Book Events for EliasKraushaar

Events within the books in EliasKraushaar's library

18th century

19th century

2010 Copiapó mining accident

4th century BCE

Adolf Hitler's rise to power

Alchemy in Renaissance and early modern Europe

Algerian War of Independence

American Civil War

American Revolution

Augustine's conversion

Building of the Panama Canal

Canudos Rebellion

Cold War

Communist China

Conquest of Latin America

Conquest of Mexico

The Crusades

Cultural Revolution

El Mozote Massacre

Great Depression

Great Panic

Haitian Revolution


Mexican Constitution of 1857

Mexican Constitution of 1917

Mexican Revolution

The Mexican Revolution

Ming Dynasty

Mississippi Bubble

Nat Turner's slave rebellion


Qing Dynasty

Queen Anne's War

Raid on Deerfield

Rape of Nanking



Republican China

Sacrifice of Isaac

Salvadoran Civil War

Scramble for Africa


South Sea Bubble

Tacky's Rebellion

Theory of Evolution

Tulip mania

Victorian Era

Witch trials in the early modern period

World War II