Book Places for Deirdre.An

Places within the books in Deirdre.An's library

Actium, Greece

Alexandria, Egypt

Ancient Rome

Beyond the Wall, Westeros

The Blessed Isles

Casterly Rock, Westeros

Castle Black, The Wall, Westeros

Dothraki Sea, Essos

Dragonstone, Westeros



The Eyrie, Vale of Arryn, Westeros


Harrenhal, The Riverlands, Westeros

Hawai'i, USA

Highgarden, Westeros

King's Landing, Westeros

Moat Cailin, Westeros

Moloka'i, Hawai'i, USA

The Motley Cow

Old Town, The Reach, Westeros

Pentos, Essos

The Red Keep, King's Landing, Westeros

Red Waste, Essos

Roman Empire

Rome, Italy

Rome, Roman Empire

Seven Kingdoms

Storm's End, Westeros

Sunspear, Dorne, Westeros

The Twins, Westeros


The Wall


Winterfell, The North, Westeros