher McCandless

Death of King Georg IV

The Deluge

Detroit Riot

Disaster: Volcano Eruption

Donald J. Trump presidency

Dracula Night

Draper's Meadow massacre

Dreyfus Affair

Dust Bowl

Ebola Reston discovery

Election of John F. Kennedy

Eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Execution of Marquise of Brinvilliers

Expulsion of the Jews in Spain

Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989 [1989]

Final Fate of Black Omne

Final Fate of James

Final Fate of zh'James

First cattle drive from Texas to Montana

First Contact with Mridani

First Contact with Sodan

Forced conversion of jews in Portugal

Funeral Rule

Gallipoli Campaign

Garner Heist- Largest Art Theft in History

Georgian Era

Gilded Age

Glacial epoch

Grace Brown's Murder

Grace Marks Murder Trial

Great Depression

Great Fire of Smyrna

Great Leap Forward

Great Plague

The Great Revelation

Greco-Turkish War

Greek Civil War

Gwyn-Raven children fostered on Deneb, allowing them to train their talented children


Halloween 1958

Hartford circus fire

Harvest Home

Haun's Mill Massacre

Heaven's Gate suicides

Hindenburg disaster


Holy Week

Hundred Years' War

Hurricane Donna

Hurricane Katrina

Influenza pandemic

Invention of the radio

Iranian Revolution

Iraq War

Irish Potato Famine

Irish Revolution

Israeli war of independence

Jack the Ripper Murders

Jacobite Rebellion

Jacobite Rising of 1745

Japanese Invasion of Hong Kong

Japanese occupation of Malaysia

Japanese-American Internment

Klondike Gold Rush

Korean War

Krakatoa Eruption

London Blitz

Love Triangle between Kirk, Spock and Sola Thane, Free Explorer

Martian invasion of Earth

Mary Claire Fitzhugh is abducted in 1967

Massacre at Lisbon

Mid-term death of Barry Fairbrother

Mirambo's War

MK-ULTRA experiments

Monterrey Pop Festival

Mountain Meadows Massacre

Murder of Thomas Becket

Murders of DeFeo Family

My Lai Massacre

Napoleonic Wars

Nazi Germany; World War II

New Orleans school desegregation crisis

New Year's Day

Normandy Invasion

Nuclear Meltdown

Olympic Games

Origins of World War I

Orphan Train

Pack Horse Library Project

Panic of 1873

Papal Election

Phelps Mansion haunting


Prohibition in the United States

Quarter Quell

Quest of Erebor

Raid on Short Creek, Arizona, July 26, 1953

Reconstruction Era of the United States

Regency Era

Reign of Henry II

Reign of Terror

Roswell UFO Incident

Rubicon Science Fiction Convention

Rumble in the Jungle

Sacco-Vanzetti trial

The Sack of Magdeburg

Salem witch trials

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire

Search for David Livingstone

Search for the source of the Nile River

September 11 Attacks


Siege of Fowl Manor

Siege of Leningrad

Siege of Wounded Knee

Sinking of the Lusitania

Sinking of the Sussex

Sinking of the Titanic

Six-Day War

Slavery Abolition Act

South Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem is assassinated

Soviet-Afghan War

Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster

Spanish Civil War

Spanish Inquisition

Spanish-American War

Stonewall Riots

Super Bowl

Taiping Rebellion

Tenth expedition to run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon



Trojan War

Two-Year-Old Championship

Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One

Tycho Magnetic Anomaly Two

United States presidential election

United States Presidential Election 1960

Vel' d' Hiv'

Victorian Era

Vietnam War

Vietnam War, 1961-1975

Virginia Woolf's suicide

Waco Branch Davidian Siege

Wall Street Crash

Wannsee Conference

War of the Five Kings

War of the Usurper

Wars of the Roses

Watergate Scandal

Westward Movement

Whitechapel Murders

World Trade Center attack

World War I

World War II

World War II, German Occupation of France

World War II, German Occupation of the Channel Islands

World War II, Pacific Theater

World War III

World's Columbian Exposition


Xenocide of the Formics