Book Events for ElizaBev

Events within the books in ElizaBev's library

12th century BCE

1976 UK heat wave

American Civil War

Arrival at the Library

Battle of the Somme

Bonfire of Vanities

British Raj

Chess tournament at court of Suleiman the Magnificent

Cold War Espionage

Cremona Triennale

Death of Diana, Princess of Wales

End of the Library

Florence flood in 1966

French Revolution

Funeral of Brunetti's mother

Gemini 9

The Great War

Gujarat Earthquake

Influenza pandemic

Italian Renaissance

Japanese-American Internment

Korean War

Last execution of capital punishment in Iceland

Monterrey Pop Festival

Napoleonic Wars

Operation Vestal

Orphan Train

Project Gemini


September 11 Attacks

Siege at Ruby Ridge


Spanish Civil War

Stonewall Riots

Trojan War


Underground Railroad

Up Helly Aa

Vietnam War

War on Terror

World War I

World War II